Anyone starting around August 6th and want to support each other?

  • Ms Snarky just google "foam roller" and many sites will come up.  Fitness stores have them too.

    Welcome Mitch & Silver

  • I totally feel ya Mitch on the sugar addiction, once it's in my head it really is all I can think about.  I've made it four days which is quite a feat for me but can't wait until free day.

    Day 3 & 4 done, my upper body is still sore as well, I am going to try and push through it tomorrow morning. I am still loving the workouts in the morning, it's very freeing not to spend a majority of my day thinking about my upcoming afternoon work out.  

    I found a gym in my area that has scheduled a mobile pool to measure body fat on Monday so that is going to be my week one reward.

    Keep up the great work everyone!!

  • Just finished making lunch and dinner for next 2 days as well as breakfast for tomorrow. For me now I will stick to the diet. I have been able to eat clean all week.

  • LOL! Love your description of using the foam tube, diverdog!

  • Great StlScott - KEEP IT UP!

  • That darn scale called me to it today, why must it control me? I must not let it make or break my day; I'm going to have my husband hide the evil thing. Asking for prayers today... Thank you in advance.

  • I hope everyone is doing well! I haven't been great about the working out part yet (bought a weight set on craigslist and it took a few days to get set up . . . and my bicycle hurt my butt bone so much I dread getting on it today!) I have however made every effort to be more active during the day instead of sitting on my butt watching TV.

    However, I have done AMAZINGLY well on the food. This is my biggest area of concern because I am a compulsive overeater. Writing it all down has helped me moderate it a lot! I've found I like the ready-to-go shakes pretty well and I've used them as meals for convenience. I get bored eating the same food over and over and couldn't begin to imagine having to make six varied meals everyday! I'm lucky that my husband and friend are both doing this with me (though not as strictly).

    PS - I took my before pictures on Monday and it was a HUGE reality slap in my face! Just the thought of making myself look at them again has kept me on the straight and narrow so far. If you haven't done it yet, do it soon! It is painful but very eye-opening.

  • MitchV,  yea its hard not to graze.  You have to find substituates that taste good.  I like real fruit popcycles from Welshs.  I'm usually really good with my workouts, but if I'm not losing fat it is because of my nutrition.  You have to keep that under control to make progress.  The trainer is a great move.  I just started using one a few month ago and I love it.  New programs every time and great workouts.

    Wow, I didn't log in for two days and there was so much activity.  Excellent.  

  • I had to swap day 5 and 6 workout because my arms are too sore. I will be able to work them tomorrow though. I did HIIT Cardio for the first time and now I understand why you only need 20 minutes (plus warm up/cool down). I wondered by the scale and am down 4 pounds was pretty excited about that. I am going to stay away until next Saturday (day off to prevent over eating). Keep it up everyone!!!! Couple of days and week one is behind.

  • Day 2 is almost done (started 8/8/12) and I feel good.  This may sound strange but I never feel full, and seldom hungry.  I am so used to getting really hungry and stuffing myself until I feel full that this is a new experience for me.  I am excited and plan to follow through.  I way 197 and my first goal is 165, and my final goal is 145.  Good luck all.

  • LoL Keri I did have my husband hide the scale from me.  Now I try to find it, and he laughs.  I am trying to wait a month to weigh - that number stresses me.

  • Did my first lower body work out today with my trainer and I have severe Jello legs, I don't even think I will be able to get out of bed tomorrow.  I hit my 10 big time, and my cardio yesterday was the same thing, my calves were burning like it's nobody's business, but it sure felt great when I was done!  Food is going ok this week so far, still cheating in the tiniest ways, today I had some cupcake goldfish...I can't seem to make it a whole day without a tiny indulgence, but I am determined to do it soon.  My Free day is going to be Saturday cause I'm going to be running around all day, and going to the movie at night, but still working out on Sat & resting Sunday, but eating clean.  Almost 1 week down everyone... Wooo Hooo & congrats to all cause it's tough for sure!

  • Mitch, a couple of fine points. I you cheat all week there is no free day! LOL Get that crap out of the house. I'm not sure if BFL says that free day should be a day of rest but for a free or "cheat" day to work properly it should be a day of rest and then a hard workout the next day for maximum fat burning. So HIT or a leg day.  you want to work the big muscles in your body.

  • Hey everyone! Just wanted to see if anyone is interested in joining a FANTASTIC support group on FB. We have about 20 members that are either on Round one or two of the challenge, with most on an Aug 6th start date. It has been an integral part of our success and because of the ease of posting pictures and insight to peoples lives, a very personal and motivating tool. It is a secure, secret group, so only members can view it. Just thought I would offer. If interested, email me  a link of your FB homepage so I can become friends with you and add you to the group. Email:

    ~Best of luck


  • I had my workout today and I feel great.  Day 3 for me is starting on an upswing.  I have been on vacation and returning to work will be a challenge - my coworkers will have crap food all around me.  I have all my good stuff planned and packed.  I am strong and I can do this.