My body feels soooo tired

  • I am only on day 4 for BFL and my body just feels so tired.  Yesterday my body was tired and sore from the upper body workout the day before.

    I think I am going to call today my day off for working out and see if that will help me recover a little more and hope that I make it to the gym Fri, Sat, Sun.

    Has anyone else just felt wiped out?  I just don't feel like I have the energy to go do the lower body workout tonight like I should be doing.  Are there things I can do to boost some energy here?  Am  I not eating enough carbs?  Just a little scared I won't be able to do 6 days of workouts a week if I feel like this after 3 days. But maybe I am just a baby :)


  • The first week was HELL for me, I was exausted, I couldnt walk, lift my arms and wanted to give up.  But, after each work out, it gets better, and after 2 weeks, you will have more energy than you know what to do with!  Your body is going through some real changes in activity and diet, and is confused.  PLEASE stick to the plan and do the workout.  you will be proud of your accomplishment, and will have that free day to look forward to instead of having to wait till next week for one.  YOU CAN DO IT!

  • STICK WITH IT wattssaI000!

    What you are experiencing is NORMAL. As Miss Understood says, after ~2 weeks, you will be feeling much better (your body will be used to regular exercise).

    And after that, well if you are anything like me, you will be looking forward to each workout to see how far you can push yourself to make progress.

    What I do when I am very tired pre-workout is read my Reasons For Change & Goals sheet (that the books says you should read each morning and night). That will remind you why you are putting yourself through this in the first place.

    Good luck, and please keep going (make sure you are getting "enough" sleep too by the way (by "enough" I mean what is enough for you. For me it is 7-8 hours max)).

  • I have learned through the forum that protein shakes 30 minutes after working out can help with recovery time.  I am new too, day 2, but I search for answers on the forum.  Good luck, and keep at it!

  • Hi Wattssa:

    I think you may be undereating.  Make sure you are eating 5-6 meals a day, pairing equal amount of carbs & proteins.  If you are working out on an empty stomach, you may want to eat a little bit prior to working out, and yes, a protein shake following a workout is a good idea.  Make sure you are drinking your water, and getting adequate sleep.  Your body is going through a lot of changes; that's a good thing.  If you take today off, make sure you hit it hard the next three days.  I sent you a friend request.....

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Thanks everyone.  I really appreciate the advice and support.  I am doing my best, I think lol.  I did take last night as my day off and feel so much better so I am going to try to see that as a good thing.  Did my lower body today and we will see how I feel tomorrow. Then cardio and upper body coming in the next two days. Whew :)  

    I know I will have to see some results because I am doing things that I have not done before and working harder than I usually do. I am still a bit tentative because I don't want to injure myself.  But I am sure I will get stronger and increase weights and feel more comfortable soon :)

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