Anyone starting 8-13-12?!

  • Hello everyone. This is my first time doing bfl. Im starting on the 20th. Got my gym membership today : /  I'm a little dishearted and not so motivated now :( when i went in and met the fitness instructor/personal trainer I was expecting a fit person. Not someone twice the size of me. Now while doing cardio, instead of saying im killing myself to look like the hot/fit instructor, I'm now going to have to see the glass half full and say, I'm killing myself so I DONT look like her :(  I did find out my starting body fat is 22.6% Not bad, but room for improvements. I'm 5'3 and 128 lbs first thing in the morning. Im currently wearing a size 9. My goal is to get tone and lean, and to get into a size 5 again would be nice :) Nice to meet everyone here. Btw?!? How do i post my befor photos?

  • Hi Wooohooo, I'm sorry but I found your post entertaining. I too would be disheartened if I had the same personal trainer experience, after all they are supposed to be an positive influence aren't they. But I love your attitude towards the situation. Best of luck with your challenge, stay strong.

  • convo, tlm318, kateB2375, lmf100, Pokey and Brad Tiffan - I also started yesterday (which was monday 13th Aug here in Australia). It is currently night time on day two and I am so proud of myself that I have actually completed 2 days properly. yay! I even managed to fit in my 20 min cardio (plus a bit extra) tonight after being at a Reiki course all day then getting home late, cooking dinner, feeding and bathing the kids and getting them to bed. I REALLY REALLY didn't want to do the work out, and the 'old me' would have said "it's only the 2nd day I'll make up for it tomrrow" and would have skipped the workout. BUT I made myself do it and I feel so good for doing so. Would love to hear how everyone elses first week is going.

  • Hey Wooohoo and Jatickle, welcome to our tree house club!?  

    Wooohoo, I would not let their size discourage you.  It's not a real indicator on what they actually know.  Yea, it would be better to have someone all cut up teaching you but who's to say they just don't have better genes?  Keep the open mind.

    I'm getting ready to start cardio for day 2.  My body hurts so much from yesterdays BFL and boxing workout.  I can't decided how hard I should push with the lower body BFL workouts since I'm doing a lot of leg work at these training sessions.  I did wake up today feeling leaner lol.  I started the diet a day early and I can notice a small difference in how I feel already.  

  • Day 2, for me too!  This will be my 2nd challenge.  I am just starting to get sore this afternoon from UBWO.  TRX class tonight and cardio tonight.  Food plan is in check for the day too.  Jatickle, completely understand!  I have slept in a toddler bed for the past 3 nights and hoping not for a 4th!  Stay committed!  

    Nothing changes until something changes.......

  • WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME? lol. Believe me when I say I like to sleep, infact I LOVE to sleep, and I like to sleep late in the mornings (although sleeping late in the morning for me is 7-730am with 3 small kids in the house) and this morning something weird and wonderful happened. My husband got up at 530am to go and do his LBWO and usually I would doze back off but this morning I found myself laying there thinking, 'what can I do now, I want to get up and get moving and begin the day'. I was filled with excitment for the day to come, which is rare for me. I wanted to get up and do my LBWO but I couldn't leave the kids by themselves inside while I went outside to join my husband and I didn't want to get up and make too much noise for fear of waking them too. I layed for as long as I could then i ended up getting up and quietly read some of the BFL champions book until the kids woke up.

    It's day 3 today and I'm really keen to get into my LBWO, just need to make school lunches and get the kids ready and onto the bus and then it's game on! Oh so keen. lol.  

  • You really do get anxious to get going.  I hurt my calf today running;-(  I managed to tough out the cardio but it was at a reduced level for sure.  I'm going to skip boxing tonight and give it time to heal.  

    So I try to get healthy fat in 2 of my meals.. A reason why I mentioned the peanut butter oatmeal balls.  Another thing Ive been doing is baking sweet potato fries.  I just mix them in a little olive oil and sprinkle cinnamon on them. Ive had better lol but it's a nice little way to break up the way you carbs.  

  • Hey! Dont get discouraged... Read the book and look at the exercises. It will require a little getting used to, but you can learn the exercises on your own. Also if you can find machines in your gym that work specific areas of your body, that might be good if your trainer is useless. You will do great :)

  • I started yesterday as well.  I've been travelling and socialising too much lately....gaining about 15 lbs over my normal weight.  Lifted Monday, lawn mowing and dog walking yesterday, along with a return to a low carb paleo diet should do the trick.  

  • I did my LBW today.  My Calf is still all messed up lol but I got a pretty good workout in.  Hope this heals soon.

  • Day3 - LBWO Done!  Cardio kicked my butt last night too.  Still on plan...I will be sore tomorrow, but I figured that would happen.  As I was walking out of the Y this morning, I caught a group of guys doing the UBWO!  I will have to tell them to get on the forum too.  Keep it up....Nothing changes until something changes.........

  • It's day three and i did LBWO. I am still eating good, but I am getting a craving for some chocolate chip cookies! How far would those set me back? ;)

  • Well done eveyone, you all sound like you are right on track! Congrats.

    I am beginning day 4 as I type. I did a LBWO yesterday combined with a Jillian Michaels (USA Biggest looser trainer - but I'm sure you all know who she is lol) and my gosh that woman is tough. My hamstrings and quads are killing me this morning.

    I spent the day in town yesterday at appointments and running errands and I am SUPER proud of myself for only eating authorized foods while away from home. It took a lot of mental strength to walk straight past the donut stand I can tell you ha ha. And I am also starting day 4 WITHOUT cigarettes - yay for me!

    Might head off to my garage for a cardio work out and I think I'll do a short Zumba session this afternoon also.

    Have a great day everyone - stay strong!  

  • Day three of total compliance.  One upper. one lower body weight workout and 90 minutes of lawn mowing and dog walking in between.  Tonight will be 20 minutes of 30/30 intervals on the rower.  Down 3 lbs as of this morning.  I know it's mostly water and glycogen, but it feels good to see the scale going down.

  • Hi there,

    I have created a support group on Facebook called Body for Lifers!

    I have just started the Body For Life program (8/15/12) and know I need an easily accessible support group. I would really like to have a forum where questions can be answered, encouragement given, progress celebrated and ideas generated. I know that over the next 12 weeks it will be easy to get stuck in a rut either with eating or training and having a group of fellow Body for Lifers will be invaluable!

    Come join us!