Alone in Great Britain?

  • Hello All

    Here I am, a South African living in The United Kingdom and today is the first day of the rest of my life! I found the BFL book by Bill Phillips in a charity shop here and I knew it was something I had to do as soon as I saw it.  The pictures on the front and back covers were the first thing to attract my attention. I have now read the book from cover to cover and have read almost the entire website...that took time! Anyway, I'm still not sure whether it's all a scam (we tend to be a bit suspicious here in England) but I've decided to do it and I will literally do it by the compromises. My husband has decided to do it with me and we are using this as part of trying to rekindle and save our marriage by doing something positive together. We have taken the before photos...hmmm eewwww, comes to mind. We are not allowed to enter the challenge as we do not live in America or it's territories which is a HUGE shame as I feel that it would have made a difference to us. So, I am asking for support from anyone else out there who may be interested in working together and talking about when we do well and when we don't. I'm quite confused about the supplements and have sent a message to Head Office requesting information. I can see that in the beginning it's a bit of trial and error around the eating. Quite difficult to get out of the '3 meals a day' thing. Aaaah well, step by step is the way. Look forward to talking to you....

  • Hi. I'm an Australian living in Manchester. I was a bit sceptical as well at first but after plenty of researching I went on Amazon and bought the BFL book, BFL DVD, the BFL Success Diary and the BFL Cooking book. Amazon had a special if you bought them all together.

    I'm now into the second week of my second challenge and it's all going well. The first challenge was going great right up until about week 6 when I injured my knee doing some lunges, however I backed off and focused on other exercises and saw it through to the end. At the end of Challenge 1 I wasn't as buff as some of the photos on this site, however I had definitely lost body fat, could vaguely see my abs, and overall felt much better. I also now get lots of comments from friends who have really noticed the change. I even had some more today which is really inspiring to keep going.

    First things first. This challenge is not easy and you must really want to do it. You will face challenges along the way that seem insurmountable, but this is Body for 'Life", not Body for "12-weeks". There are a lot of people on this forum who start but never finish, and come back over and over to start again. Don't become one of those. Get it right the first time and you will change your life forever, for both you and your partner. You appear to have the right attitude though, and doing it with your partner will provide the support you need from each other to make it through.

    Here are some pointers I have learnt that helped me make it through Challenge 1.

    1) Buy the BFL Success Diary and follow it. Plan each of your meals for the week at the start of each week. This way you will know what you need to be eating and when, making the six meals easy to achieve. It will also help with your shopping as you will know what to buy. This is really critical otherwise it is too easy to slip into old habits with eating.

    2) Before starting the challenge throw or give away all the fatty and/or unhealthy products from your cupboards and fridge. You will get cravings during the challenge. I love chocolate!! If it is there in the cupboard you will eat it, however if it involves having to drive or walk to the shop you probably won't.

    3) Shop online for your big orders. I use Sainsbury's online and it is only £3.50 for delivery, which is cheaper than driving a car. It also stops you from compulsive buying.

    4) Try and go to the gym first thing in the morning when it opens and then on your way home afterwards before work do your shop for fresh vegetables, meat etc, that you didn't buy online. Shopping after you've been to the gym is the best time because you are feeling extra healthy and are unlikely to buy rubbish.

    5) In regards to supplements I go with the recommended Myoplex and buy it online. It is  a meal supplement only to help you get to the 6 meals a day. You can get the 6 meals with natural food but I only have a small fridge, plus I'm a tad lazy, so the shakes work well. I also add fruit such as berries to it to improve the taste and help with my 5-a-day. I also take 1 tablet of Glucosamine Sulphate 1500mg per day (buy from Boots) which helps with healthy joints. Anything less than 1500mg is worthless. I also take 2 tablets of MSM 1000mg (from GNC). This also helps repair the joints by assisting in collagen production. You'll be putting a lot of strain on your joints, so this stuff is shown to help.

    6) The BFL Cooking book is also great with lots of yummy recipes that are easy to cook. Whilst many of the ingredients are only available in the USA, Sainsbury's has some pretty good alternatives.

