Any ladies starting July 15th (or thereabouts) want to journey together?


    I feel like screaming from the roof tops!!!!   I GOT TO WORK OUT - ON PROGRAM - ON SCHEDULE TODAY!!!!    YAY!!!!!  Boy did it feel good....great cardio and foam rolling - even got 10 minutes on my spike mat (accupressure) and got to meditate.  WHAT A BIG DIFFERENCE THAT MAKES!  I am so no irritation today.  I MIGHT go do a stretching after dinner is on...because I am that friggen motivated.  I have so much energy I dont really know what to do with it!!  (well, I could thnk of a few things..LOL)

    SNOW - GREAT thoughts and good outlook.  I am proud of you!  SOOOO jealous you are camping in the FALL!  It's still 105 here, depressingly hot.  YUK!!!

    I want FALLLLLL!!!!  well, two weekd from tomorrow I will be in gorgeous BANFF!!  SUPER excited, but i have short timers disease bad!  it will be like 40's there and 20's at night (hopefully) cannot wait.

    Great progress Tanya!!!  we all want to be you right now!

    I gotta get stuff together for the Chili cook off ( I have won 6 of 8 years) which is saturday....these days I cook with my nephews and let them win the prizes....they are 14.  so we are making traditional RED and non-traditional green (pork and tomatillo chili - so good) AND cornbread.  WISH US LUCK!

    I'll post the hot and sour soup recipe, maybe's a little different than traditional because it's ginger hot and sour so there is a good ginger flavor......we LOVE it.

    Keep up the energy!!!

  • Ummmmm.  Hello???

  • Shhh, they're resting!

  • OK - Clearly I am talking to myself....BUT I wanted to share some week 8 stats.

    Total weight loss:  11.5 lbs

    Body fat - 37 (down From 42!!)  feels so good to be in the thirties

    Total inches lost:  DRUMROLL PLEASE.....12.62 inches overall!!!!!

    HOLY CRAP I am excited!  I feel good and feel I can continue this......cant wait for final week 12 stats!  Then the next day?  Challenge number 2!!!

    Hope you all are on program and fighting through it all......

    Would love to hear from you girls!

  • i don't want you to feel crazy like you're talking to yourselves, so i'll post.

    i'm still journeying with you!  i just fell back to the back of the line a bit.  before i go anywhere...YAY SHELLS!  why are you so awesome?!  good job on 8 week stats!  the next 4 are only going to get better!  i'm glad you've stuck with this.  and us.

    so, my arms are dead.  DEAD!  from my upper body workout this morning.  then i got a flu shot a few minutes ago at work.  i thought the needle was going to break trying to penetrate my solid shoulder muscles.  but it didn't.  

    i've run into a bit of financial stress over the last two weeks, and i know this program doesn't have to be expensive, but i didn't plan for this and therefore didn't have my home already to feed me for two weeks without going to the grocery store.  i still have some of the healthy basics, but i've been eating that stuff that's been in my cupboards forever and a lot of leftover soup.  (the weather is getting cooler, but 88 still isn't really soup weather - you know?) ok, well, all that aside, i've been working out.  when i don't put all my guts into it i feel like i've wasted my time.  and it's happened a couple times.  but i'm still going.

    so, that's what i've been up to.  

    wow.  it really did get slow here, didn't it?  well, welcome back to the week.

  • Hey Everyone!  I leave town for a few days and come back to find Shell talking to herself.  No Bueno!!  :o)

    I had the most fabulous long weekend.  Positively glorious.  I just love fall in the mountains and feel blessed to be able to enjoy it!

    So I worked out Thursday before leaving town.  Then on Friday we did a 7 mile hike (not a cruiser hike by any means!).  Saturday and Sunday were rest, relax and enjoy our time.  The eating was mostly good really.  Our tradition on long altitude hikes this summer has been a bag of Pop Chips to share at the destination with our lunch.  So I enjoyed those on Friday, guilt free because I did no less than 40,000 lunges and step ups on this hike!

    Saturday and Sunday got a little loose with the food but nothing crazy.  I did eat too much in general on Sunday.  I'm not sure what it is about fresh air that makes me turn into a grazing moose!  I was eating spicy pumpkin seeds like it was my last meal.

