Starting August 27, 2012?

  • I started on the 27th as well, but I'm feeling like I'm not eating enough. How do I know if my portions are correct?

  • I'm in Republic. I read the book Body for Life for Women and it hit home about the exercise. A female physician wrote it. She basically says JUST DO IT! I have had to set a time to go to the gym and do it like it is another task. I don't like it, but it has gotten easier...and I like the results so it keeps me moving forward. Couple of things that stuck with me in the book were: "It's about saving your life! Not just fitting into smaller clothes." "Anticipate there will be obstacles and embrace them as opportunities to learn." I had no idea what i was doing really. I had never exercised per se. I just started and built upon that starting point. Tried to push myself to do a little more each week. And remembering not to abandon myself in this. Because if I quit that's what I've done.

  • Im started for the first time last 8/27. For those who done it, what workout routine have u all used?

  • I looked at the animated exercises in one of the tabs to help me build my work outs for this week.  I am using a variety of dumb bells and machines.  My son is a Crossfit instructor and busted my chops in the aerobic work out yesterday.  Feeling it today!!!  I have been forcing myself to eat in the morning.  Payday is tomorrow so I can stock up on protein powder and bars so I am not packing so much food to work.  Going to the county fair tomorrow so it will be a challenge to stick to the meal plan.  Week one is almost over and feeling strong with my commitment to the challenge.    

  • How is everyone doing that started on 8/27/12?  I am feeling strong and much healthier than I was way back in August.  I have only lost 8 pounds but the inches are coming off and my clothing size is going down.  Hope everyone else is doing well.