    7) Come daily to this forum. Join one of the groups who started the challenge when you did and support each other. I'm lucky to have a really wonderful group. They are all based in the USA with me the only foreigner. I couldn't have made it through without them.

    8) I have noticed on this forum that women often say their weight fluctuates throughout the challenge. Remember, muscle is more dense and as such is heavier than fat. As you work-out you will be putting on muscle first and your weight will probably stay the same or go up slightly, although you will be losing fat, however as the weeks progress you will steadily lose the body fat, your weight will go down, revealing a toned physique underneath. This won't happen until around weeks 8-10, so mentally prepare for that time delay and don't get to upset if you are the same weight at Week 5. Have a body fat measurement at the gym every 2-4 weeks and hide your scales until after the challenge.

    Good luck with everything. Any questions I am happy to help.

    - Tim

  • Hi Tim....thank you so have just made my day!!!!!   I just finished the 20 mins aerobics today....OMG...i was half dead at the end of it!  I'm not hugely overweight or anything but i just want to muscle up, like you.  Also have not liked what i've seen in the mirror for a while.  I can't wait to show the after pics....cos the before one's are not pleasant (in my opinion).....

    I will take your advice about the tablets and do the same as, let's face it, we're not getting any younger, but will get stronger and fitter.

    i'm not too worried about weight fluctuation (thanks for that anyhow) as my business is in weight management and I have been helping people lose weight (very successfully) for the last 10 years. What is new to me is this whole area of muscling up - and that's exactly what I want for myself!

    Since the 21 Aug 2010 I have brought my internal fat down from 34.3% to 28.7% as of 27 July this year. I have a machine that measures this and hopefully will get it down more. You know when they say that so and so lost 30 pounds of fat and gained so many pounds of muscle?  How do you measure that/work that out?

    Also, the other thing i'm confused about is whether to eat within the half hour of exercising or not? I see some people say that they do and in the book it says not to for fat burn etc...yet on the BFL website it also says to eat almost straight after. I have found (in the past) that if I don't have something to eat then I can end up with the most horrendous migraine all day.  What to do? Or am I reading/understanding it incorrectly? Yet, after exercising I really don't feel hungry at all. First thing in the morning is great cos I'm with Fitness First and they open at 6.30. Who are you with?

    Good idea about Sains online, i will take that on too!....thanks

    I went into Holland & Barrett yesterday and bought a supplement called Typhoon cos it said it was more of an all round supplement.  £45.....jeeeez...anyway, Is the Myoplex just a whey supplement? I'd rather do things absolutely 'by the book' cos I want this to work so badly but I just had to get 'something' to get me started.

    Did you write down all your goals and the reasons why you made the decision to change etc?  I'm in the process of doing that now.  My husband has to take this on himself too so that he is successful but we will do the exercising together but have different schedules around business etc...

    How do you feel now,having started your second challenge?  Do you think that it will make a huge difference doing it a second time? I agree with you about BFL and not for 12 weeks...thanks for that...i'm gona make that my mantra! Thank you for listening and a couple of other things....1. I hope you don't mind me staying in contact with you and 2. How do I join a group?

    Take care and talk soon.....Bree

  • Hi Bree

    Glad to have helped.

    In regards to your questions:

    1) My gym didn't have a working fat percentage machine. Some do, but if not the instructors can do it manually, measuring different parts of your body and doing the fat caliper test. My gym didn't do any of that so I just went with a visual feeling of how I looked in the mirror, plus taking photos for myself every 4 weeks.

