Any ladies starting July 15th (or thereabouts) want to journey together?

  • WEIRD.  we're all girls, right?  so...i haven't had any cramps the last two months.  it's got to be related to my improved diet and exercise - but that's so weird.  it's awesome. i'm going to have to research this.

    i did a killer upper body work out this morning.  i never slack on upper body.  it's my favorite workout.  it makes me feel so strong.  

    i'm taking off early today to go to the state fair!  yaaay!  i love the fair.  :)  i'm sure they won't have a booth with myoplex (unless it's deep fried) so this will be my free day.  i never have my free-day and my rest day synched.  

    love you ladies.  i wish i was running along the beach with you shells.  hope you're feeling better snow!  

    peace out.

  • Hey Ladies!!

    Hope you are having a grand week... and just to make Shell a little envious... it rained ALL day here yesterday and was so cool I needed pants and a sweatshirt!  Today is more of the same without the rain.  I never thought I would be cold again after this summer and it happened.  There is hope!  You will love your trip up north for sure!  Of course, I am envious of your run on the beach and your trip to Banff, so we are even steven.  :o)

    I am stalling before I go and do my upper workout.  Better bust a move since Heather put the smack down with her great workout.  I have it all planned, just need to implement.  Perhaps I will watch SYTYCD while I do it...

    Cramps, ah yes.  Based on my own experience with PMS symptoms that is an indicator that you are decreasing your estrogen.  Which is a REALLY good thing.  Lots of women are estrogen dominant (me included) which is a cause for PMS symptoms, carrying weight in their lower half, etc.  I take a progesterone supplement to balance it out.  In fact I was getting a little lackadaisical with it for a while and had terrible symptoms a month ago with my cycle.  I got back on it and this month was swinging easy.  Sorry if I sound like a know it all - I'm really not!  :o(  Heavy weight training and clean eats are key for balancing out those hormones - you go girl.  That is a tangible marker of your hard work!!!!

    Hoping Tonja is doing well while traveling - we will be anxious to hear about your week!

    SouthernB - have you gone away again?  Life taking over?   Check in with us even if you aren't on plan, we are here to support in ALL ways friend.

    OK, enough stalling... here I go.... chest press coming up...

  • WOOO HOOO ladies....SAN DIEGO IS DONE!  I stayed pretty close to plan and tried like heck to be diligent about my workouts.  BUT, driving home (4 hours) today, I was starving and didn't plan what did I do?  YEP, went to Taco Bell for a burrito....BAD SHELLEY!  Sure, I could have had a salad or something off the fiesta menu (thats the low cal stuff and its good....) BUT NOOOOOOO. that new cantina burrito rocks

    Get this, FINALLY San Diego was cool this moring, overcast and drizzly...AWWW my favorite kind of weather.  I WAS SO FREAKING HAPPY...ran again on the, love, loved it. But driving home to the HIGH FRIGGEN DESSERT (which is what the area I live in is called) otherwise known as SANTA CLARITA (fancy name for "your going to burn to death") is is 110 degrees!  Luckily the humidity is only 16 percent...but I have lost my garden and herbs are fried and did I mention hot, discusting and it feels like living HELL???   NICE.  

    Tomorrow morning I am going to do UPPER BODY and SATURDAY - LOWER BODY and then MONDAY....back to basics and good clean eating.   YES!

    Snow, I am SOOOO looking forward to my trip.  So much so, I feel like I can cry....I cant wait to get away for fun and to the COLD weather....BRING IT ON!!

    Heather - I am so proud of you and keeping your life on track .......I feel the same way about my Upper body...but recently I have been LOVING lower body - at the conference one very fit women said....WOW, you have great leg muscles....she could see it cause my pants were fitted....So, I feel good.

    AND OH YEA....I carried a big luggage, smaller case AND my huge back pack up a full flight of stairs to the hotel room....I realized...CRAP....I am so much stronger!


  • HELLO!  oh my goodness, Snow...THANK YOU A MILLION for your brains.  you kinda sound like someone who's done a lot of research (as opposed to a know-it-all) you'd be on my list if i'm ever on who wants to be a millionaire and i need a lifeline.  sorry i didn't respond yesterday when i read that.  i  kept getting work.  (at work.  i know)  how did your workout go?  was it great?  did you imagine you were getting strong so you can kick butt while you're dancing on SYTYCD?  

    unfortunately, the clean eats and working out don't solve the problem of being a little touchy this time of the month.  it also hasn't taken away my chocolate cravings.  i like chocolate.  but i only CRAVE chocolate during this special time of the month.

    welcome back shells!  um, i feel bad for you in the heat.  it's way too late in the year for that crap!  i hope it passes quickly.  i didn't know that's what santa clarita meant.  i'm learning lots of stuff on this forum!  :)  way to be strong!  how fabulous that someone complimented your leg muscles.  i bet they're stunning.

