Starting Monday August 20th

  • Hi everyone!!! Just checking in. I am like you Margeeros.  I am feeling good and confident about the meal plan and workouts!!!  I forgot to let everyone know I faced my fear and now working with free weights!!!  I am in so much pain!! but its a good pain. No pain no gain.  My clothes are now like sagging.  Everyone is making comments my family and co worker!!  I've been faithful to the diet and to the workouts. Even threw Tropical strorm Issac. On my cheat day I went to the dairy queen. I had a butterscotched dipped icecream.  Where is everyone!!! Stay strong ladies!

  • Just cheking n.  I'm on vacation but still working out 6 days a week.  The eating has been difficult, but i'm managing to noy go overboard.  I will be happy if i have no weight gain by the time i get home monday.  Lol

  • Thank you guys for acknowledging the BFL description. I hope it helps everyone.

  • Well we are almost done with the second week.  Hopefully everyone is hanging in there and following their routine.  

  • Still on vacation and looking forward to getting home and getting back on track.  I have done my exerice 6 days a week, but have not done so well with the diet plan.  We go home on sunday and i can not wait.  I feel very guilty.

  • I know how that is Lisa.  I travel for work all the time and eating properly on the road is tough.  Even more so when on vacation.  Just don't let it get you down and make sure to pick right up next week.  

  • Hello there! For me, the hardest thing about this challenge has been finding time to log on here and "chat" with others who are doing this. Honestly, I believe this is an important part of the process - I mean, we can talk about with our families and friends and co-workers, but they all seem to have opinions on why it won't work, or what would work better! I like to rely on them, instead, for cheering me when they notice I've lost weight ... and go to others who really understand for the ongoing support. So I really am going to try to get on here more often!

    One of the things that has occupied my time is simply doing the preparations for this eating plan. I find it easy to stick to - in terms of I like the foods I'm eating and I feel full and satisfied with eating small meals all day. I'm adding LOTS of vegetables - greens and asparagus and brussels sprouts and cabbage, which really helps with the "feeling full" part. But so far it works best for me if at night before I go to bed I write out the plan for each meal I'm going to have the following day. I base this on what is available in the fridge/cupboards, or what will be available where I'm going, or what I can pack to take with me. And to plan this all out takes me a bit of time! But it really helps to wake up and just look at the list to see what I'm going to eat. It also helps me to have it planned out based on the time I'm going to eat the meals, so I am sure it will fit in with the schedule I have that day. There have been a couple of days lately where my planned schedule went out the window! And even on those days, I figured out alternatives to eat and I've really kept on track with my food.

    I love the exercise! I'd already been exercising about 4 days a week, using the Biggest Loser "Strength Training" DVD, so exercise was already a habit, and pumping it up to the specific workouts needed in BFL has been an exciting transition. I feel SO energized each morning after my workout. My favorite it upper body. To be honest, I hate the aerobics (I do march/jogging on a mini trampoline) when I begin it. But then somewhere along in the 20 minutes I get to the point where I realize it's not so bad and maybe I will make it the whole 20 minutes after all! And then when I hit the end of 19 minutes and lower back down to a Level 6 to cool down -- WOW -- I feel great. And that feeling stays with me most of the day.

    I do have a concern about the lower body training, and I will go browse some of the other forums to see if I can get any suggestions. I am doing this all at my home. I would sorta like to join a gym, because I'd like to make use of the machines. But I really like the way the "first thing in the morning" workout is fitting into my life. Just get up, drink a bottle of water, do the workout, jump in the shower and I'm ready to go when it's time to drive the kids to school. If I were to do this at a gym it would be more likely that I would skip the workouts often. So, I'm doing this at home with free weights. It works fine for the upper body - there are enough "dumbbell" exercises for the upper body so i don't have to use the machines at a gym. However, there are fewer "non-gym-machine" options for the lower body. And most of the at-home exercises for lower body involve lunges and squats. But I have terrible arthritic knees, and there is no way I can lunge or squat! I've tried to come up with exercises using an exercise stretch band and this seems to work, but I haven't figured out how to do the increasing weight resistance easily with the bands ... and I find them such a hassle, to find a table leg or a door to tie them onto and then loop them around your ankle or whatever ... it takes longer to set up for the exercise than it does to execute it! So ... anyone have any suggestions for at-home lower body exercises that don't strain the knees?!

    As you can see, I love to write! Sorry I've rambled on for so long.