    2) My gym is the Manchester Aquatic Centre. It naturally has a pool but also a small gym upstairs. Quite a good place and the membership was only £99 for 6 months. We recently had the Australian Olympic Swimming team there before they headed down to London. Hopefully that wasn't the reason they performed below their usual best. :)

    3) In regards to eating I also had to ask that question on the forum because I was a bit confused. First thing in the morning before my work-out after I wake-up I have the EAS Phos Force, which is a caffeine and creatine supplement. I then race to the gym to start my work-out within 30min of having it. Again these are scientifically shown to benefit work-outs and was recently mentioned on that BBC Horizon documentary. Maximuscle I think also has a similar one. After your Lower Body and Upper Body work-outs I have a Myoplex straight up within the first 30min of finishing. This provides your muscles with the protein it needs for maximum benefit from your workout. After the aerobic side wait 1 hour before eating anything. You can and should have water though. Your tummy may rumble a bit, but during this hour your body is burning fat as there is literally no food in your system to burn.

    4) Myoplex isn't just a whey supplement. It's a full meal supplement. Normal whey supplements just contain protein at around 25g. Buy a small can of tuna and you will get the same amount of protein. The BBC Horizon Documentary showed virtually all of them to be a waste of money. Myoplex though contains just the right amount of protein and carbohydrates plus lots of vitamins that you would normally get from a balanced meal. There is 42g of protein in it as well, so a lot more than just a whey supplement gives. It works out at about £1.80 per shake, which is pretty good considering the price of food today if I was to buy 6 full natural amounts of food instead.

    6) I wrote down all of my goals at the start. I am also not obese or overly overweight. I just had a lot of internal fat with a pot belly, and no muscle definition. I was always really embarrassed taking my top off in public like at the beach, and this had a major effect on my self-confidence. It's important to be truthful with yourself about why you are doing it and what you want out of it at the end. Think about how you will see yourself at the beach or going out in public and remind yourself of that each time you wake-up to go to the gym. It really helps on the days when it is cold and crappy outside. I'm up and raring to go at 6am every morning now.

    7) In regards to being the second challenge, I plan to keep this going for life, and I find setting 12-week blocks is a great way to work through it. There is a potential if I didn't have a time frame to work to it would be easier to slip off the track. I'm really inspired again, and going back to the start of my Success Diary I can see exactly at what level I was at in Challenge 1.

    8)  In regards to joining a group, my group is the "Anybody Starting Today 5-7-2012". Americans and their backwards dates!! To me it is 7th May. You are more than welcome to join us and that way it is easier to stay connected. It really doesn't matter which group you join. I'm not sure if this link will work:

    Read through some of the previous posts to see who everybody is and where we are at. You'll see we have all had some challenges along the way.

    I hope this has provided some help for you.


  • Hi Bree!

    No you are not alone, I am also in UK. I have just started my BFL journey too (I am in Week 3 now).

    Tim has done a GREAT job answering your questions, very helpful info.

    I would really encourage you to set your goals, and as Tim said, identify your reasons why you want to bother going through all this in the first place. It is one of the most important parts (see my profile for mine; this will give you an idea maybe).

    The piece of paper that you write these things on is something you must read everyday (at times, if it gets hard or you are too tired, you might wonder why you are putting yourself through all this. When this happens, you pull your piece of paper out and you are instantly reminded. Mine is stuck to my bedroom wall so I can read it every day and night :-) ).

    As I said, I am new to this myself, and some things will not be perfect at the start, but you will learn, and so do things better, as the weeks progress. The important things are to (1) have a go and (2) don't ever stop having a go! ;-)

    One difference from Tim is that I am NOT using Myoplex (other than that I am following the book to the letter).

    As Tim says, Myoplex costs ~£1.80p per portion, this is the reason I am not using it unfortunately!

    I am using Whey Protein (this is just protein (like a chicken breast in powdered form if you like), there is no Carbohydrate part included in it). Hence Whey on its own is not a complete meal (like Myoplex is), so I eat a banana or an apple or some cereal with it (i.e. a carbohydrate portion as per the book) to make a complete meal.

    The advantage of Whey for me is that it is cheaper - a serving for me is £0.51p (bought in a £75 bag off the internet, it will last for ~ 2 months). Whey works for me, and is used by my cousin who has a physique approaching that of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime! So it does function as a good source of protein that is quick to prepare and drink (especially if combining with fruit to make a meal).

