Any ladies starting July 15th (or thereabouts) want to journey together?

  • Hey y'all!  Quick post to say hi before I start making dinner.  I am here and doing great this week - of course it is only Tuesday!  (wink)

    Shell must be havin' a ball since we haven't heard from her in days!  Go Shell!

    Tonja - I envy your dressing room courage!  I want that to be me.  I love your thought about "not turning back" - I am SO with you there.

    Heather - so good to hear from you, I thought you had bitten the dust too.  (not really, I was just worried)  We have to keep on "chipping" away.  We're gonna get there girl!

    Loves to all, I'll check ya tomorrow!

  • Still working out over here and have worn all my new jeans for the past 3 days!   UBWO done this morning and actually added wieght & changed excerises a little bit too....I will be sore.  

    Keep it up ladies and I will check in tomorrow too.

  • Snow,

    I think I have a new motto - thanks!  "Not turning back......"  Love it!  I always liked nothing changes until something changes, but the other one fits just a little better now ;o)

  • Good Morning All!

    Well, crap... I woke up with some lower G.I. distress this morning so I am laying low and not working out, just yet.  Going to wait and see what develops.  Grrrr....  my daughter had a bug on Monday so no surprise.  However, I never get this stuff.  Do you guys remember the Seinfield episode where they talked about the "streak" of how long it had been between bouts of the flu?  That is me.  Six years and counting.  Sorry to be so gross this morning, geez.

    Tonja... I love the evolution of your motto.  It begins with changing a behavior... then change can occur... then you never look back cuz it is all in front of you now.   Ahhh... profound.  

    Heather... I was struck by the story of your co-worker's brother, was it?  I can't go back and look because it is on the previous page and this site with shoot me out if I do that.  Anyway, that is really sad.  I am proud of the other brother for continuing to chip away at his weight loss.  How is he doing?

    Talk to y'alls lata!

  • yeah, it was his brother.  he was at a viewing for a friend of ours that just passed away (this kid was only 21 - but needed a liver) and his sister called to tell him his brother died.  good hell i'm glad i'm not in his shoes!  the conflicting emotions of anger, grief, guilt, relief...he's doing fairly well, considering.  i'm so proud of him too and i want to encourage him.  he's such a sucker for the treats that are brought into the office and i never know if i should say something or let it go.  it's ultimately his choice.

    this has been a particularly difficult 12 weeks.  not the workouts and the eating as much as the life happening around me.  i am hoping for smoother sailing in the next challenge.  

    i did upper body today (and i might be going to my first ever zumba class tonight).  i was all crampy and pissy but about 1/2 way through i felt the life in my veins again and i was so glad i was at the gym.

    love you girls.  i'll let you know how zumba

  • Hey guys checking in!  OmG have we been active!  We have hiked 31 miles here in the Canadian Rockies!!!! The hiking has been grueling with major elevation climbs....I cannot believe I have accomplished it!  

    If I hadn't started BFL this would never have been possible.  Two more days then home on Saturday.... Sad!  Back to the grind on Monday.  

    Thanks ladies for getting me through this 12 weeks!  I start another 12 weeks on Sunday or Monday!!!!

    Heathercita,  do what you can.  The alternative is not good so Anything is better than nothing!!!!  Keep doing whatever you can!!!!!  I'm here with you.....lets do another 12 weeks together!

    Snow - what's your plan from here?

  • Hi Guys...Is anyone starting another Challenge?

  • Hey Girls!  Sorry I have been MIA, I am here and still workin it!  In fact I am totally remotivated and having a superb week - oh it's only Monday.  Well, I had a superb end of last week, weekend and Monday so there.  :o)

    Where are y'alls?  Heather, Tonja??  I know Shell is here with me!

    I will post some ponderings and thoughts as I reflect on my last challenge tomorrow.  Right now is time to get some dinner, ready to eat my foot!


  • I am still here week 9 for me!  I have gotten myself a cold and it may not be one of my best weeks.  I slept in this morning because I was sooo stopped up.  Plan on doing cardio/TRX tonight.  So, far I am still on plan food wise - not enough, but thats what a cold does to you.  I was awful over the weekend, but watched my proportions and did my cardio.  I was out of town with family & I just did my best with food choices.

    Let me know what you guys are doing or going...I will just keep rolling into my next challenge with you all.  This a pretty fun group...  I plan to be bikini ready way before I need too and no New Year's Resolutions about getting in shape & healthy either... I will already be there :o)  

    Have a GREEAAT  Tuesday, Ladies!