    i put my old workout pants on this morning and they're dragging on the floor at my heels.  i was tugging and them and trying to not trip over them and i was all pissy....then i realized what was happening...i almost laughed.  my jeans feel looser today as well which has put a spring in my step and a spark in my motivation.  

    oh and a state fair follow up...i did not get to eat any crap at the fair.  we stopped for lunch at a Mediterranean deli before hand and i had a lovely panini (not on program but not overboard) well, when i got to the fair my tummy hurt.  i kept saying i was going to get something fried before we left.  by the time we were ready to go, husband was hot and tired, baby was hot and tired and i was not going to drag that out by getting funnel cake.  so we left. well, i showed me.  yesterday at work they brought in cupcakes and i had one!  i felt vindicated.  that was a long, pointless story.  sorry for waiting your time.  i got to watch my baby pet sheeps and ride a pony.  it was a good day.

    i hope you girls have a fantastic weekend.  i'll be thinkin about you.  i might use the pool at the gym this weekend.  then i'll sit in the sauna and pretend like i'm in santa clarita.

  • Happy Friday Girls!  I hope everyone is well today.

    I am having an off workout week - only got in three workouts thus far plus cardio tennis tomorrow.  I think I have lost a bit of motivation and experiencing some workout burnout.  Yesterday during upper body I was super mentally fatigued with the heavy lifting.  So, I have decided to mix it up for a few weeks.  Do a 4 day split with cardio at the end.  I know I need to find something to get me out of bed.  I wish I could say at this point in the game that I was seeing great results and therefore I am totally motivated to workout and eat right.  Not the case.  This isn't a one size fits all program and clearly I am not in the majority of those for whom it works.  That is what I have been pondering for the past week.  Now let me say, although I don't have a way to measure, that everything is tighter and more dense.  Which is good.... it just doesn't show up on the scale or in my lower half clothes.  Well, I have avoided putting on pants to be honest.  I can't take anymore defeat.

    I have pulled out my BFFM book as it discusses some of those tweaks if you aren't getting results despite eating right and working your butt off.  My body is one stubborn creature and I have known that.  Of course I got on the scale this morning and it was up 3 lbs from Sunday which is completely ludicrous!  Man, the mysteries of the female body.  Whoever can figure that one out will be a millionaire x 10!

    Sorry to go on....

    Shells, I am sorry you live in hell.  Perhaps you should move?  :o)

    Heather... awesome on the loose pants!

    Have a great fall weekend!

  • Hey, I'm back - talking to myself here!  :o)

    I just wanted to share how the pendulum can swing in this journey we are on!

    So I got dressed for church this morning.  A bit of dread realizing pant season is approaching.  I put on a pair of capris I haven't had on most of the summer.  They were freshly washed and ironed.  Usually, freshly washed and ironed they are a bit more form fitting across the rear acreage.  Not so this morning.  Realize this is a forgiving pant, not like a jean.  But still.  I had plenty-o-room in the legs and butt.  The waist was snug but that is a reflection of my indiscretion on Friday!  Bloat City.

    Hope you are having a stellar weekend.  I am actually looking forward to Monday and a change in workout to energize me-brain!

    Ciao for now

  • Good morning and WECOME to WEEK 8 !!  

    Ya know what is weird?  This is so normal to me...I feel like I am just "doing it"  and just "living"  so it's hard for me to  remember what week  we are on..  Before, I thought about it a lot, but not now.   Also, I almost forgot this is a challenge and I actually have to do stuff for it, write the survey, get pictures in etc, etc.....That's good news.

    Snow - AWESOME!!!  See? iot's like I was saying in my reflections post....all this stuff adds up and over the course of one, two or three challenges, THIS PAYS OFF.  It's like I was saying to SaraKate and others, just keep doing it and "IT" will happen....the alternative is to stay where we were - every week, we see progress now.  GREAT JOB!!!

    Heather, I hope all is well an you had a GREAT weekend.

    I had HARD work outs on Friday and on Saturday and needed yesterday's break.....I feel better and ready to kick butt this week. My body is FINALLY responding the way I think it should.....I feel great after my muscles calm down after working out and I feel like recovery is MUCH faster.  Being sore is a way of life.....I remember last time after two years...I was always "workout" sore (if we are doing it right).  This week, I will take more photos', mark my weight and take measurements again.

    I wanted to post early.  This will be a busy, busy day!

    Hope everyone is ROCKIN IT!!  BOOOO YAAAAA!

