Any ladies starting July 15th (or thereabouts) want to journey together?

  • AARRRGGGHHHH.... computers, telephones and technology.  Good grief.  I have had one problem after another this week and not one thing has been immune to it.  It is like a virus spreading through my house!  I have zero patience for such things.

    So, here we are.  I have had a bit of a random week.  I am looking to mix up my program next week as I need some serious change.  And I have to ask Shell... why do you still have 4 weeks left?  Didn't you start on July 15th?  Next week is week 12 for me.  Hmmm, I like your calendar math better than mine.  :o)  Nevertheless, I am planning on restarting with a new program and I am on board for the long haul.  

    I have to say, I feel so much more dense than when I started.  I really think I had some serious muscle atrophy and it has taken this long to build all that back again.  Not like I wasn't working out, but I hadn't worked out with heavy weights in some time.  The truth is, heavy is the only thing that builds muscle!!!   So the scale and clothes aren't showing me what I want yet, but I am confident that it will.  I really am.  I don't know why, but I am.  And ladies that is CHANGE of massive order.  Believing.

    Enjoying more fall weather... sorry Shell.  It is an absolute perfect fall day today - sunny, the trees are changing, it is in the 60's, the air is crisp.  Can I just say again, I love this time of year!!  :o)

    So, tomorrow is cardio tennis then I am regrouping for Monday.  Probably going to put together a plan that includes two leg workouts per week (one heavy, one endurance), one upper body and cardio.  Not too different.  I just find for my body, the more legs I do the better.  Those muscles burn some serious calories!  Plus I am adding back in daily yoga to keep my muscles supple and I really want to commit to my evening walk with the dog.  Just a 20 minute loop after dinner.  I mean really, how hard is that?

    Keep me accountable ladies.  And can I echo your thoughts... I am so glad we are all still here some 12 weeks later.  Wow, I never expected that.  Let's keep it together!  I believe if we keep chipping away at this we will reach our goals.  It may not be 12 weeks, but it WILL happen.  It is commitment over the long term that creates change.

    Have a super weekend all!

  • Snow.  You just ruined my life.  

    I was positive I started on 7/24.  But I realize I started on 7/16.  So I am ending week 10 instead of 9.

    So next week is 11 and the following is week 12 ending the day I return on 10/14!  Holy crap.  

    Now I am irritated beyond all belief!!!!  How do you finish a challenge on vacation????  Gosh!!!

    I'm going to sulk!

  • that's my shell.  not ^ that shell, but the one i just bumped into on a thread called "motivation".  i was looking for some.  going to use someone else's motivation 'till i found my own...and who do i see??  SHELLBELLS.  RRR!  i just want to give you a big 'ol hug!  don't be disappointed that your challenge 1 flew by so quickly!  be excited that you get to start on #2 a week earlier than you thought!

    Oh, snow!  i hate those weeks where everything is going wrong!  i knew you were still plugging away at the program, but i missed you.  

    i was thinking about how much i wanted to do yoga today!  but i wanted to do it instead of upper body, not in addition to.  well, i dragged my butt to the gym (i felt a little like eyore this morning) and i managed a pretty good upper body.

    work is kicking my butt.  so is life.  some days i'm all in this and other days i'm squeaking by.  i hope to do challenge 2 a little more vigorously.  

  • Happy Monday All!  I hope you had a superb weekend.  

    Sorry I ruined your life Shell, but I am about to ruin it again.  Your end date would be October 8th then... not the 14th.  So this is the final week.  But that is good right?  You can go on vacation, reflect, regroup and come back ready to hit challenge 2!  :o)  Quite frankly, it doesn't really matter does it?  It is about consistency and commitment not a start date or an end date.  This is a plan for LIFE!

    Well, I have had some trouble getting the eating back on track after our little vacay.  Darn it.  I was up and down all week with my food choices.  Now realize I'm not downing junk food, or sugar etc.  Just a little too much of the good stuff and of course none other than my best of friends.... Peanut Butter!  I'm back on it today.  I have my calendar lined out and on the wall and ready to roll babee.  And I just had a delicious lunch of salmon and cabbage.  Ooh La La

    Heather - you got this thing.  Finish strong and roll right into challenge 2.  I actually read on the Hussman site where it reads "in as little as 12 weeks".  It doesn't say everyone will achieve these results in 12 weeks.  Only that some may do it "in as little as 12 weeks".  That isn't an excuse to not work hard, but it is a gentle reminder that some bodies and lifestyles take a little longer for change.  Let's be patient with ourselves and our bodies.  