    If required also, you can add 1 or 2 extra scoops of whey per meal to match the 42g protein content of a Myoplex shake, or even exceed it if you wish!

    Whey has been used by past Body For Life Champions too (if you get chance to read their success stories, you will see that different people take quite a few different "paths" on their Body For Life journeys, but still achieve fantastic results at the end). There appears to be more than one way to skin a cat!

    To find your "Lean Body Mass" follow this link:

    Regarding eating before a workout, this depends what workout you are doing:

    (1) If it is 20 mins Cardio, go first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and wait until 1 hour afterwards before eating. You can (and should) drink water though before the cardio and during the 1 hour waiting time (you will be thirsty! :-) Sure you have found out already haha!)

    If you can't do first thing in the morning, do your cardio in the evening, but 3 hours AFTER your previous meal (that way, your body will have processed all of the food in your stomach).

    (2) If you are doing a weights workout, AND IF you primary goal is to lose body fat (i.e you are VERY fat), you should also do your weights on an empty stomach as per instructions in (1) above. From your post, I DON'T think this is you.

    (3) If you are NOT VERY fat (this is me), what I do is start my weights ONE HOUR after eating my previous meal. That way, I do not get hungry during my workout, and after I have finished working out, roughly 2 hours has elapsed from my previous meal, so it is time to eat again! As Tim does, I eat as soon as I can after my weights because I'm usually getting hungry.

    From your post, I think you are talking about option (3) for weights. So if you are going to the gym early in the morning for weights, I would eat your breakfast before going.

    Good look with your journey!

  • Oh how nice to hear that there is someone else here too....I am going to print off what both of you have said so i can make notes etc....I have to say that it is nice to know that there are others in the country you live in doing the same thing.

    Sorry about my reply being short for now but I'm hooked on the Olympics right now and i want Campbell to win the boxing go baby go!!!!!!!!

    Talk later Aurora82 and Tim.......;)


  • Oh Aurora82.....well done on your goals...I like the way you are so totally specific!!...watching later

  • Hi there,

    I have created a support group on Facebook called Body for Lifers!

    I have just started the Body For Life program (8/15/12) and know I need an easily accessible support group. I would really like to have a forum where questions can be answered, encouragement given, progress celebrated and ideas generated. I know that over the next 12 weeks it will be easy to get stuck in a rut either with eating or training and having a group of fellow Body for Lifers will be invaluable!

    Come join us!


  • Hi Laura.....please will you cut and paste the ref number or ad me as a friend on your fB....also before i give you that i hope you don't mind me asking if it's a secret group as i don't really want all my friends all over the world reading about my journey...i just feel it's '''our stuff'''

    thanks for asking me  


  • Hi Bree,

    I am in Birmingham, UK. It is a scam financed by vegetable growers to get us to eat right lol. On a serious note, the program works great if you are able to make a lifetime commitment. So try to enjoy the program while you are on it and don't think of it as a 84 day commitment. Too many of us undo their results by falling off the wagon once the 84 days are over. I am one of them. Coming back again after dropping three dress sizes last year.

    You can't enter the challenge but you can be one of the success stories featured on their website and books. The great prizes are not there any more, only EAS protein 5k worth of supply, or something like that.

    I found the BFL book in a charity shop, too. In the cooking section :o)

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • OH WOW WOW...I'm not far from nice to talk more...are you on Face Book?  How funny, I also found my book in the cooking section!!!....I have found a system here in the UK that will pay £6000 if you get a BFL only thing is it's not BFL but I can tell you more if you are interested. I'm going to call them tomorrow after the bank I shall let you know what it's nice that there is someone else you, me and Tim so far....what's your name?


  • Hi Bree, Yes, I am on Facebook. My name is Ruby Zidan. I'm interested. :o)

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Hi Ruby,,,,,I can't find you on FB,.,,well, there are a few of you and I don't know which one as the names do not say ''from Bham'' etc,,,,,you might have to look for me, easier to find

    Bridgit Bergstrom Richardson....look forward to talking, otherwise-join the group above, i've been on it for a while and they are brilliant!!! soon