Anyone else with a July 30th start?

  • Hi there,

    I have created a support group on Facebook called Body for Lifers!

    I have just started the Body For Life program (8/15/12) and know I need an easily accessible support group. I would really like to have a forum where questions can be answered, encouragement given, progress celebrated and ideas generated. I know that over the next 12 weeks it will be easy to get stuck in a rut either with eating or training and having a group of fellow Body for Lifers will be invaluable!

    Come join us!


  • @patch- First of all, congrats on giving it your all and hanging in there. Believe me it'll pay off if you try had and believe that its going to work. Never doubt the power of the mind so visualize the results you want, every single day.

    In terms of the supplements I think many of them work. I was a research scientist before going into business and I've read the scientific literature regarding supplements like creatine, L-Glutamine, and caffeine.

    I have tried these supplements and I can personally vouch for the fact that they worked for me.  Creatine in particular made my bench press go up dramatically.  I think they work for a number of reasons:

    1. There is a pharmacological effect but its not as big as some would suggest so be careful about some of the hype

    2. Some of the products that have amino acids (like L-Glu, and L-Arg) help because in general I don't believe many people are getting enough protein. To build lean muscle you need to have around 1g of protein for every pound of body weight (yes that much). So even a little bit more helps

    3. I think there is a mental aspect as well and the more routine you put around to working out the more enthusiastic you are to do it.

    Having said all that, I believe you can get results without them but they do help to some degree. I wouldn't take all of these at once though! You are already on betagen which has creatine. Phos force also has creatine and caffeine so its a bit of overkill.   Feel free to contact me if you want to have further discussion. I can point you to some science journals as well.

  • @johnj7777-thx for the congrats. Gosh I got all choked up when I read your comment about giving it my all and hanging in there. I want it bad this time and I KNOW I'm going to finish what I started. So this is really big for me. If you've ever started something more than once and failed every time, then you know what I'm talking about. I absolutely agree about the routine factor  - working out and preparing meals HAVE to become routine like showering everyday and taking my dog for a walk every night. This time my mind and heart are locked in 100%. I don't know where it came from after all these years but I give thanks to God and chalk it up to be sick & tired of being unhappy with where I am and realizing I can change what I don't like. In the BFL book, chapter "Staying On Course", Bill Phillips asks us to make a promise to our self to finish the 12 weeks. I've done that. I'm big on keeping promises but in the past, I found it easy to dishonor self. No more, not this time.

    Thanks for the tips on supplements. That's great you have a scientific background  - I asked the right person! OK then I'll stick with the Betagen for now. I am tracking all my food intake (every morsel) so I can measure my protein intake. I'm getting around 120 gms a day but it sounds like I may need to bump it up a notch (I weight 161). I'm keeping my carbs about even with the protein, maybe a little less. My fat grams hover in the 30's.  Have a great weekend and thank you again.

  • Well, we're a month into it now, how are my fellow July 30 peeps doing?  I haven't missed a workout yet, and my diet is pretty good (far from perfect, but much better than it was).  I've lost 5lbs, and gained some muscle.  I look and feel better for sure, but I know I still have a long way to go.  How about the rest of you?  Hope all is well for everyone!

  • Hey surfslacker - I'm still with ya! It is a real accomplishment that we've come this far. I'm so proud of me (us)! Good work! Although my weight hasn't moved much, I lost only 3 lbs, my strength, both inner & outer, has improved greatly. I'm hoping the scale will move more as I get closer to the 12th week; that seems to be the experience of many. Although it's not required, I'm tracking what I eat everyday (except for the free day) - balancing my carbs and protein grams, keeping my calories at around 1500 and my fat in check. I feel I need to do this; it keeps me focused.  I look a little better but like you I got a ways to go but I'm in it for the long haul. Thanks for posting a shout out. I was starting to wonder where everyone went?! Talk soon!!!

