• After succesfully completing week one, I can say these things helped me to really start focusing and making sure I am doing my best in the whole program:

    * I started planning my excersizes and meals the night before like the book suggests.

    * I started cooking several things ahead of time so that I can just heat them up when they were on the meal schedule. Boiled eggs, black beans, vegies, precooked chicken, etc. It made my meals way easier.

    * During excersizes, follow the plan watching the stopwatch so that I don't go too slow.

    * Used a timer set at every 2.5 hrs so that I keep eating on time. When I turn the alarm off, I reset it again right away for 2.5 hrs later. That keeps my meals on schedule without forgetting to eat.

    * Sharing my experiences with others for accountability and supporting others in their journey. Accountability and support are the biggest factors in one staying on track.

    * I took several before and afters in several outfits that look too tight now so that I can see how I look in them 12 weeks later. This really motivates me and makes me dream of that day when I will look better in my fave outfits being back to my ideal size.

    * And then tonight I made copies ahead of time for each of the remaining 11 weeks of the Daily Progress Reports and Meal Plans, stapled them together by week and dated them so that each Sunday I can grab the next set, put it on my clipboard and then fill them out nightly with next day's work out and meal plans before retiring. This really made me feel so pumped and ready for the remainder of the journey and I can't wait for week 12.


  • I like the timer idea definitely going to use it. I also set a daily reminder for 7:00am reminding me of my BFL final goals.

    Week 1 went really well, lost 4 lbs of fat, my 12 week goal is 40 lbs of fat loss. Just printed my weekly eating and training journals, time to plan week 2.

    Keep up the good work everyone and keep moving foward. One day at at a time, one meal at a time and one workout at a time.


  • Hi, well into day one of week two down here in new zealand. my first week went well also and managed to drop a couple of kg's plus made all 6 training sessions. i find the weekends tough, it easy to stick to a routine while at work but at home when i'm out and about with the kids, it wasn't so easy and while i stuck to the plan on saturday, i ate too much rubbish on my free day which was disappointing

  • good for you !!! I have a similar notebook for eack day of the week , write a few notes...journal thoughts

    Good Luck !

      spunkygal 2012   

  • Hi everyone !! WEEK 2 WHHHOOO!

    how are you doing ? We have a GREAT group here for "TEAM 23"  Love the name  ;-)

    Lets be the BEST TEAM out there...we can do this !

      spunkygal 2012   

  • Hey! It looks like most of us are reruns!!! :0)!!!! yay for us! I found Sam's club has myoplex at a great price. I have liked the recipes I find on this site and am able to adjust them to my tastes quickly. fresh fresh foods! let's all make a mark this week!!!

  • Well Hello everyone, sorry I was MIA this past weekend but wasnt on the computer at all.  Week-1 is in the books, and boy did I have my share of snags, but thats ok, its a new week, goal is dont duplicate those mistakes and have fewer then I did last week. Fab-Me, I hope you dont run off, this is a great group and they are here for you, this is your joruney just think of us as gas stations, there to help build u up so you can get there, so what if you arrive a behind (hit reset and start ur challenge over)   I have not checked my weight but I can feel a little diffrence in shirts and pants, I can also say i am not as run down as I was a few weeks ago.  I am now on mid night shift, so it will be a little hard to get things fixed to this way, but i will get it.

    Week-1 Done,  Week-2 Do it better then the last.......   Hope everyone has a great Tuesday.

  • Ohh almost forgot, my free day, I thought I was going to have all these cravenings,  I had a few buffalo chicken wings and 4 Oreo cookies with cold milk,  I really surprised myself because, that was all I did, I even drank all my water for the day, and the wings were a lunch, for dinner had Boneless Chicken Breast, with a side salad and two glasses of water.

  • Well my first night on grave yard had me today, woke up this afternoon and had no desire to do anything, but I got a short 8 minute walk in, (little is better then none) I am on track with my meals for the day, I am off tomorrow night and Thurs. try to use those two days to get work outs back in the right direction.

  • You're fine, remember what Bill Phillips says " Persistence not Perfection"

    Just keep moving foward.

  • Whats the price of  Myoplex at Sam's?

  • yay on al that water, Seth0194. Sounds like you drink water easily. lI hate drinking water and have to force myself now. On my first free day it wasn't until late in the evening that I realized I hadn't drank any water all day. It's because that is normal to me. I force 6 cups down per day now. Can't get past 6 though.


  • Life has definitely been testing my resolve this week!  Despite it's many challenges I have not been doing too bad. I missed Monday's workout but have done Tues and Wed's workouts. yay  I haven't been perfect on eating clean, but am getting better with each day.  Consistent progress, not perfection will get me to my goals. Thanks everyone for your encouragement. And please keep posting.  I may not respond often, but I read every post each day.

  • Week one went very well.  had fried chicken  and pumpkin pie on free day then not hungry anymore.  Week two is killing me.  I am sticking to the food plan and exercise plan but I hurt all over and my muscles feel quivery.  Not a great feeling but should be temporary.  I am stubborn enough the discomfort and go on.  However the very early mornings are killing me.

  • Where is everyone? This thread has gone silent for a few days?  I hope everyone is continuing their challenges.  Please post both good and bad days...I love reading them.  Good days give me encouragement and bad days do too because they let me know I'm not alone.