  • Well this past Monday I started my BFL workouts again (on Vaca we hiked, literally to death).   I cannot tell you how hard that workout felt and and how sore I am.  REALLY?  After just 10 days?  I felt weak and couldnt hit the "10's" like normal and had to lower a couple weights.  Yesterday I was SOOOO sore I could barely move (felt like week ONE!!).  Yesterday's Cardio on the incline trainer was great but this morning?  SO SORE - GOSH, what the heck is that all about????  UGGH.  Today is lower body and I am scared to do it as I just cannot take another sore muscle.  But do it I will......I guess by next week I will be feeling better.  HOLY COW

    Have I mentioned how much I dislike this website?  I have been trying to enter my challenge for two days.  I cannot get the survey to stick.  I REWROTE it 4 times and finally got smart and put it and EMAIL to myself now I can copy and paste everytime it goes away.  I am frustrated.  I know BFL is trying to better this siite.  I took the survey, have you?  It's kind of a joke.  It asks questions which do not really pertain to the frustration points and there is NO comment section.  Basically you almost have to say everything is great, the way they ask the questions. then they say...if you could change ONE thing what would it be?  UMMM.  REally?  one thing?  Again Frustrating.

    OF course, back on plan in terms of food.....I feel great in that respect.  Even through it's still hot here (90's - yuk) I made carrot ginger soup with habanero Monday (its made with tofu - super good) and last night, chicken enchiladas.....YUM  I cannot wait forever for fall to come so I am FORCING IT...LOL

    Hope you ladies are kicking butt!  

  • Hi Ladies!  

    Boy it is quiet around here.... Heather where are you?  It has now been 7 days since your last post and I am about to send out a cyber search party!

    So I am into my next "challenge".  Actually I am doing a 49 day challenge, just to mix it up a bit.  I learned a lot in the last 12 weeks about my body that I thought I knew already!  

    For starters, my successes... I FINISHED!  Yes, yes I did.  And that was my number one priority.  And I didn't just finish by making it to October 7th, I actually completed the 90% of the workouts and stayed in the game until the end.  Admittedly, the last couple of weeks were a little off - but I stayed in the game until the buzzer went off.  So I have officially proven to myself that my body can handle that kind of workload and I am mentally able to set a goal and achieve it!

    Other success... I am WAY more dense than when I started.  So I definitely gained some muscle mass however I have no way to prove this other than how things feel when I touch it!   Another way I can feel the changes are when I run. I went on my standard 3 mile neighborhood run a couple of days ago after quite a lay off.  My whole body felt stronger and sturdier.  And my heart rate was much lower than typical.  ( I think I mentioned that in an earlier post too)  That is so exciting!

    Oh.. and I still have that bulge in my quad!  And I was admiring my delts in the mirror the other day.  I could actually move the muscle back and forth and SEE it.  Woo Hoo!

    I haven't taken any stats yet... which leads me to the things I need to do different.

    I was afraid to take pictures or measure things and in the end it caught up with me.  Had I been doing that all along my body would have given me some clues that I wasn't getting the results I was looking for.  The heavy weight training in the lower body really bulked me up - to the point that all my pants are tight.  That is serious no bueno.  The cardio wasn't enough to offset the heavy weights and create a leaning effect.  I also realize I am not in the majority in terms of how my body responds to this program.  I have some challenges to contend with and now I think I know what I need to do in order to get those results.  (I hope!)

    First of all, my body WILL NOT burn fat in the presence of insulin.  Therefore I have had to cut all grains, sugars and fruit out of my diet for now.  This isn't the case for all women, but it is for me.  This past week has been grueling as my body is searching for a fuel source that is no longer there!  Time to burn some onboard FAT!  

    Also, I have to do WAY more cardio and endurance type leg workouts to lean out.   So my program is now three days of longer cardio workouts (running is back in the rotation), one endurance leg day, and two circuit style full body weight days.  The idea is to keep the heart rate up and keep the fat burning all the time.  Going for the calorie burn.

    To wrap it all up... I have to measure my progress regularly.  Trying on those pants that are tight, getting on the scale and I will take some photos to compare to my start.  I really don't think I gained fat or weight... I changed the body mass ratios but not the overall size of things.  

    Whew, so sorry for the dissertation.  I think I am processing out loud!  Thanks for listening and I hope you all are well as you continue on and begin again.

    Ciao for now...

  • Hey Snow....

    This week was supposed to be my OFFICIAL start to another Challenge.  BUT, Since I cannot get my challenges entered ( I will try again tonight)  the sight will not let you start another challenge until one is entered.  Again something I think is kind of silly...but it is what it is... I apparently need to stop whining.   So IF I can get my challenge entered I will begin another OFFICIAL one on Monday.  I am still of course, following the plan.

    Snow, I love your reflections and that you have learned so much about your body.....I cannot wait to see how the next 12 weeks goes with that new "dialed in" insight !!!!

    I too feel the same way when I run, it's SO MUCH better, lower heart rate, stronger, easier recovery.. so we know something is going on.

