Starting 9/3/12 - Second Attempt

  • Hi all!  I am Christy, and this is my second attempt at completing the 12-week program!  I attempted it once before about 2 months ago, and didn't really commit as well as I should have.  This time I am much more prepared and ready to go!  I just have to plan out my meals and figure out what foods will keep me satisfied and fit into the nutrition plan!

    To give a little background on myself, I have already lost 100 pounds.  I went from a size 26 to a size 8, and am completing the challenge in hopes of building better tone/definition, as well as losing the last 15 to 20 pounds that I have to lose.  This challenge will finish up the week before my birthday, so what a great birthday present this would be to myself!  I am a wife and mother of a 2 year old, work full-time and am in graduate I have no shortage of things going on in my life, but this is something I have wanted to do since I read the Body for Life book.  I want to officially check this off of the list!!

    Who is with me?

  • Very cool - glad to see you wanting to turn it up.  Congrats on your accomplishment thus far, that is an amazing feat of it's own.  Resolve now in your heart  "this IS my challenge" and own it. Stick around, get involved and let's see what good things are around the corner for you.

  • What Jim said!  Any one of those things, the challenge, raising a two-year old, or graduate school would be a lot to accomplish.  You have done all three, Christy!  (What are you studying?)

    Have an AWESOME BODY FOR LIFE kinda week!


  • Size 26 to 8! OMG I guess I didn't believe it was possible until now. I'm 22/24. For my first 12 weeks I made my goal to be a size 16/18. Do you think that's reasonable? (I'm finishing week 2.)

  • Caroline, If you follow the plan closely, you could get down smaller than that!  Cristy, Congrats on the progress so far and stick to the plan, be true to yourself, and anything is possible.  You are in control of your life, and what you eat and when you work out.  I advise to stick with the morning fasting workouts, which was something that I really DID NOT want to do. after a while though, I learned to enjoy getting it done and out of the way first thing, with an accomplishment already under my belt.  And cook ahead so you have plenty of options for food and arent caught at McDonalds!  Good luck, and Keep posting!

  • Thanks so much guys!  I appreciate the support and feedback!  Caroline, you definitely can get to 16/18 in that time and beyond!  

  • Hi Christy2BThin, I am starting the BFL Challenge on 09/03/2012, I am so impressed with your results, this will be my first time to commit to something like this. I have read about it for a lot of years and really never had a weight problem until my 40's, I have tried everything but never really had any results. I guess I was in denial that my body would respond like it did in my 20's and 30's with little work. But I have gotten into a sedentary lifestyle which has caused the problems of weight gain, and I am spoiled to eating whatever I wanted and having no problems till the last 4 years. So I have decided to change and find a community of support and a proven success system so many have succeeded with. So preparing this weekend to really commit on Monday and turn my life, energy level and self-esteem around. See ya on the forum. Good luck with the last 15 lbs. I have 65 to lose

  • Hi all, I'm also starting BfL on Monday 3rd!

    I completed a challenge one and a half years ago and got excellent results but then moved to a different country (twice!) so didn't have access to a gym for a while, started a new job (twice!) and slowly got out of the habit of working out. Getting back into it has been a daunting idea, I kept thinking to myself how much I need to go through to get back to where I was and it was putting me off. Then last night I was talking to a friend who has decided to start a healthy eating and work out plan so she can fit back into her clothes. She gave herself a year (that's how long it took her to lose that weight 2 years ago) and told me "i'm really enjoying the ride and I'm looking forward to what's coming!". It was very inspiring and I realised I've been thinking about things the wrong way. I should be excited about what I need to go through to reach my goal and I remembered how great I felt when I used to take pictures of myself every week, when my clothes slowly started to fit better, when my arms and legs were so nicely defined I was proud showing them off:) BfL gave me exactly what I wanted. And I'm sure it will do the same for you. I have just paid fees to my new local gym and I can't wait to start my second BfL journey tomorrow!

    I know I couldn't have done it first time around without the support of other BfL'ers so I'm hoping you guys keep on posting your successes as well as your failures.

    Good luck to you all, we have many exciting moments ahead  of us and I'm looking forward to sharing them with you!

  • I am helping a couple of friends out with the challenges starting tomorrow and I'll be doing it with them - my plan is to blog these next 12-weeks and sharing some real world tid-bits to help them out. I have some physical limitations I didn't have before so I am looking forward to seeing what I can accomplish negotiating the many obstacles I have to deal with. I think my theme for these 12-weeks is "Practice what you Preach" I hope to participate here a bit more regularly - reading posts like those above fire me up and inspire me to push harder and reach higher.

  • I like what someone said, be true to yourself.  This is your journey.  I am starting my 5th week today, and I feel fantastic.  That is an understatement, I feel absolutely, positively, incredible.  I believe that change starts from within, and these past few weeks has confirmed it.  I am not tired, bored, or stressed with this challenge.  Each week I get more pumped about what I am doing.  Follow then plan exactly - from workout to meal planning. You have to light that fire within... once you do, you will be able to achieve your goal whatever it may be.