Anyone starting around August 6th and want to support each other?

  • Kerilove - that is my cardio goal - to be able to run 3 miles without having to walk.  I did 2.5 miles on Saturday, but I walked 3 times. Congrats to you!

  • Keep up the great work everyone. It looks like people are putting themselves where we need to be for the final push. I like seeing all the things everyone is able to do now vs 7 weeks ago. Keep up the good work. I am staying somewhat steady. The last 3 weeks have been very hard for me to stay focused but have managed to do so. I have a lot going on. Today should be the last of my 14 hour work days. I have been getting up and out the door by 6 am to work out and not getting home for the day until 10 pm since labor day. I have managed to lose a couple more pounds of scale weight and am feeling stronger so it is working. Keep it up all!!!!!!!!!

  • Helllllooooooo lovely are we all? Just realised that it's been AGES since I was on here...been having a little crazy tete a tete with myself since we last spoke,,,,shew, this day 42ish place that I'm in is interesting! It's lovely reading all your posts and what you're all up to.  Where are these photos then Vince? I can't see any, or am I just that computer illiterate? Believe me, my sons would believe that to be the case...lolol. I've decided that I'm going to send myself backwards in time by one week. I read what you wrote Vince about taking responsability and totally agree, but I think I'm gona do a Star Trek thing and say that I've been in a time warp so I need to get out of it and fast....

    Do you know - I had a huge party this last weekend and sooo many people (3 to be exact) said....Oh you are looking so thin in the face yadda know what (and please excuse the French but) I just wanted to tell them all to feck off cos i really felt as if I was being attacked.  OMG what are you doing to get yourself looking so gaunt - but then when you try to explain, they can't be bothered to listen!!!! Anyway, winge and moan is now over! Sorry.....

    Apart from that, I love the prog....A LOT....guess what else guys! On the FB group I saw a girl who's on there lives down the road from where I live - can you believe that???? Anyway, I met up with her and she's great. Nice for both of us cos we thought we were the only ones in the UK. We've done one work out together - great fun and even better, we get on like a house on fire!

    We were saying how it would be so nice to all get together and have a big old chin wag.....

    So, I really hope you all have a wonderful week and I'll talk to you soonest

  • Thanks Brenda4life.  That before picture on 10/31/2011 really put a fire in me.  I look at it now whenever I need to restart that fire.  

    AA, not sure how Brenda4life accessed the pictures.  I just posted them on my profile.  

    Hope everyone is doing well.  I really like this group.  Its the best group I've been a part of since hooking up with the BFL forum.  Lets hear from everyone real soon.  

  • So I am back.  I went to visit my family (parents, etc) for 5 days - That was 5 days of not being in control.  There were high and lows when it came to nutrition, but I did manage to work all days except the ones I was flying.  Today I was back in the gym, went grocery shopping and cooked several nutritious meals for us.  I feel good being home and being able to get back where I was.  The day I left I weighed in before leaving and I had lost 2.2 lb.  That was incredible as up until then I had never lost more than 1 lb in a week.  I think I was at the turning point, where my body was ready to let the stores of fat go.  I will weigh in this Sunday, crossing fingers that I did not cause too much damage.  I realize that things will always come up and we have to deal with it and move on, but dagnabbit I really was at that turning point.

  • I hear ya Brenda4life.  I was down a couple of pounds and really felt that if I stayed steady and on the path I would reach a new low.  A cold and some foot pain kept me out of the gym.  At the same time, I allowed my portions to get out of control.  Damn.  I'm reengaging tomorrow.  I've put together my workout plans and my meal plans targeting two pounds a week.  Its a long, long journey.  I will be at this for 12 months on Oct. 31st.  That is when I started by first BFL program.  My life has been transformed, but I'm still not where I want to be.  However, I'm much closer to my end goal.  Just have to restart after slip ups.

  • Hi Brenda4life and Vincent91!  These diversions from the program are normal parts of life.  If we want to do this for the rest of our lives, we have to be prepared for times when we are not completely in control.  The big news is that you are both back at the program.  I don't know about you, but before BFL, a slip-up would have meant a downward spiral and losing all I had gained ... or rather, gaining all I had lost!  I am astounded daily at how well BFL is working for me ... and for both of you!

    Enjoy being back in control tomorrow!


  • Hi all, I've also had a few weird days! My hubby has been ill and now I don't feel a million dollars, so the last few days have slipped. I agree with Mary, if we are going to be on this for the rest of our lives, which is exactly what it is then these slip ups are neither here nor, soldier on. Also have all my exercise plans and eating sorted for Tues onwards and here's to all of us and our strength to continue on!!!

    Bree ;)

  • Great words of wisdom from everyone.  I am on this road for the long haul.  And like  Dancing Queen said, my most amazing feat is that I can go off plan for a day (or 2) and not just quit all together which is what I would have done in the past.  I feel great.  I have a lot of weak moments, but I have been consistent with my workouts and better than I have ever been about my eating habits.  3 weeks to go - and I am already proud I have lasted this long!

  • Really buckled down this last week.  I made a plan and followed it pretty closely.  I'm trying to "manage by the numbers".  I'm counting calories and calculating calories burned by the exercises I'm doing.  Math is math.  Putting the numbers together to try and lose 2 pounds per week.  Today was day 6.  Haven't been perfect and have to adjust my calorie intake tomorrow, but if I take in 2,000 calories and do resistance training tomorrow for an hour, I should have an overall weight lose on Monday morning of 2 pounds.  I'll let you all know how it goes.

  • I seem to be sticking with the 1 pound a week, I can live with that.  I am starting to feel tired of all the planning, but I will continue.  These last 2 weeks I am going to be hardcore.  We are almost done with our challenge! Yay us!

  • Weighed myself this morning.  I was 250 last Monday morning.  This morning I was 245 lbs.  Yeah!  Success.  Its a pain in the rear planning and recording calories but it really worked this last week.  I'm going to give it another go and see what happens this week.

  • Nice job, Vincent.  This past week I lost nothing.  So I went ahead and did my measurements.  I have lost about 7 inches (hips, waist, chest, arms, thighs, and neck)  I plan to take about a week off then start another challenge on November 12.

  • WOW Vincent I just realized the number you posted, 5 lb in one week.  You are killing it!

  • Yeah, and 247 this last Sunday.  (Heavy Sigh)....