Anyone starting 8-13-12?!

  • Thanks Laura, I have just joined today. Great idea. Day 6 today - woohoo! Feeling great and even though it is my free day tomorrow I think I'll still workout and eat rather healthy (although I might just have a cookie or 2 ha ha). In fact I am so motivated I WILL work out. How are the rest of you guys going with the challenge?

  • Day 6...the scale was very good to me, down 7.5lbs since Monday morning.  I know it won't keep going at this rate but it is pretty cool while it lasts.  All meals and workouts have been as planned.  The weekend is always my tough time.  Too much free time around the house with a well stocked kitchen.  100 Burpees tonight for cardio....oh boy.

  • Sorry for the extra post - I just wamnted to make sure everyone has the link....

    I have created a support group on Facebook called “Body for Lifers!”  The link is…

  • Hey all!  Glad everyone is doing good.  Today is my free day and Ive been enjoying it.  I can tell that my bodies doesnt like it tho..  I guess that's a good thing ha!  Looking forward to week two.

    I don't have Facebook btw.. Do you have a Myspace page!? =P

  • I would say my only questionable meal so far has been a salad from Salad works.  I get the oriental sesame dressing but I also add a load of spinach,  tradeoff!?

  • Where are you guys?!  You didn't quit on me did you?

  • I think I am on too many forums & facebook groups!!!!!!!!!  I did my LBWO this morning and eating on plan...I have had a hiccup on food yesterday and just got back on BFL plan.  Going to increase my weights next week on both LBWO & UBWO!  I need to look at my cardio and see if I need to step it up.  Have a good weekend, ALL!   Week we go!

  • Boo.. to FB lol.  I don't have and it takes from  the activity from this site.  Our theads help people on here.

  • So I'm going to restart with a new group. Seems like everyone on here went to FB which I don't have anymore.  Best of luck to you guys tho.  Don't stop posting here tho.  It's helps new folks.  thats the point of the forum.  

  • UBWO done and food planned for the day.  Cardio tomorrow - my goal this week is to be at the gym every morning at 5am.  I have been successful for 4 out 5, but 5!  So, I need to make sure that I am in bed early everynight.  We will see...usually done by Thursday morning and need that extra hour.  Also, trying to decide to enter 5k end of Sept...been wanting to, but just don't want to make _ss out of myself.  Good luck and your right FB does cause me not to get on here as much as my 1st challenge.

  • Done about 7lbs so far!