Workout Question

  • Is it okay to do more cardio between workouts? Example this morning I did Cardio and I was thinking about riding my bike or going back to the gym tonight. I know we need to let our body's rest. Any input?

  • I think it depends on your goals.  If you're trying to gain muscle, then keeping the cardio in check is probably a good thing.  Same if you're trying to gain strength and lifting near maximal weights.  If you're mainly concerned with fat loss and not lifting to failure, I say give it a try.  Your body will let you know if you're doing too much.

  • The conventional wisdom of you can't do to much cardio is flawed.  Perhaps it will accelerate short term weight loss (I won't even say fat) but in the long run(pun intended) it is counter productive.  If you look at typical fat loss on this program it accelerates over time due to building muscle that burns calories 24 hours a day.  Of course there is no reason you can't be active on a weight day. Infact you should be, but keep it low impact to allow recovery.

    I lost 53 lbs & kept it off for 10 years.  My cardio work was 20 min of tough intervals on a bike 3 times a week.

  • I think that is an individual choice.  I would never suggest doing HIIT's more than 3x a week, making sure to wait one day between.  I would also not suggest you do two sessions of high intensity cardio on the same day.  However, if you want to include some low endurance cardio, it should be fine.  I do HIIT 2x per week, and spinning 2x per week.  However, on the days that I lift, I often will do the stairclimber on a low setting, more for toning than for cardio.   This is what a typical week looks like for me:

    Monday:  Spinning only

    Tuesday:  Hiit early am on empty stomach, gym later in the day for weights

    Wednesday:  Weights only

    Thursday:  Hiit early am on empty stomach

    Friday:  Weights & stairclimber for 20 minutes

    Saturday:  Spinning & sometimes weights

    Sunday:   REST

    Most importantly, listen to your body.

    Good luck!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

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