Anyone else with a July 30th start?

  • Well my first week was a resounding failure! I guess I wasn't really ready to commit to the program. The exercise went well but my diet was not so good.  

    Today I took pictures & measurements.  What a wake up call the pictures are.  Particularly the side view.  It will go on the PC as a screen saver.  I officially entered the challenge starting 8/5 but I'm gonna hang in with this group as it sems to be active

  • Don't look back diverdog - you have today, tomorrow and the rest of your life to reach your goal. Keep it going. My first week went as planned - exercise and food pretty much by the book. I plan on getting better at the meal planning and pushing it harder on the weights. I took advantage of my free day and as I type, I still feel physically bad as a result. Next Sunday I'll think twice about waffles with extra butter & syrup, potato chips and ice cream (not all at once). Yuk.

  • I'm right there with you on the feeling Diverdog!  But I will carry on.  Persistence, not perfection will get us to our goals!!

    Today is a new week, another chance to make it better.

    I overslept this morning and missed the gym.  Had a fresh green juice and green tea with lemon for breakfast. Having a whey protein in skim milk with a tbsp of peanut butter now.  Will enjoy a large green salad with grilled chicken breast and cottage cheese for lunch. Then hit the gym sometime this afternoon to make up for the workout I slept through this morning.


  • Week one was not a major success for me either.... Missed one workout on Saturday because we had friends come from out of town Friday night and ended up staying up talking till 3am!  I did ok with the meals I ate all week but just did not get enough of them in... maybe only 4 a day.  Had a rough week with my Cat... thought for a while she might have a brain tumor or something so that threw me off.  The good news is it appears it is only a bad inner ear infection.  Antibiotics 3 times a day for 4 weeks... oh joy!  :)

    So, here is to a better week 2!  

  • Week one was great for me!  Week two, the diet is starting to slip...  Workouts are still going great, but man, watching my diet is frustrating!  How is everyone else doing?  I weigh the same, but my pants are already looser--Progress!  :-)

  • Hello, all. Thought I'd join in as I started on July 29 (like johnj7777 I prefer my free day being Saturday) and thought being part of a group might keep me motivated. I did BFL about a decade ago and loved the results, but haven't been able to get back into it full swing, doing mostly sporadic running and weight training where I could fit it into my schedule. Now over ten years, two kids (4 and 7) and establishing a career later, I feel it's time to rededicate myself. I know the program works, and my husband is doing it with me, too, so I have that going for me.

    Week one went very well, and week two is almost done. I've had to squeeze in a couple late night work outs, but I did them and I am loving the early morning cardio. As for the nutrition portion, I'm doing all right, but sometimes find myself really working to get that 6th meal in, too. And, man, is that a lot of water.

    My philosophy this time around is revolving around sustainability, and making sure the choices I'm making are ones I can permanently integrate into a new, healthier lifestyle. I definitely have more energy from eating cleaner. Sugar really kicks me in the butt, so eating less of it is key.

    I don't know if anyone's heard of the 17 day diet, but I tried it right before starting this cycle of BFL and it did help me kick my sweet cravings before diving into BFL. I stopped the 17 day approach because it was not working for me. BFL is so much more manageable, a lifestyle you can adopt. I'm looking forward to conversations and inspiration. I hope everyone finishes week two with a bang! Off to have my late night smoothie.

  • Hi everyone, I'm not sure if I am doing this right or not. lol. Am I supposed to start a new thread? Anyhow, I just turned 34 last week and I am an Australian mum of 3 (7, 4 and 3) and I half attempted BFL back in 2007 after my first child. I was doing well but after 5 weeks I found out I was pregnant again so I couldn't proceed. So here I am 3 children later, (in which I gained approx 20kg per pregnancy, but have lost most of it now) and feeling stressed and lethargic all the time and wanting to improve myself in all areas of my life. What better way to start than with BFL. After my 3rd child I took up smoking again which another area of my life that I want to change, and I am thinking I will substitue smoking cigarettes for exercise instead. Yay! I'm very excited to be starting this 12 week challenge again and i feel really determined to complete it this time. The dietary side of this challenge is not an issue for me as I watch what I eat now anyway, however I am concerned about fitting in my workouts around our busy lives. Any help, support or info on how to do this would be greatly appreciated. PS: I live in a very rural area (an hours drive from any town) so I don't have access to a gym with a creche or anything, I'm on my own. lol.


  • Winding down week 2 feeling like week 10. This is hard work! I haven't skipped a work out and sticking to the diet plan with very few substitutions. Went out to dinner with friends, got salmon and beans/corn which was pooling in a creamy sauce. Not ideal (not good at all) but I was careful that day and kept my calorie count down knowing I was going out to eat. No bread and a dribble of oil & vin on my house salad (no croûtons).  I track protein and carbs, keeping the grams about even and my caloric count around 1500 a day. Like surfslacker said, I weigh the same but my clothes are fitting differently and i see SLIGHT changes. My mantra these 12 weeks is PUSH THRU - no excuses, just do it. One day at a time.

  • @patch- Great job and congrats on making it through week 2.  Its definitely can be hard but if it were easy, everyone would have a hot body ;) I finished week 2 strong as well and I'm using that enthusiasm to propel me into having a big week 3. You are doing great and we are all eager to read about your successes in the weeks to come.

    @jatickle- Welcome to the site and to the group. It looks like you can reply to individual posts but you can't.  It doesn't have great forum functionality but the people are great ;) Try joining the facebook group we seem to be there more. In terms of living in a rural area I’m sure you’ll be able to work around that. there are many exercises out there. There’s even a site that has at home workouts (

    @kcnorth- welcome to the forums.  I did BFL  for the first time many years ago and then since then I’ve done several more.  It works better than anything else I’ve tried so I can relate.  best of luck to you and I’m looking forward to hearing about your progress.

