Starting Monday August 20th

  • @ lisa if your phone has multiples alarms avail use it to go off 2mins in the one min after that through out your twenty mins.  I sometimes forget my phone on those mornings I used my watch and roughly changed pace about ever min. till I reach my cool down period. This is a learning process.. Hard part for me has always been the weight lifting part I don't have weights nor a gym to go to lol I use can goods  for the moment... So I don't increase my weights right now I still get a good wo though.

  • I have a question.  Warning:  It may be a stupid question!  I'm a little concerned about getting broad shoulders.  I don't really want that "V" shape.  Should I skip the shoulder exercises?

  • @bigdreamer3 no I wouldn't do that. You know that flabby skin we get under the arms all the biceps and triceps and shoulders will firm all that up.

    Use low weights you don't ever have to go over 15 lbs and still you will get results without bulking up....

  • I would like to share my story, Ten years ago I found out about BFL and I dived right into the challenge and I did great I had lost 25lbs of the 50lbs I had to lose. Then Life happened! My mother whom was my inspiration my cook my coach was sick when I did my first challenge. I competed my 12 weeks and I was looking pretty good but most of all I was feeling great.

    Mom wanted to move back home so we moved. I stayed on task for a short while. I was working nights school during the day and taking care of mom and my 7 yr old son. It was getting harder for me physically, emotionally and mentally. My mom passed away three weeks before I finished school which I did finished but ended up never taking my board exam oh how mad she would be at me today. Previous to my mother dying my Grandmother also past just eight months prior. Then the following April my Grandfather passed. I have a very small family and it got way smaller all of a sudden.

    I met my current husband just months after my mother passed. Six months later I was pregnant and my  BFL life was gone. I quickly saw myself just disappear and although excited for this new phase of my life and finding out I was having a little girl I was happy, but still depressed from losing my mother. When I had my daughter it got worse and my relationship became rocky filled with lack of faith and trust issues.

    So to make a long story short I had two more babies both boys with in the next 3 years. So now I am 37 and have four children 17, 7, 6, 5 all boys except my 7 yrs old. I am now 280 lbs @ 5'3" tall most of my clothes don't fit cause I have gained close to another 30 lbs since the first of the year. I quit smoking YEA!!! Not so YEA!!! when it comes to my body. Then here in July we moved and I am now not working.  So I am ready so very ready not to just lose weight but to regain ME to find that person I lost a long time ago. I have a long road ahead of me this I know and I have several challenges to complete. So with my main supporter in my life gone that is why I turned to here cause I just don't have it here at home. Except with my oldest son whom is planning on joining me on a low impact basic. while I power walk he will run I am sure several laps lol. He is also the only one that will eat healthier with me and encourages me. That's my boy. So here I AM this is a big step for me cause I have come to a very low spot in my life to where I am scared. So I HAVE to do this cause 300lbs is only 20 lbs away. I hurt all the time I can barely get through a day when I am keeping up with the house cooking a meal. I want better for me and for my family but most of all for ME!!! So here's to 12 wks to a better new us!!

  • @Lisa135 - Timex makes a ladies watch that has interval timers that you can set to beep at whatever frequency you want - it is one of the ironman series of their watches.  

  • How exciting for everyone to be on this journey together.  Mom24 you can do this - you did it in the past so you know it works.  Just commit.  Healthy lifestyle is best for all of your family.  Encourage it.  Good luck.

  • Mom24! My heart goes out to you. I understand from deaths, depression and babies!!! We ate for comfort. I'm reading all of the advice from you and thinking this girl know her stuff not knowing all that you have been through!  My highest weight was 260!!! And yes it very scary.  We need to be an example for our family. I have 5 children it seems like they were coming every year. LOL. My blessings. They are 26, 24, 21, 17, 16 and 5.  The oldest 4 are girls. I am the only obese person in my immediate family. Sometimes we put everyone else first and neglect ourselves. We deserve to look good. We deserve to have good health.