    Before I sign off for the night...

    mom24 ... it's good to know someone else has been intimidated, with me, by the lack of super-plus-size participants here. We can do it! Just imagine what your "after" photo is going to look like with such an extreme "before" photo to compare it to!

    lisa135 ... DON'T FEEL GUILTY! So, you didn't stick with the food plan while on vacation. Look at the positive side: you DID stick with the exercise, and that's a huge accomplishment for being so early on this BFL program and being away at the same time. Don't beat yourself up - forgive yourself and move on and get back on track. You can do this. Anyone who exercises while on vacation can do this!!!

    Keep up the great work, everyone!


  • I love that you use cans mom24. Git'er done!

  • Margeeros - ditto ditto ditto - it feels good to get the workout done right away!

  • Hi Margeerose,

    You are amazing!  You are doing such a great job, and must be an inspiration to your children (whether they acknowledge it or not.  

    Have you checked out Bill Phillips' Body for Life book?  In the back there are a few lower body exercises that might work for you.  You might also ask Jim Goodman.  he seems to be quite knowledgeable.  He is on at least 3 Forum threads:  "Betagen"; "Protein carb ratio"; "Low sugar?  Detoxing?"; and "Results driven - can it happen".  

    Very best of luck.


  • Thanks, Mary! The exercises I found in the BFL book that can be done at home - almost all of them have lunging or squatting involved, so they don't work for me. But I browsed through "THE GYM" forum and found lots of suggestions! Best was a link to a site all about knee pain, and exercises to strengthen the quads and hamstrings:

    I am amazed at how much information and insider tips are to be found on this website right here at I could spend the entire day just reading posts.

    A great tip I read on somebody's post on THE GYM forum:  I've been wondering what to do for dumbbells when I need to advance to a heavier weight but may not be ready for the next weight available. I'm planning to go over to Sports Authority to browse at what is available. Right now the heaviest I'm using is only a 5 pound weight and I realize I am clearly ready to move to a heavier weight, but for a lot of the exercises, I doubt I can handle a 10-pound weight. Do they make a 7-pound weight? 8-pound? 9-pound? Maybe. But then when I'm past the 10-pound level, the next one is probably 15-pounds, and that's a big increase. So, anyway, the suggestion I read is to buy 2-pound ankle weights. You can ADD these to the weight you're lifting to increase the weight, without having to go up a whole 5-pounds to the next size available. And the cool thing is, as you get better and better and need to move to higher weights, you can always use these 2-pound weights to add small increments along the way. Also, one of the knee exercises I read about could be made more intense by adding the ankle weights. So I think I will get a lot of use out of the purchase.

    Mary, I'll poke around for Jim Goodman posts, too. I love all the support and advice and suggestions around here.  Keep up the great work, everyone. Keep reporting in.  Has anyone lost weight yet? Do you weigh every day or once a week? I only track it once a week, and though I try not to be fixated on the numbers on the scale ... I take a peak at the scale every day! Not sure this is a good habit, but as long as the numbers are going down it feels good to see it each day as a little reward/encouragement to myself! I wonder what the rest of you do.

    All for now.


  • So glad you were able to find some exercises that work, Margaret!  I am going to check out the knee pain site.  I don't have knee pain but maybe I will be able to strengthen my knees so that it doesn't develop.

    I went to sears and bought 2-1/2 pound dumbbell weights for inbetween the 5, 10, etc.  Great idea using the ankle weights when you need more weight for knee exercises!

    I don't weigh every day because there are so many factors that affect the average bathroom scale: where it is on the floor, where and how you step on it, the weather, the humidity, what you ate the day before, how much fluid you are retaining since the day before, and so on.  In the beginning of the program though, I think it is helpful because chances are you'll be down a little each week and it helps with motivation!

    Best of luck.  Let us know how the weight training is going!


  • I started on the 27th. It didn't go so well. I have got to get motivated. I did the challenge back in 2001 and had great results. Of course I was a lot younger. I know I can do it again but I need a bit more support this time. Anyone out there having a rough start.

  • Hello everyone.  Well we have just about finished another week (week 3) in our transformation.  I hope that everyone was able to stay focused and stay on track with their eating and working out.  I know it was a little tough with the holiday on Monday for me to keep 100% on track.  I did slip a little Monday afternoon with my eating.  I did get my workouts in even with the gym closed Monday.  I feel that it was a good week though.  Hopefully you are starting to see some transformations in the way you feel and the hunger has dropped off.  Keep pushing yourself and keep your goals in mind and the next 9 weeks will be over before you know it.  Have a great weekend everyone.

  • Thanks Margaret,

    I can be very tough on myself.  I'm actually thinking about adding two weeks to the tail end of the program which will allow me to have a solid 12 weeks on track.  lol, So far I'm doing very well this week.  I even worked a double and managed to make it to the gym.  

    I'm looking forward to my free day on Sunday.