Anyone starting around August 6th and want to support each other?

  • I started on Sunday. 6ft tall 240 lbs. and turned 40 today. I am working out in the mornings and have already been today. Three days down and a life time to go. Last August I weighed 293 and a year of low carb dieting lost 63 pounds. I want a life style I can enjoy and continue forever. So far a little sore but that isn't keeping me from the gym. I still don't look forward to it but I don't dread it either (not a morning person and getting up an hour earlier). I too love the support. Will be around often.....

  • MissSnarky Pants....I have gone onto your FB page and hopefully you will add me from Vincent91, thanks a mill. It's also my first time doing BFL and I am absolutely determined to see it through, no compromises. I think we're all going to need help along the way.  I'm finding the business of eating 6 x a day really hard, but have now printed off BFL 7 day suggestion and will eat that first off and see what happens.  Are you all in America?

  • Hi there im starting today aug 7th . I woukd love to help support and get support. Im 46 married with 3 children 8yrs to 12 yrs. Im 180 pds and would like to lose 50 pounds. I dont see a diet plan on here. Is there one? I have plenty of EAS shakes but dont know what else to I own a beauty salon and need to lose weight so its easier to stand for 10 hrs.

  • Hi there . where did u find the 7 day suggestions? Thanks so much

  • Go to Library and there are 3 different pages you can click on, all worth reading but the 7 day plan is on there...@MsSnarkyPants...I have tried to comment on the group FB page and I can't?  Do you know why, or am I just being a bit dumb?.....The cardio today was an absolute killer, I agree with you...and my chest is and arms are aching from yesterday's session...roll on tomorrow...legs...eeeeeeek....good luck everyone!

  • Look in the library here -meal plans.  Not a big facebook user but I did go to the group page and asked to join.  This week has gone well for me so far.  Eating clean and working out on schedule.

  • You're very welcome, AfricanAvatar!  

    And don't forget the facebook group if anyone else wants to join it.

  • Excellent job Stl Scott.  63 pounds is a hugh loss.  I use to be able to get up in the morning, but am finding it harder and harder.  I've changed my workouts to the afternoon which works a little better for me.  

  • Hey everyone, LOVING all the engagement... Yall all can do it, just take one day at a time... I have said it before and I'll say it again. pictures, measurements, journal and lastly scales... Last night I wanted to eat unhealthy; I looked back at my journal to see why I started BFL to begin with. I didn't feel hungry at all, I was just wanting to eat out of boredom, so after looking at journal; I was fine and didn't eat a thing.. :)Today is the start of my 7th week. This morning my husband and I rode our Rode Bikes for 17 miles and I felt victorious!!!! wow what 7 weeks can do for ya... LOVEN IT.. I'm praying for each of you; we have dreamed, now we will achieve....

  • My hubby and I are starting 8/7/12.  We have no kids at home, but 2 beautiful grandchildren we want to watch grow up.  WE WILL DO THIS!

  • Seattle, Washington here, welcome to the group!!

  • Hi everyone.  For those of you who are hurting after workouts, maybe a whey protein shake and Betagen within 30 minutes after finishing your workout may help.  They help with muscle recovery, and build lean musclemuscle.  If you don't like the flavor of the whey protein shakes, you can add fruit - that helps.

    Hope this helps.  Stick with it - it is soooo worth the effort!


  • Hey im in! Im a little intemidated to start with an impressive group.  some of the stories on here are really great. anyway super exited to get started.  My main goal is to run a marathon.  There is a race i am planning to run in october, not to mention that little white dress that i fit into a year ago (and no longer do) is calling my name.  

    Since I have yalls attention does anyone know how to make ones knees stronger? mine hurt.

  • Siri42,  I'm not a trainer or anything, but I think I've heard that if you build up your leg muscles, especially your quads, it will help the knees.  

    If anyone is looking for a good protein, I've found Dymatize ISO 100 products to taste great, have low carbs and high clean protein.  

    Kerilove,  Thanks for the prayers.  We are all fighting a hard battle and can use the help.  Thanks for the suggestions on how to fight cravings.  

    Come on all, we can do it!!

  • Welcome Siri!  Wow a marathon! I both admire you for such a tough goal and think you are crazy! LOL I prefer to get my cardio out of the way in intense 15 minute workouts.  I lost 53lbs over the course of a year and kept almost all of it off for 13 years and the longest cardio workout I did was 20 min. But I certainly understand that everyone has their own likes so I wish you the best of luck in the program & with your distance running.

    As for the knees, I suggest you read "The Egoscue method of health through motion" The exercises in this book worked wonders for my back pain, posture and body mechanics. Highly reccommended for anyone wanting to feel & move better.