challenge in Canada

  • Hi

    does anyone know if there is a Body-for-Life challenge going on in Canada ?

  • Hi,


    There isn't but go ahead and do the challenge anyway for your self it's worth it. you will look and feel amazing. I have been doing them since Jan 2011 off and on. So go for it and comitt. If you need support let me know and I will help you anyway I can. The real challenge is you getting healthy.

    Hope this helps.


  • Hi there,

    I have created a support group on Facebook called Body for Lifers!

    I have just started the Body For Life program (8/15/12) and know I need an easily accessible support group. I would really like to have a forum where questions can be answered, encouragement given, progress celebrated and ideas generated. I know that over the next 12 weeks it will be easy to get stuck in a rut either with eating or training and having a group of fellow Body for Lifers will be invaluable!

    Come join us!


  • This is great. I am starting sept. 1. I have been doing all the recipes  been great so far gonna check u out on face book.