Starting Monday August 20th

  • Hi is there anyone starting Monday?  This is my first challenge.  I am both excited and nervous.  I am just looking to see if anyone wanted to buddy up to keep each other motivated!  I look forward to starting!

  • Hi Faith 1010! I will be starting Aug 20th, this is my First CHALLENGE also!!!  I would loe to Buddy up!

  • I'm sorry:~>. I would loe to Buddy up!

  • *love

  • I think I am going too? I have done it 2 times before. Great results!!! . It is so important to make it to the final day. I

  • You should do it also!  I hope I get great results.  Once I start I plan on sticking with it until the end!

  • That's great that you are doing the challenge!  I made a chart today for the next 28 days to keep track of my cardio and weight lifting.  I also made a grocery list and plan on doing my shopping saturday and preparing my food for the week on sunday so that I am prepared!

  • I am in the same position - starting Monday for my first challenge.  I would love to have buddies to keep me motivated - someone who is going through the same process!   I just bought the CD version of the book - I will finish it before Monday and be organized and ready to go!

  • @MustangLaura - yes I definitely the motivation.  I have been on many other diets and failed.  I think having buddies and the free day will help everyone stay on track!

  • Hello Faith1010.  I just signed up and yes, I am starting Monday August 20th.  I am excited and nervous myself.  I wouldn't mind "tranforming" with you if you would like.  I need a good push or motivational comment to keep me going as well. I visit other sites like, oxygen and muscle and fitness hers and get addtional information and support.  But this site had a challenge that I could sign up for right away.  I've been looking for a challenge and hopefully this will be the start of wonderful things to come.  so, lets get this party started!  

    In good health,


  • Hey MustangLaura.... this is my first challenge and I wouldn't mind being your "tranformation" buddy.  I have been looking for a challenge that I could participate in and this is perfect.  So let's get this party transformation started!  

    In Good Health


  • I'm looking into a personal trainer. I have an appt Friday.  I don't have any experience with free weights.  What are you all doing?  Did anyone buy the Body for life Journal?  If so, how is it?

  • @newme51 I also look at those websites.  there is another one that has good information called and they also have a facebook page.  I am ready to get this transformation started as well.

    @mrsdetermined - For my cardio I am going to start running again and maybe a zumba class.  For my weights I have not decided if I want to go to the gym or use free weights at home.  I did not buy the journal.  I just bought a notebook and I am going to write in in daily and also log into this website daily.

  • I found this quuote online:

    Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.  ~Author Unknown

  • So I have my start weight (190) which is the heaviest I have ever been.  it is actually higher than when I gave birth to my daughter.  I also have my measurements because I know sometimes the scale does not move but when you tone things start to fit better.  I am ready to get started!