Circuit instead of free weights?

  • Hi all, I literally just joined this forum about 15min ago, so hopefully I'm posting this question in the right location. Hubby & I just recently moved, so the BFL book has been packed up for a couple of weeks now. I only got to read about the first couple of chapters a few months ago, and didn't really even get to the eating plan, but we want to get started as we aren't getting any healthier. We just joined a local gym, and they have about 10-12 machines set up in a circuit. We were wondering if we could just do the circuit, instead of doing any free weights? We would stay on each machine about 30 seconds before moving to next, and go around it 3 times to get a full set in on each machine. But doing this would mean we are working arms and legs on the same day, as opposed to different days (which I vaguely recall from the book). 

    I'll be honest, since neither of us have really read the book cover to cover, we aren't as well informed on what we are truly supposed to do, but we want to get started doing something. Is there a wiki or something on here that gives an explanation of the diet and exercise program so we can read up on it without waiting to unpack 3boxes of books just to find our BFL book?

  • check out the library here. You can use machines but don't do the circuit. follow the training instructions here & in the book

  • What you are talking about are to totaly different paths. The BFL path and a circuit path. Trying to mix these when you don't fully understand either is going to lead you to failure.

    The best thing you can do is get the BFL book read it and follow it.

    BFL is truely masterfull in its blend of muscle gaining technique, cardio that does not cause muscle loss while surpassing a hard 30 min of cardio and eating foods without counting calories.

    BFL works so well because the type of weight training you will be doing burns more fat then you can count with calories, as you lift you will burn calories but after you workout BFL style your body will still be sucking up fat to make your muslces bigger. Bigger muscles burn more calores and so the effect begins to snowball and get better with each passing week you do it.

    The cardio as I mentioned does not eat muscle mass the way long hard cardios sessions will but it still burns a lot of fat because you can get your heart rate that much higher that much faster when doing intervals.

    Lastly the diet does not involve count calories. A free day, eating anything you want as much as you want once a week, will also help you lose weight as it tricks your body out of its nature to hold onto fat the more you lose it. Your body does this in case of famin. So not only do you eat what you want you lose more weight as you stuff yourself with pizza.

    The circuit training on the other hand deals with keeping your heart rate high while lifting weights and keeping that heart rate going because you keep changing muscle groups every 30 or so seconds. This method is not quite as good as the BFL method as it will not snow ball and get better for you the longer you stick with it and it will not burn fat after you stop working out. In addition you will need to eat less calories then you burn in a day.

    In short if you alter BFL you will get less out of it than if you just followed it.

  • Hi Linden. I see that you know alot based on several comments that I have read from you. (different threads) What would you reccommend for me? This is day 4 for me.  My start weight was 249. I want to loose 100lbs.  I started doing circut training because I don't want to look bulky and like a man. What would you say?    

  • Stick with the workout plan. You won't get big and bulky like a man.  Forget all the propaganda aimed at women about "toning" your muscles.  The truth is that women respond very well to this type of weight workout.  will you gain some muscle, yes of course but unless you are doing some heavy duty steroids at the same time you'll never look like a man.

  • OK thanks. "Looking like a man" was a figure of speech. I'm saying I don't want to drop to 200 lbs and be solid. I want to drop to at least 140-150 lbs. I'm new to weight lifting, and afraid of making mistakes.   I've read the book but, trying to seek advice. Its looks like the majority of people only needed to loose 20-35 lbs. And its easy to frame their bodies with weights. But 100 lb of fat I dont want it to turn into muscle?

  • I'm sorry MrsD I didn't mean to be insensitive. I think you will find that there are many people here that want to loose over 100lbs. My first time on a program similar to this one I lost 53lbs in 9 months and kept it off over 10 years.  I'm only looking to lose 25 lbs this time but at 61 it won't be quite as easy as it was 15 years ago. So first of all fat won't turn into muscle. It needs to be burned by your body as energy. The #1 consumer of energy in your body are your muscles. When you lift weights and fuel your body as suggested in the book you will build new muscle that will burn fat calories 24 hours a day. Start with low weights and learn how to do the movements properly. Take the same approach with the HIIT cardio. It may start out as cycling slow and fast walking. the important thing is to be as consistant in your eating and exercise as possible.  Developing new permanent habits and making steady progress.  Don't worry if you are not perfect, we all eat things we shouldn't or miss a workout along the way but shake it off  and get right back on the plan and continue to make progress.  You can do it!  There are many other women on here that will gladly support you.  You may also look for one of the facebook groups on here for additional support.

  • As a woman you simply do not have enough testosterone to get bulky without monumental effort, drugs and food. It will not happen by accident.

  • Thanks Diverdog and Linden. I did it! I took the book with me to the gym this morning. I took my time and practiced each excercise for upper body.  I lifted free weights. It was not bad at all!!! I am soo proud of myself because I stepped out on faith. This is a mental challenge and i'm determined to win. Thanks guys. I know it's going to take practice and determination.