    Rocked a little upper bod this morning.  Planning on two leg workouts every week for now.  The rest cardio, yoga and walks at night.  Need to fully commit my mind.

    I'll check y'all later!

  • You guys are killing me today... So, when are you guys going to start the next challenge?  I don't finish until November 10th.  I can re-start or stop & go again.  

    I am like snow, I haven't made the best food choices, but I have been really busy with a few things & just got hungry when I ate all my healthy stuff while I was out.  Today, I am back on track and UBWO done.  Added to my wieghts this morning which was a real challenge on my biceps..may need to reduce to keep my form up.  

    I did wear my size 6 made my muffin top show up again -grr...   Still have a little ways to go in that area.  I hope everyone is having a good Monday too.  I am glad mine is about over...2 more hours.  

    Nothing changes until something changes....

  • Hi guys!  Still a feeling a bit under the took another day to recoup.  I cannot be sick on this vacation!!!!!!  Upping my already huge amount of vitamins, eating great and resting.  If it weren't for the vacation, I'd be pushing the hec out of myself.

    The deal is this challenge went by so fast.....I thought I had more time to lose some more and hit my personal oral which is not gonna happen.   No biggy, just a bit disappointed.

    Glad you saw the post heather and that it helped you!!!!

    Tanya!! Size 6 is my goal!!!'ll work off the "muffin top"!!!!

    Well .... We are getting prepared to leave.  Discussing when we will work out, what activities we will do, heat we will eat.  We feel pretty confident we can stay on program.  All our activities will be physical ( hiking, canoe,  riding bikes, etc). But it will be cold!!! Which I am thrilled about.... About 48 degrees!!!!  Bring it on!!!!

    Today it was 105 degrees today.  I can no longer take it.... I just want to poke my eyes out!!!!!

    Oh yeah!  Our anniversary present was a new gym... It got put together today.  We look like an official big time gym!  Can't wait till I feel better!  Tomorrow I will kick some butt!!!

    Finish strong ladies!!!

  • Yaay, Tonya!  that's awesome.  It'll all come together.  

    Shells!  i'm so excited for you!  for your trip to the arctic and your gym!  coolness!  Oh i so hope you get feeling good when you go.  or by the time you get there.  i was thinking about your relentless heat, as i was sitting in the sauna at the gym this past weekend.  maybe all the extra sweating helped burn off some fat :)  ?  huh? 

    Snow - you're fabulous.  you've got all the motivation i'm looking for!  i really admire your attitude - you are going to have such awesome results!  are you going to post your pics?

    i'm excited today!  it's only the second time i've stepped into a dressing room since i started this.  last time it really burst my bubble and i was prepared for more of the same, but when i braced myself for what i was going to see when i peeked at the mirror behind me, i was surprised.  it's not something you'd really want to see, but it's much less lumpy than it was before.  AAAAAND i picked up some size 14 purple jeans.  AAAAND they fit very nicely.  not just barely if i suck in (ok, it's that amazing material with lycra somehow magically combined with the denim, but i don't care!)  oh my goodness,  it makes me want to dance a little jig.

  • Quick post...

    Heather - awesome on the purple jeans.  I am so glad they made you feel good and successful.  Where them whenever you doubt your success on this journey.  I am so proud of you for facing the dressing room - it is the devil you know!  :o)

    Tonja - rockin' the size 6.  That is just great.  I am in need of buying some pants but not sure I can bring myself to enter a dressing room with jeans.  Crap.  It is a very real hang-up for me, has been for some years.  I had hoped I would be in a place not to fear it anymore but I'm not.  Not yet anyway.  I will get there.

    Shell - I think you must live in hell.  I would be more than ready to hang by my eyelids on a rusty nail for sure with that temperature.  God bless you for living there.  Get ready to breathe in some fresh, cool, mountain air.  Ahhhh.... good for the soul.

    Legs this morning and I about blew out a butt cheek.  No joke.  Need to do a little yoga right now and restore some flexibility.  I may or may not be able to move tomorrow.

    Ciao for now ladies...

  • P.S.  I agree Shell that this challenge went by uber fast.  It feels like it was July 15th just yesterday.  Has it really been almost 3 months???  But what I can say is that I have experienced so much internal change even if the external didn't meet my expectations (YET!).  That is where is counts.  The outside will come with consistency and commitment.

  • Ok!! I am over the whole disappointment of the challenge end date.  I'm moving on.  Lol

    So feeling better and got my UBWO in on my new gym today!  Boy did it kick my butt!  Very isolated movements make for some pretty fatigued muscles.  Since I'm behind, LBWO tomorrow with a cardio.  Well see how that goes!

    1 day to vacation!  So excited to get out of this %£+%#! Weather!!!!

