Anyone starting 8-13-12?!

  • Ive done this before with good results.  I'm looking to hit it hard this time!  Anyone else starting on this date? 

  • I'm starting 8/13/12 too.

    I've done BFL before, but never lasted the entire 12 weeks.  that is my major goal this time to complete the entire 12 weeks.

    I have planned my meals and workouts for this week and am set to go. I still have to cook my chicken and boil some eggs.

  • Awesome!  I don't have all my meals sorted out but I will get there.  It's going to be tough for sure but any life changing thing is.  I don't have a ton to lose.  Maybe 20lbs but  that seems like the hardest to get off.  I'm going to be taking boxing along with this workout so I hope that helps.  

  • I am, I am! Kind of excited and kind of scared (but in a good way).

  • Hi KateB2375, I feel the same way!  Starting on August 12 2012 and am scared (of failure, making change, getting out of my comfort zone, food cravings...) but soooo EXCITED AND READY.  I am looking for friends to encourage and support throughout this journey.  And also accountability.  Here we go.  And now here I go off to the gym :)

  • Yes, me too.  Looking for results and a permanent change.  What results did you get?  Today is #1 for me!!!!  Hope to keep up this excitement and energy for this challenge.

  • Don't be scared!  Lets keep this thread going for support.  I'll try and lay out meals I eat and all.  Might help give each other meal ideas and all.  I'm also focused on getting around 150gs of Protein a day in,

  • I'm scared.  I was supposed to start six weeks ago.  No excuses, except, well, you know.  Now I'm geting e-mails that say "congrats, you are at half-way mark" and I think, uh, no.

  • I am starting tomorrow! Very excited for this!

  • I am starting 8/13 as well.  Stopped smoking and gained 20 lbs that I need to lose.  Good luck

  • Headed to the gym now for my first workout.  Going to be a good day!!

  • Today is Day #1 for me. Woohoo! I won't work out until this evening so wish me luck.!

  • Had a good day #1! Hope everyone's day went good as well!

  • So I hit it pretty hard today!  Did the upper body work out this morning and just did a 1hr 30min boxing class.  Pretty insane cardio/abs workouts.  I'm beat but it feels so good doing it.  Meals were good today.  I figured maybe we can all suggest a meal/healthy snack that isn't quite typical as we come up with them too.  

    What I'm doing since my protein has no carbs in it is mixing 2TBS of peanut butter an 2TBS of raw oatmeal together.  leave in the fridge for a day or so and it makes for a healthy little snack with my protein.  

  • good idea on the peanut butter and oatmeal...I will be using that. thank you for the idea :)