  • Alright Patch!!!  I was bummed to think I was the only one left in our start group.  I definitely wouldn't stress about the weight-it will come-  You are inspiring me with your diet--this is my one weakness.  I haven't missed a workout yet, but my diet is an area I could improve on.  Overall, I'm with you-I feel better, am getting stronger, and although I haven't lost much weight, my clothes keep getting looser.  We're almost halfway through our 12 weeks :-)

  • surfslacker - I use the website to track my daily food intake (it's free and very user friendly). It will track protein, carbs, fat and fiber, and keep a log of your most frequently eaten foods so you don't have to search for them in a large database everyday. I haven't missed a work out yet either (yea us!) which is a record for me b/c usually I find an excuse (didn't sleep well, have an early meeting at work, tired, etc). Half way to our goal! WOO-WEE! I'm getting ready to go hiking with my dog Buddy - we have a routine every Sat morning on a 4 mile trail. I'm so glad (and it sounds like you are too) that I made the decision/commitment to do BFL. Have a terrific day ss!

  • I started on the 30th totally screwed up and restarted on 8/6.  Still hanging in there and doing OK . no radical changes but good fitness progress. I'm going to tweek my diet and andd a 30 minute walk each day as I'm deskbound and not active other than the workouts.  Many of us are in the facebook groups like bodyforlifers and don't come here all that much

  • Well glad to hear you got back on that horse. No radical changes here either but making progress as well and the benefits of working out and eating clean will show up eventually. I sit at a desk 5 days a week as well so you inspired me to add to my cardio. I'm not on FB (yup I know, get with the 21st century) but good to know you're in a support group. Take it easy.

  • Haha-Patch, I'm one of those old school non-Facebook types myself.  I was thinking I was the only one left.... Thanks for the diet tracker link-I'm going to start using it ASAP.  I said in the beginning that in my case, the diet is the most important aspect of BFL, and one of the biggest hurdles for me was going to be sticking to my diet-and here I am.....doh!  Oh well, still making progress and enjoying the workouts.  Time to ratchet down the diet and finish strong!  Have a great weekend, Patch!

  • ss - One more thing about the Livestrong Food Tracker. They have an app for your phone as well. It's the one and only app I have ever paid for (I go for the freebies) and it's totally worth the $2.99 (or is it $3.99?). Like the rest of the modern world, I have my phone with me where ever I go, so I'm able to record my intake on the fly. It has been the key for me to not overeat and to ensure I am getting sufficient protein and not overdoing my carbs & fat. Portions have always been my issue. I grew up in a big Italian family and food was always flowing. Mangia! Enjoy your weekend too - and yes, bunker down and finish strong!

  • I had a business trip to New Orleans for (4) days last week. I brought my work out clothes and only hit the gym once. My eating was off but not horrible. I got right back on track the morning I work up in my own bed (last Saturday) and have been doing good since. The reality is, life happens. Even though I brought protein bars and powder, nuts and oatmeal, I still veered off course. But that's OK. I'm back and plan to ride this wave until I reach my goal - 12 weeks and beyond! How about you?

  • Welcome to my life, Patch.  I work for an airline, and am living out of a suitcase 15 days a month.  I live off oatmeal (heated by in-room coffee makers), protein bars, ect. There are some limited healthy options in airports, ect. But not a whole lot.  It gets really old, really quick.  It's pretty much impossible to eat perfect on the road, but an overall healthy diet is achievable.  Like you, I'm usually pretty good on a trip, but not always-I just get back on course ASAP.  1 more month!  2/3rds the way there-woohoo!

  • Wow, surfslacker - you ARE on the road alot. That's tough. And I can relate to the getting old real quick part. We do what we can to be prepared than, like you said, get back on course ASAP. It's a choice. Well, here we are in Week 12...I can't wait to take my "after" photos this Sunday. I realize I ain't gonna look like no body builder but I know there has been definite progress. And, more importantly I am in the work-out-eat-right mode and will stay on track - with no end date in sight. My body is more fit, more tone, I lost some fat and built muscle - I'm happy overall with my results but not satisfied, So I press on. Once I see the photos, I hope I am brave enough to post them on this site. :)  How about you?

  • That is the right attitude to have for sure!   I have also lost some fat, toned up a bit, and met my goal weight, but haven't met all my goals, so I'm pressing on too.  (stupid stubborn 6-pack has to be in there somewhere:-) Heck, even if I met all my goals I would keep going, simply because I feel better, and it has been an enjoyable three months for me.  Like they say, it's a lifestyle.  Im glad someone in our start group hung in there (and on here)-Congrats Patch!