Anyone else with a July 30th start?

  • I am also starting July 30 (today!).  My husband and I are both entering the Challenge; however, we have different thoughts on how to proceed (he's a calorie-counter and likes running; I won't count calories and can't run due to ankle injuries), as well as different food issues.

    I'm not a "joiner", so being in a group is unusual for me, but then so is entering this challenge.  So, I'm going to try finding a group to be part of, hoping that I will find the support and inspiration I need.

    I am 50, 5'5", 165 pounds, with very low self-esteem and few clothes that fit.  Reading through the posts on this board and others, I have found a lot of helpful tips, as well as stories that help me know what to expect.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Hello all, I'm starting 7/30 as well I'm a 61 yo man 5'10" 196lb @ 27.5% body fat. My goal is to lose 20lb of fat while retaining or gaining lean muscle.  I've never done BFL before but lost from 235 to 182 over the course of one year 15 years ago and kept most of it off until 2 years ago.

    My wife has cancer and I have a lot of trouble with stress eating.  Working at home I have ample opportunity to eat and my wife likes to eat things I shouldn't have in the house. I hope joining a group in this effort will help me avoid bad eating

  • An starting this week too .... On my phone at the moment, so will reply properly when I get home:)

  • hi guys! I am going to hop aboard this train too.

    I did my first challenge last year. Stats and pics are in my profile. I am starting Challenge 2 with you guys. I KNOW it works! I got derailed by some plantar fasciitis and haagen daz. I am almost back to where I started now :(

    The good news is that I already know I did this once so I know I can do it again!

  • Hey everyone. Its another beautiful day in Denver. Makes me want to get outside and go running. I had a good workout today but got interrupted due to a business emergency. I really should just turn off the cell phone :)

    @alchemistress- welcome to the group, I'm sure you'll do even better than the last challenge!

    @mikwend- Welcome to the group. I like you spirit of posting however you are able to!

    @diverdog- Congrats on taking the first step in taking back control.  I'm sorry to hear about your wife. It must be a very difficult time but I'm sure she is cheering you on. I personally find working out a great way of relieving some stress :)

    @juliebird- I think everyone has their own way of doing it so it'll stick. Some people obsess about counting calories and it helps them to track it while others like to keep it simple (like me). I'm glad you both are finding ways that work for each of you. Doing BFL as a couple is very helpful to keep both of you on track so congrats to both of you!

  • Juliebird, you don't have to run to lose fat and get in shape. I lost 53 lbs and kept off most of it for 13 years without running a step.  Running bores the hell out of me. The longest cardio workout I did was 15 minutes. An intense 15 minutes of intervals on a rower but only 15 minutes three times a week.  The real exercise key for long term weight loss is to maintain and gain muscle with resistance exercise. Too much cardio prevents muscle growth.

    But remember you can't out exercise your mouth. You have to cut calories to an appropriate level or you won't lose.

    I don't like to count calories either but at first I weight my food so I can stop fooling myself as to what a portion of food looks like. After a short time I can eyeball the correct amounts. Another thing I do at first it to take a picture of every thing I eat.  It's easy now with cell phone cameras.  Then you have a visual diary so you can reference what you really ate.

    Good luck. You can do it!

  • I started my second BFL challenge July 30 as well.  I did my first challenge 4 years ago with great results.  I lost lots of fat, gained muscle, felt great, and the best part, the transformation lasted years after I finished the challenge with little effort.  Just like the book says, it is so much easier maintaining a healthy body than it is to achieve it.  I have always been pretty active, so for me, the diet was the biggest (and most important in my opinion) aspect of BFL.  It is also been the most challenging, as I love to eat, drink, and be merry:-)

    Here it is 4 years later, with triplets, a busy job, and an increasing waistline.  I'm ready to join all of you on this journey again!  All I can say is BFL WORKS!  Nobody is perfect, you probably will miss a workout, or have a "free day" when it's not your free day, but don't let it discourage you-stick with it, you will be so glad you did.

  • Despite a practically sleepless night, I managed to drag myself out of bed this morning and get to the gym for today's lower body workout. :-)  Feeling energized I have attacked the rest of my day.  I haven't been eating perfectly, but continue to get better with each passing day. Consistent progress not perfection will get me to my goals.

  • I rolled out of bed this morning and got on the treadmill and I could definitely tell I was low energy. As the machine started to incline I felt my body complain it didn't have much to give me. But I pushed through it and banged it out. It certainly wasn't going to break any records but I got through it! I continued to eat clean today and feeling pretty good right now, hope everyone is doing well.

    @fabulously- you- Nice job getting motivated and getting it done dispite challenges!

    @surfslacker- Welcome to the thread! I agree with you that the diet is the most important thing. The exercise isn't going to help without eating clean. Congrats on getting motivated and jumping back into the BFL wagon!

  • Oh, the dangers of Haagen Daz!!  Best coffee ice cream in the world!  Think I'll plan on a small helping on Day 7... ;)

  • Thanks for some excellent tips (and reminders)!

  • We CAN do this!!  I already feel better, look better and have dropped 3lbs.!!!!

  • Good Luck!  Eating better wouldbenefit your wife as ell.  I have known many cancer, now survivors, who,when they ate better got better!

  • Thanks Johnj7777!  It feels great being back in BFL (well, not so much on my 20 min run in 95 degrees this morning...)  I didn't use this forum my first go round, and I can already see what a great motivator it is going to be for me this time.  Keep it up everyone!

  • It's so wonderful to know I'm not alone on this journey!

    So, how was everyone's 1st week?

    A few mornings it took a bit to get me up to exercise, but I had fun!  I feel really good!  Also, I'm not as lethargic as I was just last week!!!  I'm down 3 lbs. but more important to me is how I feel ..... GREAT!

    Come on week #2!

    Good luck all!!