Any ladies starting July 15th (or thereabouts) want to journey together?

  • i went to bed at 8:40 last night not feeling well.  i got up after an incredible, un-interruped 8 hours of sleep and cardioed out.  it was lovely.  i am wearing a size 12 dress i haven't worn in over year and it's only gaping a little at my ginormous boobs.  it's passable for sure.  not perfect, but workable.  woot.

    so, i like to start fresh with each challenge.  i need to work out some technical issues for sure.  i think i will challenge myself to get involved with a class.  yoga, zumba, or zumbelly (that's a bellydance-zumba hybrid my friend teaches)

    congratulations, tonja. what an awesome compliment!

    i hope you were able to enter your info shellsy!  

    snow, hi.  your tweaks sound tough, but you're tough.  i'm sure you'll keep us posted on the progress.  i think measurements every 4 weeks are awesome!  

  • Hi ladies....

    very busy week already and a lot of family stuff on my mind.  I have had to fight depression in the last 7 days or so.  It doesn't help that my schedule has been thrown off and I can't work out on time.  I know, that's stupid... But when I work out in my preset time, I feel in control.  

    Worked 13 hours today but got a great upper body in with a hard incline workout.  I felt better!!!!

    i will be thrown off all week due to some stuff going on, but I have committed to get these work outs in.  For whatever reason, the food portion is reAlly not a big deal.  I feel great eating this way and I have made some great dishes.  But sometimes I need a little sweet, especially at night, so I fight that.

    thanks for all the positive stuff guys.  I know the pills are not the way and the "diets" are not the way.  But it's tempting sometimes.  My brain says "get the weight off THEN do BFL"  but I know that is just a bad road to go down.  So I won't...

    Heathercita!!!!  There you are!  I know what you mean about life getting hard.... Just when you think everything is perfect BAM!!! Something bad, abnormal, or weird happens.  I'm with you, trust me!!!

    tanya!  You are a great inspiration, thanks.  I think I will trash the scale!

    Snow!  Thanks for the positive spin on everything and bring reason to the table!!!

    ok guys, tomorrow is another opportunity for us to stay on plan!  

    Talk to you later ladies!!!

  • Ahhhhhhh..... everything is right with the world again!  My gals are all back home where they should be.  I am so delighted to see you all checked in after my cyber APBs.  There will be no more disappearing for anyone from here on out ok?  That is an order.  :o)

    Just a quick check in here this morning... I really need to get some legs in before I play tennis this morning and I am in serious dread mode.  I may be keeping it short and fun.  Legs+fun?  Let's not delude ourselves.  I am on a new track and will share more about my new challenge when I have some more time to type.

    In the meantime... I think you all are the bomb!  I love knowing you are out there somewhere working your program and overcoming challenge.  It keeps me going.  Two months until years end.... what will we make of it?  How will 2013 great us?  

    Loves until later...

  • i've taken my measurements.  i wanted to end challenge 1 the right way.  i'm actually pretty happy with the results because i know i halfassed it (some of the time)


    total weight lost = 10 lbs.

    total inches lost = 15

    muscle gained = 7Lbs

    fat lost = 18.5 lbs.

    (i know the math is weird there....the scales i used at the beginning were all over the place, so i tried to take an average.  the measurements and body fat calcs came from my 217 weigh-in i think)

    so - what i do know is that i was a size 16 pushing 18 and now 14 feels comfortable.

    glad to see you girls too!  oh, and i TOTALLY didn't go to the gym this morning - LOL!  i'm a dork.  

  • Good afternoon ladies!

    It has been pretty quiet over here.  Did you guys decide to do another challenge?  Let me know....I am on week 11 and I have to say last week was aaawful!  Stomach bug on Monday just caused me to be off all week...I wasn't hungry and then I I was starving and craving crazy stuff.  So, I am back at it again and on plan today.  I did make a roast this evening which will end up as veggie soup by this evening.....  It went from 84 degrees to 50 in the past couple of days and soup was on the menu.  I need a few more recipes.  I did my UBWO this morning and planning on doing all workouts every morning.  TRX tomorrow.    Give me an update when you guys get a chance.

    Heather - GREAT job!  18.5lbs of FAT & 15 inches are freakin' awesome.  I started on BFL thinking I needed to buy size 12s and now, I am between 6 & 8.  So, you will get there...  I have to say I have halfassed it a few times too.  I just try to keep it at 90% - you gotta live, but I make sure to get back on the BFL wagon.

    I won't do my measurement or weigh in until November 12th.  We will see...

  • Hi Ladies....

    I have had a horrible last 5 days - been dealing with

    issues and have had my grandson for 5 days.  He makes it very hard to work out....depression has got to me so this weekend in food was horrible.  But I slapped my hand today....stuck to the food program and worked out - hard HIIT 30 minute cardio even though I am under the weather. (sore throat, etc).

    Tanya, so sorry you were sick...YES - im doing another challenge....but I am starting over this week due to my issues lately

    Heathercita.....great job on your last challenge....i too am in 14's!!!  so great...cant wait for the 12's!!!

    Snow - hope youre doing great and workin it!!

    I'll check in tomorrow after the upper body.....

    talk to you soon!!!.

