Is this ok?

  • I love fibergourmet pasta, it is a very high fiber pasta that tastes just like the real stuff.  I did see on the food list pasta but I didn't know if this pasta would be ok.  Today was my unofficial first day (still no book today :() I only got in 3 meals so I know this is something I have to figure out how to get right.  I did eat the three meals according to the plan.  I'm a switchboard operator so it is so hard to eat at work.  Thank goodness two of my meals are shakes (myloplex lite - yummy) My plan of action is to follow the BFL program as best as I can until I have read the book front to cover then officially start the challenge.  I'm not making excuses to eat junk until my book gets here due to I plan on eating from the food list, it's just every diet I have ever been on and let me tell you I believe I have tried them all I have never read the entire book.  I go right to the diet plan and go gung ho and start.  I really want this plan to work for me so I have decided to do it 100% correct.  I'm so tired of everyday thinking about my weight and how frustrated I am but obviously not doing anything about it until now.  My weight has gotten to where it is keeping me from having a social life because I hate the way I look.  I hve so many cute clothes hanging in my closet that I am determined to wear by the 12 week mark.  I know this post started out just asking about fibergourmet pasta so I apologize for rambling on.

  • I would say hold off on "trying" to follow the plan until you're ready to actually follow the plan 100%. I know you're eager to start, but dancing around it is only going to delay you from starting longer. Spend a week or two preparing as far as shopping for your diet plan, familiarizing yourself with the workouts and preparing yourself mentally for some tough times ahead.

    You're going to be hungry and in a lot of pain for the first 2 weeks. No way avoiding that part of it. So, treat it like a band-aid and just rip the mother off!

  • Here is the link to another thread that shows the authorized food list from the orginal book, there is no reason at all that you can't start eating clean meals now.

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