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    Scenario -  I start out with the Standing BB Curls. I start with 12 Reps with just the POLE.  If I add weight  to the Pole and cannot do the entire 10 reps, is it more important to maintain the total reps or to keep adding weight and only do as many reps as I can. I cannot see it being too beneficial if I add weight and can only do 3 reps out of 10 for example.  Basically is it okay to keep the weight the same as I go from 12,10,8,6 and 12 reps or should I keep increasing the weight in the smallest increment possible and just do as many reps as I can, even if it is only 2-3 etc..


  • If focus is to build muscle, you will want to increase weight continually. Starting with less weight and working up to more weight is to cause the muscles to be challenged. But yes, there are times you can't reach 10 reps or 6 reps with a certain amount of weight. At that time I do as many as I can, rest and do it again as many as I can if I can't drop lower. Sometimes the weights are set at 10 lbs increments and I want to increase only by 3 lbs and can't. I know it is time to increase weight when I can do more reps then 12. And I keep going until it burns badly. If I go over 15 reps, it's time to add more weight.  But if you can't increase yet, be patient, work with what you can, after a couple weeks you will be surprised how you feel the need to go higher in weight. Success to you.


  • Not being a wise ass..... but, the "pole" is usually referred to as a  "bar'.  In your situation you would usually use the same weight for the first four sets....the 12,10,8,6 reps.... especially if you are keeping your rests short, because you will get tired as you work through them.  For the last set of 12 it's pretty unlikely that you'll be able to magically jump back up the original weight, the bar in your case.  For this set you'll need something lighter, maybe just a small plate in each hand or the soup cans you have in the back of the cupboard.  When this starts to feel easy you can progress using the smallest weights you have.  When you do this it's not unusual that you wouldn't make the recommended number of reps on every set, but it should be close.  If not you're using too much weight. can go to Home Depot and buy some big construction type washers that fit on the bar and will weigh about 1 lb or so to make your increases more manageable.

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