  • so, what freaks me out is that i was able to fall so easily with my focus on halloween and work.  i better figure some stuff out or the holidays are going to kick my butt!  

    Snow, Tonja, are you still out there?  i know this group has lost steam, but i want to know how you're doing.  there's other threads out there with highly motivated ladies!  i went to the 60 yr. old female starting 3rd challenge.  i'm going to try to keep up posts in there.  i'll never be able to follow that one and this one.  

    i'm not breaking up with any of you.  i just want to read what's going on with people who are doing this.  so, please, drop in.  tonja, i am sorry i totally abandoned you during your last week!  i hope you're doing ok and finishing strong!  

  • Still here...

    With all of the fall festivities...I have been busy with my kids!  Still going to the Y every morning and I am going to get my fitness assement next Friday and see how I did!  I will say yesterday was difficult...I didn't fair real well and my stomach is paying for it today.  

    I agree the Holidays will be difficult and I am just going to keep doing another challenge and 90% is all I am asking for ...  it will be better than just not counting or caring!!

    I have LBWO in the morning & cardio over the weekend.  Next week will be my last on my 2nd really seems like a part of life now.  I need to get the Eating for Life cookbook too.  

    Stay strong and yes - you have to roam around on the forum... its how I found you guys ;o)  On my 1st challenge - I followed 3 - 2 weeks ahead of me, my week & 2 weeks behind me...more support the better!!!

    Have a good Thursday all!  Watch out for the CANNNDY!  

  • Hi Ladies... it looks as if our time has come to close the chapter on this thread.  And that is ok.  We are all in different spots with different goals now and I want everyone to find the encouragement and support where they need it.

    As far as my journey goes... I am no longer a BFLer.  I gave it a whorl and learned a whole lot about my body, my self and my ultimate LIFE goals during my challenge.  I realize that I don't want to be a slave to an intense workout program for the rest of my days and have to count and plan for 5-6 meals a day in order to maintain a slim physique.  That is so NOT freedom for me.  And freedom is what I am searching for.  I have a been a slave to this lifestyle for too long.  I desire to enjoy lots of outdoor recreation and balance in my life and this doesn't provide it for me.

    I stumbled upon something several weeks ago and started poking around and reading up.  It wasn't new information to me but it was presented in a new and fresh way that reconfirmed what I already new and had been denying was truth for me.  This information comes in a lot of different forms, but there is a blog called Mark's Daily Apple that really rings true for who I am and what I know about my body.  It speaks to me as a way to have freedom from this life of going from one intense workout program to another, eating by the clock and chasing my blood sugar all day long.  I no longer want that.  I want to enjoy my life and have my body work for me and not against me.  I still believe it is possible.

    With that said, I have fully embraced this lifestyle and head into it full bore for good.  No turning back.  So in that sense it is for life - just looks different than BFL.  

    I have SO enjoyed journeying with you ladies and getting to know you.  I will most definitely miss our chats here on this forum.  In fact it brings a  little tear to my eye to type that.  Closing a chapter is hard.  I will be a voyeur on occasion to see how you are and may reserve the right to pop in for a shout out from time to time!  I am glad you have found a thread that is alive and well.

    I want the best and most success for all of you!!  Let's ring in 2013 knowing we did all we could to make it happen!

    Loves to Shell, Heathercita and Tonja...

    Ciao for now.

  • Hey Snow....Sorry for the late reply.  Its been such a tough 2 weeks.

    I get you snow and I am happy you learned so much about yourself.

    I too have learned a lot about myself....for me the workouts keep me sane...I can take out my stresses on the weights and feel almost :"NEW" helps me feel in control somehow.  So I know I can do them only issue is during times of trouble I realize that i must somehow change how I handle bad things....Eating is not the asnwer but it's my comfort and thats hard.  But I know I will never be really cured of it and I have to be super diligent.

    I wish all you ladies luck on your journeys....I

  • Good to hear from you Shellbells!  I am completely with you...BFL keeps me sane too.  The most difficult times are when we are stressed and this is where I fault at too.  What I have learned that as long as I get back to it ASAP...not all is lost.  Instead of my old way "oh well" and just keep going.  So, you doing more than you already know.  I finish up on Friday!  I want to see my results, but I know that I have to keep going....  Holidays will be more diffiucult - geez,  Halloween temptations are bad enough!  

    Good luck all!  I will give you an update good or bad on Friday :o)  

  • Well, ladies....... I finished my 2nd Challenge and here are my results from the beginning!

    I was a little disappointed, but that just is how it proud of my numbers (just wanted MORE). After 2 challenges - I have lost 19lbs of fat, 14lbs of just weight, 2inches off both waist & hips and 8.3% BF (which I was hoping for 10+%) oops the BIG one size 10 to a 6 in my jeans! For the important stuff...lower blood pressure & RHR down 8 sec.

    I did go the gym and do UBWO this morning...  I need to focus on getting some new goals and need to work on my cardio!  I am thinking about becoming a certified personal trainer?!!  I know, I know...I just love doing the wieght part and just dread seeing all the women at the Y lifting and getting nowhere.    

    So, good luck to you all on your next challenge!  I will be working on goals for my third challenge and make it thru the holiday season...  STAYING a size 6 and hoping that they will be loose by end of the next 12 weeks.  

    I will miss your support & LYA guys!