Starting August 27, 2012?

  • Hi, My name is Kim, I decided to start the challenge on the 27th, I hope there will be others so we can support each other!  Looking forward to meeting you :)

  • Hi kim I am going to start on the 27th also.  Cant wait to begin the journey!

  • Hi you two,

    I just started last Wednesday and decided to creat a FB page to help with the journey.

    The group is called “Body for Lifers!”  The link is…

    I just started the Body For Life program (8/15/12) and know I would enjoy having an easily accessible support group. I would like to have a forum where questions can be answered, encouragement given, progress celebrated and ideas generated.

    Please come join us!


  • I'm planning to begin the Challenge on 8/27 also.  This will be my second time.  I completed a challenge in 2007, doing well, and hoping to do as well this time.

  • Hi My name is Joe me and my Daughter Joanna are staring on the 27 I wonted to star the 20th but give me one more  week dad, on board or not,  that's my day I'm going to run and get ready for it baby Thanks guys  

  • just finished up my challenge and going to jump back in 08/27!!!  It went very well and i want to keep it going.  I have before and after pics on the Gallery.  Good luck to everyone!!!!

  • My name is DJ, I live in Broomfield, CO and I will be beginning on 8/27/12.  I joined the Facebook page and hope to be supportive and be supported in these forums. Thanks!

  • I am starting the challenge for the first time on August 27th. I will also join the FB group. Excited! Can't wait to see how we all do!

  • I'm starting on the 27th too. Also a second time Challenger, completed my first Challenge May 22 and have kind of fallen off the wagon since then (no weight re-gain and have always been good about eating clean, but only making it to the gym 1-2x weekly). I also live in Colorado (Longmont, specifically) so DJ and I can complain about the smoke together. :)

    In my first Challenge I dropped 5.3% body fat (down to 26.2 from 31.5), lost 11lbs scale weight + gained 5 lbs of muscle, and went from a size 10/12 to a size 8. Ready to get down to a size 6! My goal by the end of this Challenge is to have my "10" on the treadmill be 12 mph (currently sitting at 9.5-10mph depending on the day) and finally break from the <20lb dumbbell weight stand to the 20 - 40lb dumbbell stand at my gym. I'm also planning for a local 10k in Nov, another in Moab in Dec, and the Canyonlands Half-Marathon in March 2013. So odds are I'll be supplementing at least 2 of my weight days with steady-state distance cardio to further build my endurance.

    If anyone has questions about eating, recipes, etc I can be a big help with that. I am a huge culinary nerd, my husband was a professional chef for 16 years and I absorbed a lot from him to the point where I am cooking 90% of our meals, and in general I know a lot about clean eating, homeopathy, food allergies, food biotech, etc.

    Let's do this!

  • Yaaaaaay I'm starting on the 27th also!!! I am so glad for this forum - I know I will be much more likely to succeed when I feel like part of a "team." My hubby is doing the challenge with me too! We are actually starting the day after our 1 yr anniversary - what an awesome gift to ourselves. Lol :)

    Neither of us are overweight, but we both just want to get back in shape, build muscle, get toned, feel healthy and energetic...all that good stuff. :)  So excited to get to know you guys better in the weeks to come!


    PS: Laura, I joined your facebook group too. :)

  • Hi my name is Gretchen and I am starting on the 27th.  

  • Hi Kim, my name is Frank out of Tampa FL.  I just signed up for the 27th, and as we say in Vegas, I'm All In!!

  • Hi, I'm Debra and I live in SW Missouri. I am starting my second Challenge Aug 27th. I am just ending my first Challenge this weekend. I began the Challenge to get my cholesterol down. It has been as high as 303 and had been hovering in the 235-250 area. My goal was to get down to 200. I had labs done last week and I made it... to 180! I was very pleased, but wanted to finish what I started. My starting weight with the first Challenge was ~151 (I am 5'1-1/2" and 51yrs old). Today's weight is 135.0. My body fat was 37.9 and today is 34.2. I lost a very slow 1.2 lbs a week, but it shows at the end and I need to buy new pants as mine are falling off. My goal for my second Challenge is to gain muscle and continue to lower my body fat. I'm not sure what normal for me is...I think there is a calculator for that on this website somewhere. My plan for my second Challenge is to increase my exercise (which has been hard starting out, but doing good now). I would like to share my diet with anyone that has suggestions. I feel I'm eating pretty darn clean and I also count calories. I seldom have a cheat day. Thank you to all for the support, ideas, and encouragement. Even when it's meant for someone else it helps all. Good luck to everyone!

  • Hi all! I'm starting on Monday the 27th too! Excited.

  • Hi Debra!  Are you in the Springfield area?  That's where I am, and also having trouble staying motivated on exercise!