Where do I start first?

  • I signed up for an account online and browsed the website.. but what is the first step I should be doing to learn more about the challenge?  Read the book? I havent been able to find any information online that specifically tells me what to do for a lean and tone program.. how much to lift and what specific exercise to complete, how much to eat (not just what the champions ate), what suppliments I should be using..  Is all of this in the book?  Is the book still up to date for this program although there has not been a new version out since 1999?

    There isn't anything on the webpages that specifically address the program that prepares me for day 1(unless I missed it)..


    Thanks in advance!

  • Read the book. Over and over

  • Yes read read read .. it explains everything you need to know.. getting your mind right, planning, food list, how to train, the intensity index (explained in the book), and the training logs.. which can also be found here in the library under the "tools" list. but yes read read read the book best of luck