Anyone starting around August 6th and want to support each other?

  • This is my first BLF challenge.  I've lost 25lbs toward my eventual goal already, but I want to kick it up a notch.  I'm at 280ish right now, 5'7, 32 years old.  My hubby and I are doing the challenge together.  We both work in IT so our jobs don't provide a lot of activity.  I think working together is going to be the key.  We've got 3 kids, ranging from 16 months - 6 years so we have to be better examples for them!

  • Regardless of when you start... You've got my support! :-)

    And By The Way... The latest Mars Rover is scheduled to touch down on Mars August Sixth :-)

  • Hi!

    I am starting on August 5th and I'd love to have a buddy or two!  I'm 42 years old and have a goal to lose 100 pounds in all.  I donated a kidney to my father two years ago.  i had to lose 30 pounds in order to donate and have since gained it back plus another 20.  They warned me before the donation that it could cause depression or exhaustion.  I ended up with both.

    I worked hard to lose the weight for my father and now I have to do it for myself.  Both my parents have type 2 diabetes and I can't afford to end up the same.

    I'm starting on a Sunday because I really want my free day to be on a Saturday!  I've attempted the challenge a couple times before but never followed through to the end.  I'm going to reach out support this time and hope that helps me get through the tough times!

  • I would like to join you both. I too have attempted the challenge and never stuck with it. I would love to be apart of your support system as well as needing motivation myself. I am starting on Monday. I need to lose around 20 pounds and get into mental and physical shape not only for myself but for my older sister who lost her son, my nephew, over a yer ago on Mother's Day. She has put on 60 lbs and is ready to make some changes. I am going to try and encourage her in joining as well. She really needs to for herself and hr 15 year old daughter.

  • Hi Teetime!

    I'm going to start tomorrow.  I was going to go get my shopping done tonight.  I'm excited and nervous and I really want to follow through!  Now that I see you responded I'll be sure to login to the site everyday!

  • Hello All of you!

    My wife and I are going to start on Monday, we have both lost significant weight recently (collectively over 100 lbs) and are both determined to kick it up a bunch of notches. I'm about to turn 42 and my wife just turned 40 and we have a two year old to show how it's done. We will see abs in 12 weeks! Who's with us?

  • Hello Donate for Life, what an honorable thing to do; that's amazing and very humbling. Proud of you for doing that for your dad; also praying the kidney is working great. Tuesday I will be working on my 7th week, I didn't know how much this life style of BFL would change me inside out. I'm starting to love the person I see in the mirror. My advice for you is journal, measurements, pictures and LASTLY scale. I'm reminded of this. "You can do all things through Christ that strengthens you." He never said some, he said ALL... I say this out loud sometimes as I'm pushing through my hard workouts.

    Never give up on yourself.

    Dream and Achieve....  


    We can do this!  Good job to you and your wife, Nativo!!!

    I've got my workouts chosen for week one and my meal plan made up.  I did all the shopping, and we're ready to go.  I LONG for a set of Bow Flex Adjustable weight dumbbells, but for now we'll have to get by with regular ones.  

    I also made a gorgeous Body-for-Life notebook.  I printed out days logs for every day of the journey and filled in the dates.

  • Hi all,  I'd like to join your group.  I am going to start on my 4th BFL program on August 6th.  I started at 310 and am at 256 lbs.  I lost 64 pounds...actually I didn't lose anything.  I burnt everyone of those little bastards off.  My goal this time around is 235 lbs and 19% body fat.  I'm working with a personal trainer at Snap Fitness and it has really helped.

    MsSnarkyPants:  To your homework on the Box Flex Adjustables.  I wanted a pair of those until I talked to someone in the industry and was told that they are not as high quality as some of the other product out there.  Another good alternative that worked great for me was Bodyelastic bands.  Very high quality product and great resistance training.

    Kerilove:  Yes, we can do "All things through Christ who strengthen us".  The Lord is restoring us!