  • We gotta do this for ourself and now. Without guilt.  Your mother would want her baby(you) to take care of youself.  I love this we get to support and encourage one another!  Then we tell you get out the and do it!!!

  • Thank you all for your input.  I discovered 2 free app on my phone that will do " My interval Pro and Tabata HIIT timer.  I will try one of them when I get off work in the morning.  

    Day 3 went well, I actually made it to the gym and completed all of my exercies, even after working a 12 hour night shift and not sleeping for 24 hours.  I'm doing better with eating, I'm just having a difficult time eating every 3 hours, my job doesn't alway allow me to do so.  At this point I just needed to remain focused and do my best each day.  I'm going on vacation next week and I'm afriad that I will over eat and not workout.  I'm taking my dauhgter to San Diego, where we will be going to Legoland, Seaworld, and the San Diego Zoo.  This are not places known for their low fat meals.  Wish me luck.  I will continue to post on a daily bases.

  • Day 4 today!  I woke up early and I made Sesame Beef Stir-Fry.  It is in the eating for life cookbook and it was really quick to make and it is really good.  The next time I make it I may just add in red peppers since I love them in stir-Fry.

  • Hey I just wanted to pass on that two of the recipes I have tried from the BFL site Terrific tuna apple tomatoes salad was really yummy minus tomatoes didn't have any :-) Then the Southwest chicken and white bean chili OMG! So good and filling plus MY FAMILY LOVED IT! Big big plus for me I used a whole chicken removed most of the skin and fat and just boiled it down. I also cooked my own white beans. I can't do a lot of sodium so many things I have to prepare myself cause can goods are full of sodium. Having some left over chili Mmm mm.. Well to continued success STAY STRONG and ENDURE!!!  WE CAN DO THIS!!!!  

  • I have heard this quote before and love it! I also started the challenge on Monday. This is my first time and I am so excited to have a goal to work towards. It is great to have others on here to help motivate and share with! Good luck!

  • Hello, all! I'm joining your thread because I started about the same time ... I actually started the program on August 21, but didn't register for the Challenge until today, August 24. So the 24th is my official start day, but the 21st is what is in my head!

    Carolineb ... you're amazing. Thank you for writing out in clear and simple terms everything we need to do. Your post is a great reference.

    I have to say, there are so many amazing stories you've all shared. I am touched by all of your enthusiasm and commitment to changing your life.  I'm right there with you -- so determined and excited to see what I can accomplish. I have no doubt I can do this. But I wonder about something. When I look at all the photos of past Champions, I don't see anyone who looks like me in their "before" photo. I don't see anyone as LARGE as I am. I'm 5'6" tall and started this at 305 pounds. My BMI puts me at "morbidly obese," a phrase that is just horrifying to me! So, anyway, like I said, I have no doubt that I can do this -- even starting from 305 pounds! But I don't see any evidence here on the Body for Life website or in the book that brags about someone who is this fat and this out of shape using this program to turn their life around. Still, I am sure it can be done.

    After 4 days on the program, I am already a new woman. I have so much more energy. And I love the eating plan. I am not hungry, and I am enjoying all the flavors and fresh foods I'm eating. So I'm feeling very positive about the eventual outcome 12 weeks from now. I know there are going to be challenges and set-backs, but I feel like I'm off to a great start!

    Keep up the great work, everyone!

  • Today was day my 5th workout and it was a difficult one.  I bearly completed it.  My legs are still killing me from 3 days ago.  I am starting to feel a little better as far as energy is concern.  Looking forward to celebrating the completion of 1 week.

  • @ margeerose I felt the same way when looking at all the pics this time round I am 5'3" and currently at 280lbs. Well I lost sight this weekend and blundered so very badly but it's Monday a fresh week and I will and can do this.  I am off to a great start today and hope everyone else is staying strong.. I know I worked out well and pushed myself cause it is well felt trough out my body still.      

    WEEK ONE DOWN eleven more LIFE CHANGING weeks TO A BETTER US.....