Anyone starting around August 6th and want to support each other?

  • Hi Siri!  Welcome to BFL!  Sounds like you have great goals.

    As far as the knees, don't take chances.  Once you have problems with them, they are typically there for life.  Have them checked out by a doc and/or physical therapist please.  They may tell you to postpone the marathon.  I know they can be expensive, depending upon your health insurance situation, but well worth saving the knees.

    Best wishes and the best of luck with BFL.  Can't wait to hear when you fit into that little white dress!


  • Made it out to the gym again this morning for the fourth day in a row. I really felt like I pushed it well today. Tomorrow is supposed to be upper body but I don't think I can do it again as my triceps are still very very sore. I am thinking cardio again tomorrow and friday with light upper body on Saturday (day off) just to work the group. Keep up the good work everyone!!!!

  • You're doing great, StlScott!  It is tempting to work out every day - I love it.  But we are only supposed to do that every other day:  Cardio, upper body, cardio, lower body, etc.  That allows the muscle time to rest and recover.

    The whey protein shakes and Betagen within 30 minutes of a workout help a lot with muscle recovery.  I can feel that I worked out yesterday but there isn't any significant discomfort.

    Have another terrific day!


  • I absolutely love your last paragraph!  Thank you!

  • All good recovery suggestions.  One other thing that helps is using a foam roll after working out. It is uncomfortable at first but it acts as a self administered deep tissue massage.

    At 61 I find I need more than one day between weight workouts to recover if I really push the intensity

  • I am starting today.. I've done the 12 week program in the past with great success, so I've decided to give it another go :)

  • Afternoon,

    I am starting my 2nd challenge next week and started reading your forum...  looks like your all off to good start.  Take  pictures, take measurements and find out you bodyfat %.  These will be the most important and most noticable during your challenge.  I didn't see the scale weight come off, but I did notice in my measurements & bodyfat %.  I am still in goal mode right now, but I would like to be under 20% bf by the end of this 12 weeks.  Good luck and keep strong!

    A favortie quote "...Nothing changes until something changes"

  • AfricanAvatar, I added you as a friend and then tried to add you to the group, but now I can't even find you as a friend... I am obviously not a facebook group guru! Sorry!

  • Welcome to everyone who just joined!!!

  • How do you put the foam roll on, just a small strip around the knee?

  • The foam roll I was referring to is a very dense plastic foam tube about 6-7" in diameter. You place it on the floor lie on it and roll back & forth.  Self administerd deep tissue massage that hurts so good.

  • hello everyone, I'm starting tomorrow. I hope you don't mind me joining in.  

  • Hi Silver, proud of you for taking the next step; be proud of yourself and lets do this...

  • Where does one find a tube like this? I'm having a hard time picturing it.

  • Hello, I started my BLF program on Aug 6th and I would like to join your group so we can all keep each other motivated. I  started with Cardio, so I have had 2 cardio session including today & one upper body. I have a trainer helping me with the strenght program & I'm doing the cardio on my own.  The food is the biggest challenge for me because I am a serious picky eater, so the list of authorized foods is VERY limited for me, which is definately going to be a hinderance. I am doing my best but when I make small alterations I am being very careful on portions & calories/sodium ect.  I am not a big portion eater when it comes to good food, but I graze on crap food, and I can't just stop at one cookie, I have to eat 6 or more. Hopefully I can do this and get rid of my sugar addiction, but the cravings are intense & I have little to no will power.  I need to lose 40lbs to feel good about myself again and I'm 43 with a metabolism that doesn't like me very much.  :(