  • Well, week 2 done and free day almost over. My big indulgence was a lovely supper and a glass of wine. Dessert was not really tempting, but I felt like I should have something just so I wasn't feeling deprived by the end of next week. :) I remember the last time I did BFL that after week 4, free days were no longer a big deal, and I feel more educated about food this time around, so inhaling a pizza was not on the "to do" list (see Week 2 free day the last time I did BFL, plus a few burgers and some ice cream.)

    Patch, I hear you on the hard work. This is a more challenging than it was a decade ago with a younger body, no kids, a much more open work schedule. I'm a little worried about how things will proceed when work gets really busy again in the fall... Still, the clothes are fitting differently, I feel stronger already and I'm ignoring the scale for now. My husband is an everyday weigher, which I refuse to do. Good job with your workouts and meals. Eating out can be so tricky. One day at a time, indeed. Good philosophy.

    Thanks for the welcome, johnj7777. I'm really excited to be doing BFL again. Week 2 down and I feel stronger already. I'm really trying to focus on form right now with the weight training in these initial weeks. I look forward to lifting more, especially after finding all my old logs and seeing where I was able to get to before, and starting with little knowledge and lower weights. I forgot how much I LOVE weight training. I'm looking forward to the weeks to come to see what they bring.

  • - Thanks johnj7777 & you're right on about if it were easy, everyone would be doing it! I actually love working hard and pushing thru beyond what I THINK are my limits. When I do that, it encourages me to do it again! I too will use my enthusiasm to propel thru my 3rd week - I feel strong in my mind and will and want this bad...I know I will reach my goal. I weighed this morning and lost 3 lbs; that's right on track for me. Although the scale is not my measure of success, I'm aiming for 1-1.5lbs a week. My true measure of success is sticking to the plan - weight training, aerobics and nutrition for 12 weeks.

    - kcnorth, I'm with you in regards to not as young as we used to be but I'm ignoring that fact! I am healthy so no excuses. I think about getting busy too and things coming up in our daily schedule but then I always go back to "its only 46 minutes, 20 minutes a day". We deserve at least this much time to ourselves. Sounds like you've pushed weights before like me and I enjoy it too. Makes me feel strong in so many ways. So glad to be back at it. I am looking forward to the end of week 4 - can't wait to see my progress photos.

    -jatickle, welcome! The nutrition/eating part of BFL is just as important as the exercise so you the fact that you already eat well is a great start. My tip on "fitting in" the exercise part is to do it the same time everyday so it becomes routine to both you and your family.  I'm a morning person so I do it first thing (about 15 mins after my first cup of coffee). This way, it's done and for rest of the day my focus is balancing my diet. My success in ensuring the right amount of protein, carbs, fat, calories, etc is two-fold: I use the website (they have a great app too) to track my daily food intake and I PLAN my meals - weighing and portioning out proteins & carbs. I find if I''m not prepared, I fail. And failure is not an option this time.

    Much success to everyone!

  • -Patch, grasping that we deserve that time is so important. And it IS less than an hour for the workouts. I think it's about taking an honest look at our days too, and seeing where the time really goes and then asking ourselves what our priorities are. I've spent 10 years establishing myself in my career, and feel I'm at a point where I no longer have to dedicate a lot of my free time to my profession, or at least, I can take an hour each day to do something not work-related. :).

  • Hello!

    My starting day was also July 30th. So far, I am doing good, the second week was a little bit harder than the first one, for some reason I was craving sweets, but I am glad is over. Regarding my workout, I am doing good, my husband is helping me some and doing lower body with me, I already seeing changes and "feeling" them, my cloth is fitting better and today I was able to ware a pair of shorts that I was not able to ware in years!

    I am 46 years old, 5'-2" and 156 lb. Two weeks ago I was size 12.

    I am glad to find more people who started at the same time, that way we can talk and support each other.


  • Welcome to Week 3 Claudia!

    OK, I'm learning things about myself as I go which is good.

    For example, for me, the free day isn't all its cracked up to be. I realize this morning I prefer moderation over indulgence on my free day. Yesterday I started off with a PB&J sandwich for breakfast which was VERY satisfying. The I moved on to my favorite black licorice, also satisfying however normally I allow myself 5 pieces (high carb food) but since it was my "free day", I ate twice as many. This turned out to be only a "6" on the satisfying scale: I had eaten too much. Then a couple hours later I moved on to kettle potato chips. These I woofed down but stopped at a moderate amount. Then a couple hours later, pineapple which was OK. It all fell apart at about 8pm when I panicked because I hadn't got my ice cream fix in yet so I scooped a large bowl of vanilla ice cream, with granola topping and chocolate syrup. It was good but I felt sick afterwards! The previous Sunday I had a Belgian waffle with extra butter & lots of maple syrup which also made me sick afterward. OK I get it now. Next Sunday I will enjoy some things I can't have during the week BUT practice moderation.

    This morning I wasn't prepared for my upper work out - we had company over both Sat & Sun and I got distracted. Tonight I will prepare the work outs for the rest of the week. Mu husband watched me beat myself up this morning for eating so terrible then not having my work out prepared this morning and told me "Dig deep": So I did. My upper work out was great.

  • Hi johnj7777 - question. I'm 51 yo female, approx 15 lbs above norm weight, flabby and undertoned. I began this challenge 3 weeks ago (yea me!) and am taking Betagen. I see others are using muscle armor and phos force. What are your thoughts on these?