Starting Week 4 and need some words...

  • Well, I successfully started Week 4 today but not feeling too positive right now.  I started seeing results last week which is keeping me in the loop, but by a thread.  I have not missed a workout as of yet BUT I screwed up big time on my meals this weekend.  My sister came into town and what I designated as my cheat day, turned into 3 days (Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday) all of which included beer.  Ugh.  I am feeling cruddy and bloated and way disappointed in myself.  I got up this morning and was a few pounds up but still did my cardio and a good breakfast.  I guess I just need some positive words from people who have fallen off the wagon.  Thanks to all responses in advance....

  • Listen, we all make mistakes.  The worst thing you can do is give up!  You started this challenge for a reason, and remember what that is.  I am at week 6, and I was at a low point at 4 weeks too.  I worked through it, and I sure am glad I did as the results are starting to really show.  I have not been perfect either, but the results are still coming. So chin up, friend!  Today is a new day!

  • I'm on week 4 now too and like you slipped this weekend.  Went out of town with my dad and my boy.  Wasn't to crazy but had ice cream and hot dogs on the day before my free day.and had beer and some whisky and coke.  The one thing that happened though that really motivated me this weekend was we went to the beach.  My boy (7 years old) had a great time with his grandpa in the water but for me it was intimidating because  i was uncomfortable going in the water in public with only swimming trunks on.

    Screw that, I'm going try even harder now and when I succeed I will take my boys swimming all the time.

  • Kcaldaro,

    Firstly, give yourself a break, seriously, relax.  

    Second, I believe Jillian Michaels said it best.  "When you get a flat tire on your car you don't jump out and slash the other three...."  But, even more specific, she did say exactly:

    “Part of abandoning the all-or-nothing mentality is allowing yourself room for setbacks. We are bound to have lapses on the road to health and wellness, but it is critical that we learn how to handle small failures positively so that we can minimize their long-term destructive effects. One setback is one setback—it is not the end of the world, nor is it the end of your journey toward a better you.”

    Learn from your hiccup, don't allow it to be the beginning to destructive behaviors, accept the mistake but ABSOLUTELY DO NOT start self sabotaging.  

    Semper Fi,


  • Absolutely this is what I needed to hear.  I bounced back quickly, ate clean yesterday and felt the detox of the crap I ate.  Woke up this morning and kicked some tail on my lower body workout.  Thanks to you 3 who gave me the swift kick back to the other side.  These replies are classic examples of amazing support.  

  • That is a ton of great advice!  We all will have moments that we wish we handled differently.  That is part of this learning process.

    I have created a Facebook group called “Body for Lifers!”  The link is…

    I just started the Body For Life program (8/15/12) and know I would enjoy having an easily accessible support group. I would like to have a forum where questions can be answered, encouragement given, progress celebrated and ideas generated.

    Please come join us!


  • Just wanted to say I am starting week 4 this week too - and have def. had some bad days - BUT - it's the pattern that counts... and I love the quote above about the tires.... forgive yourself...don't guilt yourself "off the hook". :)

  • Glad I wasn't the only one this weekend that screwed up.  All of these responses have inspired me to stay with it.  To be honest, I'm really enjoying the variety of foods, and making the effort to really plan my meals.  I can't say that I screwed up too badly, but being in the habit of doing right all week, I guess I was feeling pretty guilty.  Glad to know there's others like me out there!