    Nativo:  Having your wife on board is a true blessing.  My wife isn't doing the program, but she is very supportive and it makes all the difference in the world.  Getting good habits now will do wonders for your daughter.  Unfortunately, my daughter has picked up all of the bad eatting habits that my wife and I had, and it is starting to catch up with her now that she is 12.

    For everyone that is just starting their first challenge, let me encourage you to take the picture.  I didn't think I was that bad until I took the picture and looked at it.  Thats when I realized that I was in worst shape than any of the before pictures in the BLF book and media gallery.  I couldn't fool myself any more.  

    I'm so glad to have you all as a group to go this round with.  Good luck to all and don't give up.


  • Hello all, I'm a 61 YO man that attempted to start last week but screwed it up already via Ben & Jerry''s  & pizza. My wife is  ill and likes to have comfort food in the house. So I'm going to have to manage through that as stress eating is my way to deal with it.

    I'm ready to commit and will stay on track with your help. Today I took pictures & measurements.  What a wake up call the pictures are.  Particularly the side view.  It will go on the PC as a screen saver.

    I'm 5' 10" and weight 197 with a 26% body fat.  My goal is 16% body fat while maintaining or gaining lean muscle. I don't expect to gain a lot of muscle becaue I will be training for functional fitness not muscle hypertrophy. I do not have a scale weight goal.

    I'd wish you all luck but luck has nothing to do with taking control of your life.  Set an attainable goal, plan, and track your results. Correct eating and exercise will become good habits replacing bad.  If you have a bad day don't dwell on it, get back on the horse the next day!

    Thanks for your help and support in advance!


  • Hello everyone!

    What a great surprise to see so many of you when I logged in today!  I just got done with my first workout and feel really great about it!  I'm going to take my pictures today, day 1.  I'm dreading that but I know I have to do it.

    Kerilove, thanks for your kind words and yes my Dad is doing great!  No problems with the kidney and it has been two years!

    Thank you all for your support!


  • I, too, have signed up for the challenge several times and only once did I actually start it but did not finish. I will support you in your efforts. I am 68 and would like to lose around 65 lbs. I realize this will take more than one challenge, but am going to put my efforts into this one first. I hope your sister joins us. Getting the support of you, her family, and others may help her more than she realizes. My first day is tomorrow, Aug. 6.

  • I plan to begin tomorrow.

  • I'm in.  Today was my first day, I wanted Saturday's to be my regular free day :)  I didn't really know when lifting weights what my 5, 6, 7, etc. level of exersion was going to be, so today was more about figuring out what those weights were then about reaching the almighty 10.  I am pretty sure I hit one ten because my arms literally felt like they were on fire for a couple minutes after, I had to wait for them to relax before I moved on.....and sadly, I was doing one of the back exercises!!

    I am 214, goal is 150.  I find I do better with a structured routine.  I always set a goal, create a plan, start the work, and then falter.  I used to last a couple weeks but lately I haven't been able to last a couple of days.  Sugar is my biggest, biggest downfall, so I am counting on the free day to get me through.

    With all that said, considering I have never finished anything when it comes to weight loss, my true goal is not weight or inches lost but it is to stick with this for the whole 12 weeks.  

    I look forward to getting to know everyone on this thread!!

  • I'm loving all the support and encouraging words I'm seeing in this Forum; It's a blessing to my spirit. I know we can all do this; it takes time, but we can take it one ounce at a time. I had to take the scale out of the bathroom today and throw it into the garage, I will not let it define me any more. Once a week I will weigh now, not every day. whewww that even sounds good to say...  One more thing before I go, today is my free day and I have the hardest time making myself eat every 2-3 hours, but I choke it down... I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me... ALL....So happy tomorrow is my weightlifting day; I'll be the first to say it, I'm becoming a weightlifting junkie... It's so amazing how I feel as I'm increasing my weights. STRONG and MIGHTY... woooot I LOVE IT

    Dream and Achieve