    So happy for everyone !!  Challenge one is almost over!!!

  • You guys are doing GREAT!  End is near and do you know only about 5% finish this challenge - so A HUGE congrats to all of you!  

    Shell - completely understand about the HEAT! I live near Memphis and finally I think FALL has arrived.  Enjoy your vacation too.  It is well deserved!

    Heather - way to go on the jeans too!  Yes, it is a love hate relationship with jeans...I love them when I find the right pair.  I wish they had a pair called "Removes muffin top" fit!  They have waay too many to pick from today.  

    Snow- way to notice the changes on the inside...the rest will catch up.  I have seen more physical changes on my 2nd, but it is more difficult to stay on the food plan.  I am about 90% on, but still waayyy better than I was before BFL.  I am thinking about getting the cookbook and see what it has.

    Happy Hump Day, everyone!

  • Hey Y'all!

    Well, I presume Shell is en route to fabulous Banff or at least packing to get en route.  Jealously continues.  Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

    Tonja - thanks for that stat, it made my day.  I had no idea the percentage of people finishing was SO low.  I am feeling all puffed up right now!  :o)

    Heather - did you buy your purple jeans at Loft?  I saw some in there yesterday and thought of you strutting about.  Made me smile.

    Everyone - can I just say that the reason I have made it to week 12 is all of you?  I want to get on this thread daily to report my progress and share my successes and failures and it has kept me coming back and staying on track.  You have made the difference for me this time and that is SUCCESS in my book.  I FINISHED (well, 4 days shy but who's counting).  And because of you, I will start again but not over - big difference.  Ahhhh.... now that feels amazing.

    Loves to all and have a great Thursday!

  • Good morning from Banff!!!!

    It's amazing.  It looks better than any photo I have seen and we have had pristine weather.  Totally blue sky's, snow topped mountains, and breath taking beauty.  It's about 45 degrees during the day and 20's at night!  Our perfect weather!!!

    We did a couple of small hikes (getting used to the altitude!  So hard). And today plan on about 6-8 miles I hikes up mountains and  around lakes.  I haven't gone to the fitness center yet ( will this morning) but don't want to be trashed for the hiking.

    Food has been awful here and in 24 hours I had only two protein bars.  Yeah.  Not good.  Finally last night I had a decent meal and  the. Finally got to a market to get our groceries so back on plan today.  I will pack 3small meals as a precaution so we don't miss meals.

    This week ends our challenge and I feel awesome.  It looks like I will end with 13 pounds lost, over 13 overall inches down and 5 percent reduction in body fat......that was my sats as of Wednesday.  I am happy with it,  although I wish I knew how much overall fat I lost.  I know I gained a ton of muscle (they are definitely visible).

    Heather and snow-we Re the only ones left from the original challenge!  Great job you guys!  

    Thanks Tanya for all the support and for that stat!  It's super exciting too know we are doing what a lot of people can't do!  WhAt an accomplishment!

    Keep going ladies!!!!!

    Talk to you soon!

  • Shell - I did about the same on my 1st challenge!   I don't know how I am doing on this one, but I am doing measurements at the end only!?  I notice more muscle tone than anything.  Have fun & enjoy your vacation too.

    YES, I bought 2 more pairs of size 6 jeans this pair is roomy...I still can't believe it.  I don't know if GAP & Banana Republic run larger, but I am running with it.  Loft jeans - didn't, but I am going to get rid of all my other jeans that don't fit good - not turning back!  

    Everyone have a good Monday everyone and let me know when you are on your next challenge - I would like to keep up with you guys!

  • hi babes.  i feel like a kid that's been ditching class.  i'm not really finishing with a bang.  (i still have one more week - i started a week after you chickadees)  

    i wouldn't really say i've fallen off the wagon.  but the wagon's been stopped a couple times.  i'm having a bit of difficulty child-proofing my plan.  my little one has been getting up in the middle of the night for the last 4 nights.  i have a really hard time getting up at 5 when i've been up for an hour at 3.  

    i'm glad i'm clinging to what i can of this and for that i'm proud.  i still have a week to turn it around and i'm re-thinking taking down time in between this challenge and next.  i've had plenty of down time.

    my friend here at work who had that contest with me to lose 40 lbs by january, he just lost his brother to extreme obesity.  his brother was only 44.  it took 12 grown men to remove him from his home.  they had to remove a large window to get him out.  it's so sad.  i've been overweight, and inactive - not to that extreme, but we all start somewhere.  i'm so glad to have my health.  it's been a sobering reminder, and it's been motivation for me and my friend to keep chipping away at our goals.