• Hi everyone.....!!

    I am so excited to begin this challenge, as I am a true BELIEVER in the BFL program  :-)

    Have followed it since 1990's joined in a couple of times but never finished :-( 

    This is it !!! It's past "time", would love to have people in the community to join with me to motivate and be motivated.. ha

    LET'S DO THIS !!


      spunkygal 2012   

  • hi, i'm starting on the 23rd also - good luck with yours

  • me, I'm in :)

  • I am returning for my third time, 1st time I made it to week 6-7 and lost 22 pounds (but then went through a nasty divorce) well I tried again almost 5 years later and made it almost all the way through (short by about 2 weeks) and got in a bad car wreck, at the time of my car wreck I had lost 43 pounds.  Well its a year later and I am ready to start my third challenge, Start date July 23rd.  Ive spent the last week getting rid of bad foods, etc.   I am all about using this area as a daily or weekly update.  We can call ourselves The 23rd's

  • I'm in also! All I have left to do is re-stock my fruits and veggies!

  • Hey! me too. Not as athletic as you but my body does respond quickly to muscle building. Let's buddy up.!

  • life really messes with us, doesn't it! good luck

  • call me a 23rd!!

  • 21st Starter here, wishing all u 23rd-ers much success.

  • i am now calling myself a 23rd-er :) i am starting on monday and as a few of you here i also have started the challenge a number of times and never managed to complete it but i honestly feel something different inside myself this time i feel prepared and ready to commit to a new lifestyle i think having support on here will help keep me motivated especially as we have our own little team the 23RD's !! good luck everyone and lets share some support

  • Checking in, how is everyone today on this Sunday (July 22nd 2012)  I am working and trying to make some last minute things before tomorrow.  Glad to see we have several people starting on the 23rd,  Tichatte please feel free to join us here, anything we can do let us know.

    Current 23rd's








    Looks like a good support group, I Challenge everyone in here to stop in atleast twice a week to check this forum write atleast  a small paragraph on your activities and lend support to your fellow 23rd's forum buddies, I say that cause the first time I did this I did it solo and slipped alot, the second time I used the forum and other people starting the same time, and I drew strength from them, reading their progress, and seeing what they were doing, helped me drive on.  would love to see a support system form here.  I will do my best to post every few days, and though I am no expert on any level, will do what I can to help you all reach your goal.

    " Toast" to those of us starting our journey to a better, healther life, to over come the obstacles that will be put before us, and to making our new bodies change for life.

  • Count me in too!!! I just had both breasts removed this Spring (cancer) but  just got new ones (that sound like an aquarium when I jog!), and now that I've been cleared for excercise, I'm ready to work hard to get my body back!  I'm hoping to lose about 15-20 pounds, and regain my strength and endurance.  I had some bad complications from surgery, so I had to lie around for several weeks, while precious friends and family brought me ooey-gooey cheesy casseroles and brownies.  Needless to say, I've got some work to do now!  My greatest need is accountability, so I'm counting on you guys for that!  I'll check in and hold you accountable too.  WE CAN DO THIS!!!!

    GO TEAM 23rd!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hello everyone! I would like to join your fabulous support group too. I, like many of you, have attempted this chalenge several times in the past andhave fallen short of completion for one reason or another. Most recently I have gained 60+lbs in about a year. I am in deperate need of taking this weight off and regaining my health and fitness. I look forward to sharing this journey will all of you.  

    PROUD TO BE A PART OF TEAM 23rd!! :-)

  • Starting 7-23 as well.

  • Count me in!