Anyone else with a July 30th start?

  • Here is the link to the facebook group!! Come Join!!

  • I'm starting the 6th so almost the same time as you, and we are about the same size.  I'm glad to know there are some other bigger ladies out there doing this!  It's discouraging looking at the book and seeing mostly people whose before pics I'd kill to look like!

  • Awesome goals for yourself FAB. And you are so right - ANOTHER 12 weeks will come and go...this time, this 12 weeks is OUR 12 weeks to complete what we started. No excuses not even "life" We can work around the obstacles. I just finished watching "Body of Work" documentary on the first 10 champs. It was interesting. I am reaching out to get all the encouragement & accountability possible to keep going. I can't wait to see the changes over the next few weeks. I too have that outfit, more than one, that I will get into to. I am also hanging the bikini I wore this morning for my before photos. In 12 weeks, I am going to look amazing in it. Honestly its hard to believe I can look good as some of these girls who are on this website but then I immediately say WHY NOT ME? There is nothing physiologically different about me - I can do it too.

  • I'm not on FB but great idea!

  • Hi,  I will be starting July 30th as well.  I registered  for the challenge last year but never really committed myself.  As a result of career change, improper food choices and lack of regular exercise, I have put on 25 lbs in 16 months.  I am seriously committed to succeeding with the challenge for my mental and physical satisfaction.  By body has transformed in ways that I am very uncomfortable with and can't wait to see the results after.  GREAT TO HAVE A TEAM TO KEEP EACH OTHER MOTIVATED!!

  • I am starting the 30th. I did BFL 12yrs ago after my daughter was born and lost 70lbs so I know it works, but after a divorce a re-marriage and getting comfy I'm packing it back on. I'm 5'9" and 200lbs. last time I started I was 240lbs so I know I can do this although getting ready to turn 40 this December and my body not losing like it used to may be a challenge. I used to be a hottie too! Hell I was a hottie just 7yrs ago and I have to find myself again! I hate this when I look in the mirror that is just NOT me!

  • I will be joining you all on Monday the 30th. My biggest challenge is that I travel for work 3-4 days per week. The hotel has a gym, so there are no excuses.


    5 foot tall & 135 lbs

    Size 10 pants

  • Well just finished my first work out. Was out of bed at 5:30 and at the gym by 5:50I read the BFL for women book yesterday, so I did 30min like it recommends instead of the 20min. I still have yet to allow my husband to take before pictures for me. I took a few in the mirror, but I know I have to let him do this. I think I may cry!

  • Hi, I am starting my second challenge today.  I finished the first one (well, first one in 10+ years) on June 24th.  Had good results but not where I want to be yet so C2 here I come.  Would love to join you all and keep each other motivated!  Off to the gym... have a great day!


  • Just started this morning - I'm also 41 and also 5'11".  If one more person tell sme "You're tall - you can carry some extra weight!" I might sit on them.  Not going to fail - going to drag my husband along too.

  • I am starting today July 30th as well!  I would love to join the facebook group with you guys.  I just need someone to help keep me accountable on the diet part especially.  I have been exercising regularly for the last 6 months or so but still not seeing the results i would like.  I'm 35 years old 5'8 starting this at 180.6 lbs at a size 10/12.  I would love to be at 150 by the end of this challenge!


  • Hey team,

    I started yesterday and had a very good upperbody workout. I know because I can feel it this morning :) I got up and had a good run this morning.  I love working out before going to work! Makes me feel so wide awake and alive. This is the 5th time I've done BFL so here are a few tips for you all.

    1. Don't forget to drink water exactly as the books says. If you feel thirsty, that can be a sign of dehydration. You should be going to the bathroom all the time!

    2. Stay with the diet as much as you can. Eating clean is 80% of the effort. If you are cheating on food, the exercise won't really help.  You can do it!

    3. Stay away from diet soda- I know it doesn't have any calories but its been shown that diet drinks are appetite stimulators. One study showed that people gained more weight drinking diet soda than regular soda

    4.The best time to workout is whenever you can get it in but its good to do it in the morning and get it out of the way. If you happen to miss it, then there's another chance in the evening to get it in.

    5. Don't weigh yourself everyday.  The scale can be very misreading.  Fluctuations in water retention can swing your weight 1-5 pounds.  Better way is to measure yourself with tape measure and get body calipers to measure your body fat. You can get them on amazing for less than 10 bucks

    6. Don't get too fancy on the menu.  I'm not saying be boring with your food but the more complex and difficult it is to make your meals, the harder it'll be. I eat the same meals every day when on BFL because its simple, automatic, and easy to shop for.  

    7. Most importantly, make it a priority in your life. Do it for your family and do it for yourself. If its important to you, then there's always a way!

    "The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen" - Frank Loyd Wright

  • @Mo-Q-  I travel for work as well since I'm a consultant.  Somethings about travel make it difficult like being able to make meals in a hotel room but I actually found somethings easier to workout when I travel.  Since I get a hotel close to work theres more time in the morning to workout and no kids competiting for my attention.  I wish you the best of luck!

    @khughes27- Its tough to take those pictures! The first time I did BFL I was shocked at what I saw in the picture.  It was depressing at first but then it became very motivating since I felt like I was being open and honest with myself about what I looked like and how much I wanted to change it. Later, it was even more motivating to have a picture of someone with the body I wanted to have. I used that picture to visual what I wanted to look like. That helped me focus and strive for a goal.

    @mrsattadj- Great to see another returning challenger! I'm sure you learned a ton on the first one and you'll meet your goals this time around!

    @niknack- I love the statement you made "not going to fail'. That motivated me just to read that!

    @Elleoutwest- Its great to have goals and I'm cheering for you! Most experts will tell you that healthy weight loss is about 2 pounds per week. That's 24 pouinds over the next 12 weeks and your goal is pretty close to that.

  • Good morning everyone, this is day one for me as well. I've started many times but have never made it all the way to day 84. I've gone through alot this year and I realize that this is not only for 12 weeks but I have to take this challenge to make this change for my life. My Body-for-LIFE.

    I look forward to giving and receiving support from everyone here.

  • I get that type of comment alot as well - I'm 5' 10". My goal is 17 lbs of fat loss and increase muscle tone. I started today and I feel great. I continue to read the BFL book for tips and guidance and have watched the doc Body of Work and several of Bill Phillips Success Stories docs. They are VERY inspiring b/c the champions started out as normal overweight, undertoned people like us and they look incredible after 12 weeks of dedication, discipline and drive. We got this!