• Hello Everyone....

    I'm 47 yrs old and tired of being fat and unhealthy!

    My goal is to start the program Monday July 30th !

    It took me the better part of a week to read the book front to back, I've printed my logs and Sunday night plan to sit down and write out my exercise program and meal plans !

    I'm ready for a change !

    Might have some questions as I go along about menu plans.

    I also have celiac disease ...... anyone else out there with the same? Challenges for eating?

  • Ok man.  Lets do this Monday!  I am 52 years old, 6"2"  240lbs.  I did BFL for 2 months when i was 42.  I went from 225 to 193.  I changed carreers and started doing client lunch and breakfast meetings and i let it slip... it took years of no exercise and unhealthy eating to get to where i am today.

    we try to be gluten free in our house so i can help with that issue if needed.

    Be sure to buy and use Betagen  i think it made a big difference last time i did BFL.  the first few weeks are hard but it becomes addicting.  Yes the 20 minutes of cardio really is enough.  you can do more, but do the 20 minutes properly first.  I could hardly move after doing the 20 minute...

    My goal is be under 200lbs

    No quitting, no cheating.  The free day is really important early on... you will be surprised how little it means after a few weeks.

  • The title of your post caught my eye. I'm tired of being fat too. I'm 51 yo, 5' 10" and 163 lbs. No one thinks I'm fat with my clothes on cause I can hide it well but oh Lord it's a whole different story in a bikini or even shorts and a sleeveless top. I am SO out of shape and flabby. My husband took my measurements this morning and my before photos which literally (and I'm not kidding) made me sick to my stomach when I saw how awful I looked in a 2 piece. I am ready. I start with you tomorrow, I did my grocery shopping yesterday, got my work out clothes ready (I practiced weights all last week). BTW< I have 2 close relatives with celiac so I'm around it alot. There might be a gluten-free forum on this website somewhere. Let's do it!!!

  • No quitting, no cheating. I have a record of starting out strong then doing one or both. I am serious this time, I won't quit or fail. Can you tell me more about Betagen and how & why to use it? thanks.

  • Hi there,

    I have created a support group on Facebook called Body for Lifers!

    I have just started the Body For Life program (8/15/12) and know I need an easily accessible support group. I would really like to have a forum where questions can be answered, encouragement given, progress celebrated and ideas generated. I know that over the next 12 weeks it will be easy to get stuck in a rut either with eating or training and having a group of fellow Body for Lifers will be invaluable!

    Come join us!