Anyone starting around August 6th and want to support each other?

  • 4 weeks 4 pounds.  I am happy because I know along with that loss I am building muscle.

  • Way to go everyone.  Here we are starting week 5.  Everyone still focused?  We can do it!  Sound off everyone, and give an update.  I lost a couple of pounds last week.  I'm starting to document my eatting on  How is everyone else doing?

  • Hey Vincent91 you can friend me on if you wish.  I have the same name.  It is a great tool for me.  I am really seeing what I eat.  I even record my free days.  It helps me understand so much more about nutrition then I ever thought.  I am a BFLifer for sure.

  • Hey thanks Brenda.  yea, I've found that logging my meals really opens up my eyes to how much I've been eatting.  My personal trainer asked me to do it so he could gauge my eatting.  I was complaining to him that I didn't feel like I was losing weight fast enough.  After a couple of days of logging my food, I think I know why.  I've just been eatting too much to lose weight fast.  

  • Still chugging along. My days are getting busier but I am staying focused. I lost a couple more pounds of scale weight. I believe I am down 14 total. I really believe I am going to see a "significant transformation" at the 12 week mark. Last night was the first time I was frustrated preparing food for the next couple of days. I think it was just a long day really and I was just tired and cranky. Not far from the halfway point now. Focusing one day at a time. Keep it up all!!!1

  • That is fantastic Scott - you are really on it!

  • Love to hear when people are "moving the needle".  Keep it up Scott.

    Theres a lot of you out there who haven't commented in a while.  How is everyone doing?  

  • Hey everyone, I have been working hard and today I completed my 12 week challenge. I have lost 24 pounds, 

    Starting Weight 252.8 As of today 229.8

    Starting measurements are from July 26th, which I started my challenge June 26th.

        Wed July 26th                                                    Sunday September 16th

    Right upper thigh: 28                        Right upper thigh:26 1/2     2 1/2 inches loss

    Left upper thigh: 30-                          Left  upper thigh: 26 1/2      3 1/2 inches loss

    Right Cafe: 17 1/2-                            Right Calf: 16                         1 1/2 inches loss

    Left Cafe: 18 1/2-                               Left Calf: 16                            2 1/2 inches loss

    Chest: 46 1/2-                                    Chest: 42                                3 1/2 inches loss

    Waist: 42                                             Waist: 38                                4 inches loss

    Stomach: 53-                                      Stomach: 50                          3 iniches loss

    Hips: 52 1/2-                                       Hips: 44                                  6 1/2 inches loss

    Right Arm: 17                                      Right Arm: 14                        3 inches loss

    Left Arm: 17                                         Left Arm 14                            3 inches loss

    I'm going to start my BFL2C tomorrow. I have never felt so good in my life!!! Praying for each of you... Strong is the new skinny

  • FANTASTIC KERILOVE!!!  Congratulations!  Keep it up.

  • That is incredible Kerilove!  Strong is the new skinny - I am adopting that motto.

  • Not much scale loss this week but still staying strong. Things are going well.

  • We are still here, Scott.  That alone is a huge success!

  • Well done Kerilove....keep going at it!!! I took half way photos today and am upset that I do not look much different. Have working my backside off too!!!! Feel quite deflated and upset that with feeling so good there is not much of a visible change at all. I really could cry but that won't help either, so I suppose it's just a question of keeping going and maybe there will be more of a noticeable change at the end...boooo hoooooo.....anyway, hope everyone else out there is doing well?

  • Sorry you are disappointed, AfricanAvatar.  Maybe let someone else look at the photos and see if they see a difference.  We aren't always objective about ourselves.

    Keep up the great work, and the new body will eventually emerge!

  • Sorry, I haven't been the best forum person on my 2nd challenge and I see a few are getting disappointed about weight loss.  FYI, we are all different.....I didn't see much change in my pictures - body wise, but I saw it in my face...........I liked what I felt like - stronger & healthier.  I didn't rock out my bikini which I really wanted too, but I was comfortable.  I lost 14lbs of fat over my 1st challenge and about half way I realized that I had a little way to go and it may take a challenge or two.  On my 2nd challenge - my body is getting leaner and even stronger daily- I can see it!  My big jeans are again BIG!  So, depending where you are starting at on BF% - scale will not tell you much.  It is a great program...eventually you will see a new you - its in there!  

    My motto....Nothing changes until something changes!