What about stretching?

  • I'm not very flexible and would like to improve that with this program, but there is no mention about stretching.  Any ideas on if, when and how to stretch during this program? Thanks, John

  • John, stretching is always good.  I usually use runners type stretches before all of my lower body workouts because I have issues with my hip flexors.  I find myself stretching throughout the day, especially the days following weight training.  Foam rollers are a good option as well.

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  • John - I know what you mean.  When I was a kid in karate class, I would always make fun of the adults who couldn't touch their heads to their knees.   ----hehe--  Now I am that adult.

    I would suggest to do what my piano teacher taught me long time ago.  Don't practice stretching for long periods (although you can, it can't hurt) but what my piano teacher taught me was to incorporate it in your day.  2 minutes here five minutes there.

    This way it doesn't seem cumbersome and takes no time at all.   For me I'll stretch maybe 30 seconds one leg and then the other while in the shower.

    When I'm cooking or preparing my meals, a quick 15-20 second stretch per leg as I'm waiting for the microwave to finish up.

    Also pre-aerobic work out, I'll do a nice easy 20 minute full stretch.  This mainly to test everything out and make sure I didn't pull anything or cramp up after a long night's rest.  Then after my intense work out (depending how much time I have before I have to start my day) anywhere from 5-20 minutes afterwards.  I have to take off my shoes anyways and this gives me a great opportunity to get a leg stretch in.

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  • Yes, yes, yes, stretch!  I do it after my upper body and lower body workouts as I was taught by a trainer I had once.  Do a YouTube search for "stretching, lower body" and "stretching, upper body," you'll see examples on how to do them there.

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