    I am frustrated recently and I have to STOP STOP STOP it.  I keep hearing numbers that are SHOCKING for a 12 week period of time 30 - 50 - 80 pounds.  My measly 13 lbs seems insignificant in comparison and that horrible doubt is coming back into my mind that maybe I am too old and My body just doesn't want to lose the weight this time around.  That maybe I cannot keep this up.  I know it's ridiculous and I shouldn't compare...but I have a CRAP LOAD of weight to meticulous about the eating plan and bust my "you know what"  in weight training and really?  only 13 pounds?  I KNOW I probably lost more fat than that and That I have gained a ton of muscle.   I KNOW the inches show success - 12.52 overall loss and down a full size and a half in pants....but my brain feels like it's going into sabotage mode. I am having troubles entering the challenge so now i am thinking...why should I submit it anyway?  I gotta stop that kind of nonsense immediately

    One of my daughters was frustrated with her weight loss - she lost 40 pounds this last year working out and eating right, but that last 10 pounds will not come off....she got on Medi-fast and boom, it's off in a little more than 3 weeks.  Part of me sees and hears that and wants to just GET THE WEIGHT OFF no matter what.....ya know?  and that is not healthy.  I know I have nothing but time and this is not a race....I know it, but I want to FEEL it.

    I am clearly having a tough day. Yep, Miss the rest of the Girls also......check in ladies....we need the support!  :)

  • Shell... hang in there girl!  You have lost a pound per week on this challenge - that is a healthy amount of weight and more than that - a sustainable one.  The quicker the loss the quicker it comes back on.  I know slow and steady is hard because your mind has to stay sharp and committed but you are SO on the right track.  Give your body the time it needs and the rewards will be even sweeter because you won't fall back and regain it.

    I think you have done GREAT - your numbers, your pant size, the inches - COME ON MAN!  :o)  Celebrate in that victory and keep chipping away at it.

    P.S.  Perhaps a little tweak of the diet and cardio might shock your body.  It may have gotten a bit lackadaisical in the past 12 weeks and needs some change.  I know I did!  Have you tried carb-cycling?  

    Heather?  Heather?  Heather?  I am sending out a cyber APB for Heather!

  • what's that????  i heard a voice in cyberspace calling my name.....  

    HI!  let me apologize for just selfishly isolating the last week or so.  i finished this challenge with a *splat*  

    you girls have supported me through the toughest times in the last 12 weeks and have cheered me on every step of the way.  i feel terrible for not being there at the finish line with you for your big wrap up to challenge #1.  i'm around, i'm struggling and flailing and trying to keep my footing.  

    i'm hoping that 12 week warmup will help me with the next 12.  

    Snow!  man am i glad you're doing another round!  the measurements, the numbers, all that is secondary to the changes you know you can feel.  thank you for your encyclopedia of knowledge for every question i've thrown out there!  

    Shells!  you are my inspiration to move forward with this every day.  i can't believe how well you've done!  you've met so many challenges in sticking to this.  it would've been so easy not to work out during one of your trips.  but you did it!  don't do the diet pils.  you know it's not real.  i totally think you deserve big numbers of weight loss, but you're doing this the right way, not the easy way.

    Tonja - i'm glad you've stuck with us as well!  you're in the home stretch of this!  it sounds like you're doing very well and i'm hoping to be where you are some day in the not so distant future!

  • Good morning LADIES....

    Yep, I have had a stomach bug!  Took today & Monday off - ugh, but I am better today and hopefully will be back on schedule tomorrow.  I am on week 10 - flown by again!  Honestly, I have been about 85 -90% on this challenge with nutrition & workouts.  I did see a couple this weekend at Target that I see about every morning and they told me that I was dedicated...  One of the best compliments that I have ever gotten.  

    Shell, you have done GREAT!  I think you need to toss that scale - I can't stand the darn thing, it deters me more than it helps.  I lost about the same on my 1st challenge too.  I still think it will take another challenge to get my BF% where I want it this darn Mommy belly just wont' go away.  I have tried many diets, but the weight always came back and didn't make me feel better about myself like BFL has.  I did the Jenny Craig - lost 25lbs and who knows the inches...with a good price tag to boot.  It came right back!  2nd Baby...did the HCG diet dropped 20lbs and yes - it came right back about a year later.  I decided then no more diets - I wasn't in shape just the right wieght & size.  I started BF in January and I finished in May and I have a completely different attitude about myself in and out - our bodies are amazingly strong.  I try not to let the oops' here & there get me like they use too.  I will probably do challenges just keep me focused.  I need to work on my cardio part - I love lifting, but Cardio just UGH!  I need to do a challenge to improve my jogging, running or something.  

    Heather, glad to hear from you girl!

    Snow, love ya!

    So, I am planning on staying with you guys for the next one too.  I don't know my goals yet, but I am sure that it will be to lower BF% and get a cardio goal of some sort...ugh, but I need to do it - it's my weakness.