1 Week post Hysterectomy...starting new challenge Oct. 15

  • Hello fellow BFL'ers! I am 1 week post having my much needed Hysterectomy. Doing well so far. I have done the challenge before, and I am ready to lose the weight I want/need to lose...well almost ready! haha October 9 will be 8 weeks post Hyst. and I'm hoping I'll feel ready on the 15. I plan on walking and starting some mild workouts..yoga, light weights, etc. when able to get 'ready' to start the challenge. If you've had a Hyst. what were your experiences?


  • I started walking immediately.  I pushed myself further every day.  That helped me to a speedy recovery.  In 5 weeks I was physically ready for anything.  Mentally, I was drained.  It is the sudden lack of hormones.  Talk to your doctor about any emotional imbalance as well as physical issues you encounter.