Starting August 27, 2012?

  • Hello Guys!  My name is Christin and I am starting on August 27th too.  This is the first time I have ever done anything like this so I am hoping for the best :)  I have been unhappy with my figure for a while now so I am ready for a transformation!  I will be joining the FB page too.  Thanks for the support!  I wish you all the best of luck!

  • Hey guys!

    This is my first post, but I'm very glad to see such a supportive group of people here! I look forward to keeping in touch with all of you as we work towards the end date of this competition (and beyond haha).

    My name is Abdul Moiz (friends call me Moiz), and I've been fed up with being skinny for too long (130 lbs. soaking wet at 6'1") and really hope to pack on some muscle. I saw this challenge as a perfect means to finally overcome inertia and get the ball rolling, and I hope that we can all motivate each other to reach our goals, however disparate they might seem!

    Best of luck to all of you.

  • Hi Kim,

    My name is Kim too and I'm starting today. I did this 10 years ago and got in the best shape ever. Those days are gone lol. Looking forward to doing it again this time. Lord knows I've attempted it several times since with less than the best results. How's your first day going?

  • Hey stress....i shall continue to use the forum too. I still come on here event though i've joined the FB group too,,,look me up on ''alone in Britain'' we can talk on there is you wish!


  • hi Debra. My name is makida. This is my second time in the challenge too. My first time was back around 2201-2002. I had been working out at a local gym to lose weight i had gained back over the years and decided that i would start a new challenge to rap up my two year completion of having a membership at the gym. I re-read the Body - For- life book and found that I had missed some important facts to my workouts. These missed facts may have contributed to some back sliding and unfinished results in my physique. Working out at the gym: I didn't know if I'd truely stick with it, but I was determined not to be stuck paying for a membership I was going to be paying for and not use it. Something I had done in the past. I've learned my lesson there. I stayed motivated outside of having a membership at the gym and when it came time, I was ready to stick with it. no matter what. I've gained a lot of confidence and I enjoy getting to share exercise knowledge and workouts with trainers and other members of the gym.  At just about the end of this challenge I will be deciding if I will renew my membership or find a gym closer to my home. This could also be a great way to spark new interest in different workouts and motivation to keep learning about exercise and health. Also, I will meet new people, plus see, and share new spaces. I now commute 6 miles there and 6miles back by bus, bike, walk, however i can get there and however I will. I'm having fun and enjoying progress. Congratulations on your weight loss success and I'm happy to here of your completion and new start of this challenge again. I look forward to the neww changes and challenges we'll come to share. be sure to keep in touch.


  • How was everyone's Day One?? I got in lower body weights + core in the evening... I am adapting my Challenge somewhat though since this is my 2nd one... instead of doing all Challenge workouts I'm doing 5-25 for 4 weeks, then Challenge style for 4 weeks, then 5-25 for 2 weeks and Challenge style for 2 weeks. I'm not actually "entering" the Challenge through this site, just looking to get back into it.

    And I will say, if you plan on keeping up with the habits afterward, DO IT or you'll be in my position. I lost about 4 pounds after the Challenge and thought "Wow, my metabolism still must be doing great!" But not. Muscle atrophy. I could barely kick out 45lb seated calf raises, which used to be my Level 6. After 3 sets of lunges and 3 sets of squats, my quads were cooked. They really, *really* hurt today. Whew. Cardio is gonna be a bear this evening!

    The eating clean is going to be harder for me this time. Normally this isn't an issue, but I just went from working from home to working in an office that is loaded with free food that is high in sugar and carbs: Fridges full of canned soda, mini chocolate bars, Clif bars, bagels, flavored yogurt (not Greek), cereals, etc. No wonder so many people at the office have oversized bellies. Wow!

    Here's to 83 more days. And... go!

  • Hey everyone! My name is Nicole and I started on the 27th as well. My husband is a soldier so he is in fantastic shape. I also have a 2 year old that runs circles around me! I lost 50lbs while my husband was overseas and gained 15lbs back after my dads passing last October. I've been struggling since then. I know that nothing is garunteed and I want to live life to the fullest! It all starts with being healthy! I wish you all success!

  • Hi everyone! Day one was good and so far day two is off to a good day. I forgot how much you end up shopping for. My fridge is packed with all sorts of veggies and Greek yogurt. I swear I'm constantly drinking water. Feeling good:)

  • Hi Laura. I sent a request to join your group! I was looking for support during this challenge.



  • Ive started the 27th too- I have untill tonight to post my before photo but CANT figure out how??? Any tipe would be really apreciated!


  • I am just starting too and I need some support to keep me on task.  Right now, I am doing it alone and I would like some friends for encouragement...any takers?

  • My name is Heather, and I started on the 27th, too. I'm a little worried about the weight training (don't have a gym membership), as the free weights I borrowed are hard to use (difficult to change weights quickly). I am also training for my first 10K (started 2 weeks ago), so that is my cardio every other day. I live in WA, and would love to meet people that live in my area.

    I am a mom of 2 youngins, and am determined to get in shape and be the kind of mom my kids deserve. I sure hope I have the kind of success so many others have seen.

  • Right there with ya! :)

  • Hey Laura! Just sent a request in to join... : )

  • Hello ~ I started the challenge on Monday as well.....along w/a co-worker of mine, so we are really trying to encourage each other!

    Good luck to you,


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