Anyone else with a July 30th start?

  • I have tried everything out there and failed!  I will not fail anymore!!

    A few friends, who look and feel fabulous recommended BFL and I'm in.  I'm still uneasy about posting my before photo, but to give me motivation I am going to put this right out there for all to see.  I am 41yo, 5'11" and 298lbs.  I don't need to look like I did in my teens or 20's (I was a hottie) but I want to feel good, physically.  I am at a point in my life where I love myself and like who I am, but health wise I feel awful.

    So, how about you?



  • If you dont find anyone to start or you want to pop in on July 23rd sight, please do, we have about 12-13 people who started around a week of the 23rd.  Anyway best of luck to you.

  • ME! I am starting July 30 and I too - WILL NOT FAIL anymore. I am with you MDMare. I've been "practicing" my weight lifting and aerobics, getting psyched for Monday. I stocked up on protein bars and am shopping from the food list. I had friends do BFL back in 2002 and I followed it half butt as a result, failed. This time is different. I feel it and know it. I will post my photos on Sunday and record my weight & measurements.  I am actually excited - because this time I KNOW I will reach my goal,

  • I will be restarting on Monday July 30th as well.  I had thought I was going to be able to start on the 23rd, but I wasn't properly prepared and therefore this week did not go well. I am spending the weekend focusing on cardio, reigning in my eating, and planning my workouts and meals for the comming week. I WILL DO THIS!!

    I am a 32yr old mother of 3 wonderful children, and former gym rat. However, I have rarely seen a gym since my divorce in 2009. And I have really packed on the weight over the past year and a half.  I am now 5'4" and 210. I wear a bigger size jean now than I did when I was 9 months pregnant!! I am going to committ to the BFL challenge in hopes of regaining my health, energy and life! I CAN AND WILL DO THIS!!  My ultimate goal is to regain my health & fitness and then help other do the same through personal training and nutritional coaching.

  • I am starting Monday and can't wait!!

    I actually started last year just after the 4th of July, had excellent results but went off the deep end after the challenge eating terribly.  Although I am extremely mad at myself, I learned a lot about myself over the last year.  I am an all or nothing girl...meaning I always eat well & go to the gym, or I eat bad and skip the gym.  I think the days after the challenge are the hardest.

    Getting the shopping list together now.  Has anyone used myfitnesspal to keep track of what you are eating?  Its a great tool to use.  I can't remember what the % to use, carb vs. protein vs. fat.  If anyone knows what it is, let me know but I will do some research and see if I can find it.

    Looking forward to the next three months with all of you!

  • Hi and Hello from London, I will also be joining you from Monday aswell, good luck everyone

  • Hi,

    I'm starting on Monday 30th July too.  Can't wait!! I'm going out to get my groceries tomorrow and I have my meal plan for the week laid out.  Just got to cook the food up on Sunday, portion it out and I'll be good-to-go.

    Good luck everyone, let's bring it!!

  • Hi. I will be starting on the 30 th as well. Tired of failing..

  • This is very cool. We're all TIRED of FAILING and excited to start on Monday. My deal is not to quit. Please help me (us) keep going. One day at a time we can succeed.

  • Question. Does anyone know if there is a worksheet to take my initial body measurements (with measuring tape) and track?  

  • Patch - I wasn't able to find one on the BFL website, but if you don't mind sharing your email address with me I can email you one I have used in the past when I attempted Insanity. lol

    There has been one small wrench thrown into my plans for the week. I will be having a jouse guest for a week. A friend I've known since jr high and haven't seen in several years. I will get my workouts in every morning while she sleeps in, hoping to be able to eat as clean as possible. Life has gotten in my way of being healthy long enough!!

  • I am! I am putting together my grocery list. I did body for life...5 years ago or so - and was in the best shape of my life for my wedding...I want to get back there..I felt so good. BUT - now I have two kids under the age of 3, work, house, just a busy life..and I worry about being able to do it. I hope I can...I WANT to. I think my greatest issue will be the meals and the I'm going to try and keep things simple. I have to find a way to make dinners good for the hubby too - who is not doing BFL. Anyway - if anyone is interested - we could start a closed facebook group and be able to post pictures, updates, etc. there and support each other!

    Here is a link to our own facebook group - come join!

  • Hey guys. I'd love to join you guys.  I've done body for life several times and it works very well. I find that having a group to do it with is very helpful so would like to tag along for the ride! I'm starting tomorrow (sunday) because I like to have my free day on saturdays. Go team!

  • This is great. Hello London, john7777, Lynnedays, Fabs, PKE and FLgirl. Awesome group. It's great to have some folks with us who have completed  BFL (I have not).  Besides being excited to start, I am nervous too. But it's a good nervous. I've been waiting for this day for 2weeks and its almost here. Tomorrow is bathing suit photo day - ugh. But ya know, it really doesn't bother me (much) b/c I KNOW in 12 weeks I'm gonna look (and feel) fantastic! You too...!  

    Hey FAB-ME: I found a PDF measuring form on line by googling "body measuring form". It even has a measurement for the fat below the knee - now there is a visual for ya. Thanks for offering yours!

  • Good Afternoon Everyone:

    Here are my ramblings for the day.

    Part of preparing for this challenge is being brutally honest with myself about how far I really have let myself go. UGH While I am totally completely ashamed about it and embarassed to admit it. I must be honest with myself about my starting point if I am going to hold myself accountable to this program.  

    SO Here are my starting stats.

    Size 18 jeans

    XL-2XL Shirts

    Weight 211 lbs

    Body Fat - 45%

    Neck - 15.5

    Chest - 45

    Waist - 45

    Hips - 50

    Right Thigh - 27

    Left Thigh - 27

    Right Calf - 18

    Left Calf - 18

    Right Bicep - 16

    Left Bicep - 16

    Right Forearm - 12

    Left Forearm - 12

    WOW, Those were tough to post!!  I am bigger now than I EVER have been my entire life. I cannot believe I have used life's stresses as an excuse to eat unhealthy and not workout. But that's what has been happening for the last 2 years. It's hard to believe that I survived a dirvorce and still maintained a workout and healthy habits, but have since allowed life to interrupt the health and fitness I once was so passionate about.  I resolve today that Life will not be my excuse anymore. Stressors, challenges and sickness will come and go, but health and fitness will remain a top priority in my life! I cannot be there for my children if I am not first, here for myself.

    So some of my goals for this challenge are:

    1> Regain and maintain a healthy body fat percentage. For starters I'd like to be under 20%bf and eventually get to 10-12%bf.

    2> Regain and maintain a clean eating lifestyle

    3> Regain and maintain a workout regimen

    4> During this challenge I will prepare my mind and begin taking the necessary steps to achieve Personal Training and Nutritional Coaching Certifications so that I can finally pursue my passion in a health and fitness career. (When I was married, this was my initial plan for when all my children began school, but got tossed to the side in an effort to support them after the divorce)

    5> Finally fit back into that one "goal" outfit that I hung on my bedroom wall back in January.