    We take this trip every year in the fall and last year I was a mess.  I couldn't fit into my shorts, I really hopped on to the camping food train in a bad way and was generally mentally depressed about my condition.  This year, I felt so great, my attitude was great, my fortitude while everyone else was eating smores and I wasn't was great.  I am in such a good place with all these weeks of work under my belt.  I can only  go up from here!  I wasn't perfect, as much as I had hoped I could be... but I was better and more balanced and I can't ask for more than that.  It is progress.

    Hope everyone is well!

    P.S.  Shell, way to go on the stats!  That is fabulous!

  • Sorry...ladies just been busy!  

    Shell way to go...great job!  

    I went to visit family & friends and walked 5k for Breast Cancer on Saturday which I also used as my free day, but I ended my free day this morning?!!  I got in late last night and had to fast to get blood work this morning...I was starving by the time I got out and extremely tired,  Panera Bread was around the corner calling my name...I dwindle quickly if I am hungry.    I still feel exhausted now?!  Hopefully, it will go away soon.

    I am putting it behind me and will be back on plan by lunch.  

    Have good afternoon....

  • MY LADIES ARE BACK!!   YAY!!!  Im doing the little happy dance!

    Heather - I am so proud of you for having all that stress in your life right now and still staying on the exercise and eating as good as possible.  SOup is not a bad food (well, unless it's cheese and broccoli or baked potato, or cream based ,hmmmm well, you know what I mean)  The workouts can beat the crap of the exercise equipment and feel better about working off your stress.....I know I do!!  Hope the baby and hubby are good as well.  Keep up the great work.

    SNow!!  WOW, what a great sounding weekend and what a positive and uplifting message !!  I am thrilled you felt so good, jammed ton the 7 mile hike and didnt have any smores (umm...dont know if I could have done IS a smore afterall)   I love your refelction between last year and this year and I couldnt be more thrilled about the progress you are making.....Keep up the great work!

    Tanya, nice job on the 5K!!!  I love your attitude about "getting back on program by lunch" - you rock.

    Today, I really busted out the Leg workout.  DID a HUGE about of abs.....and obliques I feel good.  But hubby wont be home till late tonight and I am SUPER I think I will run off the stress with a good 2-3 miles on the treadmill listening to LOUD music.  That will do the trick!

    OMG - 10 days left until my glorious trip to BANFF!  I am a bit nervous about the food on vacation...but we are planning.  There will be a fridge, so cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, fruit, sliced chicken/turkey, and rye crisp's should keep us going as well as protein shakes and protein bars.  ON Oct 9  (we will have our free day and dine at a fancy restaurant) but the rest of the time....we hope to be good.  We will bring a little thermal bag and bring foods around with us while we are sight seeing!   and we will be by ourselves so no temptation from other people!  There is full gym in the hotels so we will get our workouts in each morning and THEN do Hiking, canoeing, etc......OK...I just have to keep talking about it so I feel like I am planning all the time!

    Have a great week LADIES!!!


  • Hey Everyone!

    Quick check in before I head out to play tennis this morning.  And it is COLD here... brrrr.  I'm thinking of putting on my stocking hat to play in.  Anyway I digress....

    Shell, the more you talk about your trip the more envious I become.  I have been there and it is absolute glory.  The fact that it is just you and the hubs - no outside food pressure or bad habits to contend with is so fabulous.  I love that you are planning to workout in the am and then go do all the fun activities.  I am so motivated when working out with my husband.  I know you guys are going to do great!!!  Post some scenic pix too.  Hey... where is our soup recipe???

    Tonja, way to get back on plan by lunch.  I have had a bit of a reentry problem after our trip - getting back on plan.  But yesterday was great and today will be too - so I am in the swing.  It is just easier to never get off plan eh??

    Heather girl where are you?  Check in check in check in!!

    OK, I'm off... I'll check back later.  Oh, I am planning an upper blitz this afternoon with the hubs - that will be good.

  • hi!  yeah, it's fall!!  we got our first snow today (not down here in the valley, but up in the mountains where i'm going this afternoon to a meeting)  

    i slept this morning.  i didn't go to the gym.  my saving grace is that it's legs, and i can do that at home easier than any workout.  

    the upper body i did a few days ago really left me sore.  like, soreness i haven't felt since i started this challenge.  

