Anyone starting around August 6th and want to support each other?

  • :-) I just jogged 3 miles in 45 minutes, I could not of done that 3 months ago..... I am WOMAN hear me ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR..... feeling strong

  • AfricanAvatar, please take measurements. It's so strange, but I can never see how much I have lost looking at a picture. Now, if I can see the measurements on paper, then I count my progress. Don't give up and keep fighting, you have a warriors name, you are strong and victorious. You have dreamed and now you will achieve.

  • Kerilove and Dancing Queen...thank you....if you were in the room with me now, be certain that I would kiss you!!!...I basically had a couple of crap days. You know, it'd weird but when I have a crap day with exercise, I don't feel as bad as when I have a crap day with eating!!!!...anyway, thank you both very much. Can you tell me please. Are either of you on the Body For Lifers Face Book group?

  • Kerilove - tomorrow I am going to try to run a 5K and see if I can.  I feel strong so we will see.  Keep it going AA, you are making progress just by the changes - some changes take longer to see - be patient.

  • Awww.  That's so sweet African Avatar!  And I'll hold you to that if you are ever in my part of the world!  I am not on the Facebook group.  I figured the Forum was already keeping me hopping.  Don't need another one.  But if you send me your email address, I'll email with you.  It would be fun to support one another, and get to know someone in another country!

    So glad Kerilove and I talked you in off the ledge!  (Are you familiar with that phrase?  Even people who speak English aren't always familar with expressions like that)  You can do this.  And I can be more dedicated to the exercise.  The eating part is a breeze for me!  WE CAN DO THIS, A.A.!

  • AfricanAvatar, I've had the same experience.   I've taken several after photos along the way and I alway get disappointed.  I think it is because I'm waiting to see myself as one of the after pictures in the BFL book.  However, after several months, you definately will see a difference.  After being at this since Oct. 31 of 2011, I still get pissed off that I look like a "before" picture.  However, I think that is a testament to how out of shape I actually was when I started.  I have no doubt that if I keep on my path that I will reach my result.  

  • I'm hearing you Kerilove!!  I'm hearing you.....

  • I had a crap day last weekend.  I mean really bad.  Ate everything bad.  It is important that you know everyone has these types of days.  Bill Phillips says if you are going to fail, then "fail fast".  Meaning, accept responsibility, forgive yourself and get right back on the program.  After that next exercise session you'll feel like you are back on the program.  

  • Kerilove, AfricanAvatar, Benda4life, Dancing Queen....I'm with ya all.  Lets do it!!  Lets us transform our lives, not just lose weight.

    I'd like to share a motivational tool that I use.  Every now and then I get these flashes of incite that go through my mind, and I'll write them down.  I call them "Power Statements" and I'll post them in my home.  I have a great place in my room were I sit to put my socks and shoes on in the morning, and I'll post them there where I can read them.  Here is one:

    "I’ve already achieved my goal because of the path that I am on.  If I continue doing what I am doing and staying committed to my plan, I will definitely meet my objectives.  In essence, I have the body I want; I just have to let time go by in order for it to show up.  Just like the decision to eat junk food and drink alcohol assured that I would get fat, my decision to eat nutritiously and workout assures that I will achieve the body that goes with that sort of behavior.  I have the body I want, I just have to keep on the path and let time go by"

    To me it means that if I keep doing what I am doing, eattting healthy and exercising, then there is only one forgone conclusion of where I will end up.  So its not a matter of "if" I will have that "after picture" body, but when.  I've already achieved that "after picture" body, because I'm dong those things that produce that body.  I just have to keep doing those things long enough.  Make sense?  I hope this helps.

  • Absolutely agree, Vincent91.  I needed to read all you wrote.  I had a crap weekend - bar with friends, and husband wanting junkfood this weekend.  But I woke up this morning and told myself that this is the start of a new week and I will stay the course.  I have already made the changes - I just have to continue following the plan to have the life I want.

  • Holy Smokes, Vincent! I just seen your photos - you have done fantastic.  I hope to have similar experiences.

  • I'm guessing a lot of us look at ourselves after meeting the Challenge for however long we've been working at it, and don't see what we would lie to see.  But isn't it interesting how others can!  Vincent91, you wrote that you are disappointed with photos after working so hard at the program.  Then along comes Brenda4life with a staetment that should have you flying on confidence:  "Holy Smokes, Vincent! I just seen your photos - you have done fantastic.  I hope to have similar experiences."  Can't do much better than "holy smokes" at changing your body!!!  So sorry you had such a rough day/weekend, AfricanAvatar, Vincent91 and Brenda4life.  We should use the energy from the love and support of others on the Forum, plus the successes we have already seen along the way to keep us on track and happy with changes that have already occurred.  When more changes happen, we can use those to motivate us further.

    We can DO IIIIIT!!!

    Okay, funny story that actually serves as motivation.  Yesterday was my free day.  For dinner I had a personal size pizza and 2 glasses of wine.  I was definitely enjoying both, and haven't had much wine at all since starting the Challenge.  Eventually the wine put me to sleep in my recliner, for about 12 hours! ... with my clothes still on and my dinner plate in my lap!  I was really blissfully asleep, which was nice because I don't get enough sleep.  At the end of the night, I had what felt like a very long, elaborate, awesome, fairytale-like dream, like none I have ever dreamed before!  Okay, good so far, right?  But 2 glasses of wine would not have had that dramatic an effect 8 weeks ago when I started BFL.  Now that I have lost 24 pounds, I have to be careful how much I drink or I could poison myself!  That's a positive in a twisted kinda way!


  • Love your story.  I can relate - we went out with another couple Friday night.  I went straight from work, tired and thirsty.  I downed my first beer and was tipsy immediately.  I warned my husband to watch out for me so I don't stupid drunk!

  • But "stupid drunk" is so entertaining for everyone else to watch!  (jk)  Funny story, Brenda4life!

    Kerilove, I totally neglected to mention your fantastic story:

    "I just jogged 3 miles in 45 minutes, I could not of done that 3 months ago."

    That's FABULOUS - CONGRATULATIONS!  It's no wonder you are roaring!

  • Life is great. 7 weeks with 6 lb lost.  The Non Scale Victory is when I woke up and went to the bathroom I glanced at myself in the mirror and noticed my tummy is smaller!  I have a long way to go, but dayum that felt good!