Starting Monday August 20th

  • Hi everyone,

    Every day I go to the Forum threads I usually participate in, and then go through 2 or 3 more just to gain further insight and movation.  Your thread caught my eye tonight, and boy am I glad!  Caroline, that is an amazing summary of the BFL program!  It must have taken mountains of time to get it done.  Thank you so much!  I've only been a BFLer for 3 weeks, and already I had forgotten some things.  This was a terrific refresher.

    The stories the rest of you wrote are amazing.  The energy and enthusiasm, the tragedies you have endured and yet you go on, the support you give one another.  This is a terrific Forum thread.

    Nice to 'meet' you!


  • Today was my frist day at the gym in a very long time. It was a good day, 18 hours later the soreness is starting.  Than goodness tomorrow is not anoher weigh lifting day. My plan is to do my cardio and soak in the tub.  Lol  the good news is that i am still very much motivatived and feeling good.  I'm still working on the diet part.  Im having a difficult time wih eating 6 time a day and tomorrow will be a difficult' since It's my first day back to night shift scheduleand my job doesn't also allow me to take frequent breaks, but I will do my best.  

    Loving this program and looking forward to gne new me.

  • Mary - thank you so much. It didn't take that long because it's how I always learn new things - I'm not the best reader in the world, but when I explain something to someone else, then I get it! So it really helped me too.  I'm so glad it helped you!!

  • lisa135 - my first day yesterday, not one meal I planned was the one I ate. I need to inventory my kitchen items and cross reference them with the Eating for Life receipes!

  • UBWO done yesterday and it was a killer.  My arms were trembling when I left.  I haven't been to the gym in almost 1 month.   I have really missed it!  I am so excited.  I have all my food/snacks packed for today and already had 4 glasses of water.  This is my time to realize my dreams and to see them through!  Good luck to all of you:)

    Eat clean and rock hard!


  • @Faith I'm starting Aug 20th also. 190 lbs. and 32 years old. 5ft 3 in' tall.

  • Hi Lisa!!  Lol. That was my sister's name. Sorry to here about your parents also.  Well welcome. I'm taking it one day at a time. School started Monday for my children.  I felt soo overwhelmed.  In the book it has daily menus.  Use that for example.  I am learning the weights slowly with circut training.  I worked out at 5:30 am. It was soo peacefull and I felt like I had the entire gym to myself. So, plan you day and work your plan.

  • Wow Blessed Mom! That sounds great!!  Are you useing free weights? I figured that I would do more reps useing lighter weights? Is that the right concept? I have 100 lbs to loose and I dont want to bulk up?  

  • Love your post, BlessedMom.

  • Cardio did not go well at all today.  I couldn't tell level 6 from level 7, or level 8.  lol,  I need to find an app on my phone that will beep every min for 20 mins or find a cardio machine that will tell me when to switch to the next level.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  On the other hand today was a good nutriotion day.  I ate frequent low fat meals.  It did help that I went to GNC and pirchansed their last box of EAS protein shakes.  I'm actually looking forward to woring out when I get off work today.  I packed my gym clothes and I'm excited.  

    CarolineB, thanks for the positive input, just keep working on the diet plan and you will get there.

    Mrsdetermined, Getting up at 5:30am is amazing, you rock...  Keep up the good work.

    I'm just looking to improve everyday,


  • @ carolineb - Thank you for posting all of the information on the Cardio and Weights.  I read it a couple of times and I still had it wrong.

    @peach sonria - Wow same age and weight!  Good luck with the challenge!

    @ mrsdetermined -  I am going to have to start getting up early to exericse also.  It is hard trying to do it when I get home from work.  I already have to wake up at 5:30 to get ready for work so I would have to get up around 4:30 :-(

  • Today is day 3 and I am doing well so far.  I got up early, drank some water and did my workout and had a protein shake within 30 minutes and for breakfast I had egg whites with red potatoes and turkey sausage.  I have to really plan my plan out because I have a hair appointment that will last 5 hours this afternoon and my daughter has a doctors appointment 1 hour from where I live so I have to bring 4 meals with me today since I wont have to go home in between.

  • From a previous time I did the challenge I did easy fast stuff that I could either carry with me or drink such as protein bars and or shakes some times finding simple stuff like an apple and cubed chicken or a package of tuna. It really helped me stay and task and left me full so I didn't fall of the wagon so to speak.  Hope this helps...

  • @mrsdetermined stay with the lower weights if all you want to do is lose and firm up.... It will melt off!!!

  • I started strong then fumbled a little with my diet and missed my 20 min wo yesterday but that's ok I am back on the wagon. My husband scheduled changed and through me all off lol. See I had started my walking  last week just to get my motivation going and was always done by the time it was time to head home to wake kids up for school. So now I have to find motivation to crawl out of my bed with no other reason to just to do it lol... It was easier when I had to, to take the hubby to work.. Doing good so far today!!!               "STAY STRONG WE CAN DO THIS!!!!"   Even if you miss a step just get back on track with the next step...