    AND I got paid, so i got groceries!  WHEEEEEEE  food!  so exciting.  it was hard for me to be in costco last night and resist the pre-made meals and the food court.  but i stuck to my list.  i felt like a kid in a candy store.  

    snow,  i remember thinking it would be fun and i remember, even when i was young, that wore off pretty fast after chasing balls for an hour.  i have respect for anyone who can play.

    shell - i'm excited for your trip!  i know you're going to have so much fun!  if you send us a pic, it would make your absence much more tolerable!  

    tonya - that's awesome that you did the cancer walk!  i love doing something to give back.  it lifts my spirits.  i hope yesterday went well for you.

    one more thing i wanted to add...when i started this, back in july, i knew i was ready to commit to the 12 week program.  and i love that a few of you have stuck with that as well.  i remember really waffling about actually "joining" though.  and i was pretty sure i did NOT want to get involved on the forums.  WHAT WAS I THINKING?  nothing has motivated me more than to have my girls with me through this.  i am sure i would have fizzled out by now if it weren't for you!  i can't do this by myself.  i realize that now.  thank you for your continued motivation and stories and inspiration and struggles! 

  • Holy smoly I forgot the soup recipe!! Here you go - SO JEALOUS it's cold although we are seeing a change in weather (albeit slight) but a change nonetheless.

    Hot and Sour Soup

    4 cups Chicken broth

    1 each fresh woodear mushroom (excellent, but hard to find....optional)

    a bag of dried asian mushroom stips.   (if you can find anything like this, use shitake's dried)

    5 tablespoons seasoned rice vinegar

    2-3 tablespoons cornstarch

    2 tablespoons fresh minced ginger

    1 1/2 tablespoons seasame oil

    1 ounce angel hair pasta, broken in little bits

    1/4 cup low sodium soy sauce, or more to taste

    1/2 teaspoon sambal OLEK (chili paste) or 1/2 teaspoon dried crushed red pepper flakes (more or less to taste)

    10 ounces package firm tofu , diced in small 1/4 dice or sliced in match sticks (I like the dice better)

    Sometimes I add thnnly sliced napa cabbage, match stick diced bamboo shoots (from the can) and sliced snow peas so extra veggies

    1/2 bunch green onion, finely chopped

    pinch sweetner, if you think it needs it.

    1. Combine mushrooms and broth in bowl.  Let stand for 20 minutes to reconstitute.  Remove mushrooms from broth and squeeze dry over bowl.  Reserve broth

    2. Discard mushroom stems and thinly slice caps, if your musrooms have them.  Very thinnly slice the woodear mushroom is using, julienne style.

    3. In small bowl combine vinegar and cornstarch....stir to blend, set aside.

    4. Heat sesame oil in pan, add ginger.  Saute for 30 seconds or so.  pour in reserved broth.  Bring to boil. noodles, soy sauce, red Pepper, mushrooms, green onions and other veggies.

    5. Reduce heat to medium-low, cover and simmer about 5-10 minutes.  add tofu and then cornstarch mixture.  Taste and add more pepper flakes, or soy sauce, seasonings (salt, pepper) or a touch of sweetner if needed.

    6. Stir until thickened about 1 minute

  • Heather - YET AGAIN WE LIVE PARALLEL LIVES......I have been lifting heavier weights and I feel just shredded.  SUPER sore and even the Betagen has it's work cut out to calm down the shakey muscles!!  Great to hear you were in Costco and stuck to your list!  Good for you...what are you having for dinner???  

    Today I forced myslef to do upper body and you know what?  It was AWESOME...shocking huh?  As sore As I was I felt great and grunted through the heaviest weight I have lifted, so I feel accomplished.

    Snow - i hope your day was great and tennis was awesome.

    Tanya - hope your back in your "groove"!!

    SOOOOOO jealous of your cold weather (jackets and snow? )  I WANNA CRY!  I posted the recipe - get on the hot and sour soup have the perfect weather!!!

    I was thinking about that too Heather....about how we start with good intentions and something happens along the way.  I am glad we are sticking it fact for me, it feels like second nature to eat this way.  and today?  The weirdest thing happened to me.  I actually FORGOT TO EAT....I dont think I have ever forgotten a meal in my life!  But literally I was working and focused and during my workout I realized I didnt have my breakfast OR my 9AM meal...holy smoly!  Now that is not the best thing but it was confirmation that my brain is not so focused on food - that's a good thing!  I still havent eaten much today....dont know why - but Im not gonna question it!

    I was on another thread and one person said their first challenge they lost 84 lbs !  Is that for real?  84 pounds in 12 weeks?  I almost started crying.  I have lost 12 poiunds (another 1/2 pound down today) in 8 weeks.  HOLY COW - I must be doing something wrong!  A little discouraging, but everyone is different and each person loses at a different rate.  BUT STILL!!!!

    I will have all this weight off by the end of Challenge 3 - thats what it took last I expect about the same.

    Ladies, keep on keepin on.....we have 4 weeks to go.

    The day after I finish this challenge i will start Challenge 2 - who's with me???

  • Good morning Ladies,

    Did cardio this morning!  I thought it was Friday and doing LBWO - I lost one of my workout gloves :o( I was all worried this morning...I was running late and could find my darn glove and then I realized it was Thursday not Friday!  I guess we get set in our ways...  I am back on the nutrion side of the plan about 90% - I keep having snacks that are not on the list this week.  I am going thru some stuff and that must be it.

    Shell, thanks for sharing the soup recipe and I am going to try it this weekend.  I will be going from one challenge to the just keeps me honest & in shape.  Also, remember that we are all different on the scales too.  I try not to wiegh myself too much - it just doesn't motivate me, but sweating my tail off at the gym does.  This morning I decided to try the stationary bike - I was tired, but not sweaty enough!  I will have to figure out my 10s.  

    My husband decided to try out the LBWO yesterday and was surprised at how hard it was!  I just wanted to laugh...I stopped telling him about my workouts loooong ago.  He just kept doing what he knew with no progress and just didn't want to listen to mine.  I have a feeling that he will have difficulty walking by this afternoon...he added 20lbs for every set!  

    Have a good one ladies!  I am thinking about doing another walk for cancer not this weekend, but next!

  • hehehehe....oh me....i'm such a BAD body for lifer this week!  i've decided, this challenge, i'm probably not going to win any prizes.  when i cook at home everything is hunky dorey.  but i've gone out to lunch a couple times this week, and went to an octoberfest lunch this afternoon.  i'd like to pretend that bratwurst on a white bun = protein and a carb...but i can't find a way to justify that.  

    i didn't get my workout done yesterday either.  but i went this morning.  i did super hard legs and threw in some abduction/adduction for good measure.  (why couldn't they come up with some different names? like push out squeeze in?) ok. so, whatever results i achieve are about 3/4 of what was possible.  

    Shells, i made chicken breasts topped with colby jack cheese and green chilies , brown rice, FF refried beans.  it's like super quick and my baby eats it like a boss!  i'm excited to try the soup, but i'm afraid of mushrooms.  i've been picking them off of everything for 37 years.  i try to give them a shot every once in a while to see if my palate has matured.  

    as far as challenge #2, i am going to jump all over that!  i was planning on a weekend or something in between.  a couple days off.  but no more than a week tops.  i want this to be a forever lifestyle too, but i still like to take it in chunks.  so, i'll be with you at least through challenge #3!  xoxox

    Tonja, that's funny about your husband.  mine doesn't work out (he's losing weight from my awesome meal planning) but i try so hard not to be a jerk when he gives me workout advice.  

    snow - where you at babe?  

  • Hello ladies!!!!

    Tanya- that's great about your husband!   I hope he continues the BFL way!!!!

    Snow!  Report baby report!  Lol

    Heather- Yummy dinner!!!!  Hey... OMIT the mushrooms.  You don't need them.  Use shredded cabbage and bamboo shoots!  I made it without mushrooms for my son in law.  It's still excellent!  Don't ruin it with something you don't like!  Yeah!!! Challenge number two together!!!  We got this!!

    My body is shredded this week.  My body is trying to come down with a cold so I have been pushing through UGGH!  But have done all workouts without WHIMPING out!!!!  So I am proud of myself.

    Ok ladies going to bed!!! Talk to you tomorrow!