  • Good morning Ladies,

    I am back today and all I have to say is that I am REDOING my week 10!  I left my gym clothes at home and didn't do anything.....we had plans from breakfast to dinner all week & I did my best to keep my proportions.  I tried to find a place to buy shoes, but just got lost and decided to have a me sleep in week.  Going from central to eastern time - got me too.  

    I enjoyed reading all your posts too.  All I can say the plan works, but it definately is different from person to person.  I have seen more dramatic changes on my 2nd challenge than I did my 1st.  You have to always remember that it took more than 12 weeks to get out of shape and it may take more than 12 weeks to get into shape.  I love this motto and I repeat it to myself a lot...Nothing changes until something changes.

  • Good morning Ladies!  

    OK - so I got on the scale and now my total scale weight loss is 10 pounds.  I know I have lost much more fat and gained muscle.  I have my fat measurements. body measurements, I am going to figure out how to get those numbers.  So I feel really good.  Tom is now putting on a few's all muscle.  He is building like crazy and just went down a size and a half ( not quite 2 whole sizes) so clearly he is losing fat.  OMG he has the best legs and his abs are starting to pop out...nice!

    It's weird.  This time around the eating is like No Big Deal to me....I dont know why. It doesnt worry me and I am very relaxed about making the meals and staying on it.   I still make good creative food, just on program.  For instance, Last Friday I made a great ginger hot and sour soup.  Tofu, tad bit of chicken, cabbage, bamboo shoots, woodear mushrooms, etc....IT WAS DELISH!  I served it with a bit of brown rice.  YUMMY.  

    Free days?   I love them and use them WELL....last weekend PIZZA and pasta.....this coming weekend?  Mabey Indian, well see. 

    The workouts are getting very normal for me to do.  I get very edgy and resentful when I cannot do them.  Yesterday was a great example.  With being at the hospital, (aunt had an injury)  I couldn't get it in so I was irritated...isnt that stupid?  

    So I thought I would share some of the little foods I have found recently that I love:

    • Daisy brand cottage cheese (so much better than everyone else) - don't know if you have that one.
    • Kashi Go lean crisp (toasted berry crumble) High protein cereal
    • Dannon light and fit FLAVORED Greek yogurt (80 calories!)
    • Fresh or frozen blueberries (cannot get enough)
    • Smuckers sugar free preserves (all flavors)
    • Rye crisp crackers called crisp and light - SO YUMMY
    • Cabot brand reduced fat cheese
    • chipotle flavored low carb wraps
    • low sugar Heinz Ketchup

    Just thought I would share......

    Hope your days are going well.....!!!

  • hi babes!  i'm getting all slackey about writing my stuff down (and checking in here) BUT my program is actually going well.

    last night was a bit of a disaster..(my 10 year old flip phone died) one thing led to another, and by 8:00 i found myself very hungry with a very hungry family at wendy's.  i had a baked potato chili and side salad.  no sour cream, no cheese.  it worked (unless Wendy's chili is loaded with fat.  it probably is)  so, by little girl was sitting next to me and she's just discovered dipping.  she was dipping her chicken nuggets in ketchup.  then she swiped one of my grape tomatoes from my salad and dipped it in ketchup.  the irony of that was not lost on me.

    mmmmMM!  shells!  man, i'm jealous of your skills!  i love getting dinner inspiration from your posts 'cause now i'm craving hot and sour soup with tofu,

  • 'Sup girls?!  I am in a mental state of total disaster.  That's about all I have to report.  

    Still trying to get back on this horse!

  • Hey, hey, hey ladies....

    OK, it's time to kick your butts.  SERIOUSLY.  We are in week 8 for cryin out loud.  BE PEPPY, LOOK ALIVE, FINISH THIS THING WELL!  

    LIsten Southern, It's about getting it in your head to do this....I was loooking back at your very inspirational posts....Go back and re-read them because you yourself will find inspiration in them.....Hang in there baby!

    HEATHER!!  My darling...there you are!  If you want the recipe, I will send it!

    Snow....please check in...I am missing you!

    OK - time for bed...more tomorrow.


  • Morning...Ladies!  

    Heather...Wendy's Chili is one of the best!  I read about it men's health and it way better than you think it is and calories & protein better than there salad.  It is my go to if I don't bring my lunch.  Nutrional data is on the website too & check out the salad nutrional value - you need to split them, but not a large chili.  I am sure the sodium is high though.

    Shells ...pass on the recipe.  It is getting soup time here.  

    I actually bought a size 6 jeans yesterday!!!  I wanted to that on my 1st challenge, but it seems to be coming together much better on my 2nd challenge!  Don't get me wrong they are tight, but very stretchy!  SSSooo, happy!  Still working on BF% - still have a momma belly and hoping when this is finished it will be about gone!

    Keep up the good just may take longer than you want, but finally the body & mind are actually working together!

  • good morning.  Thanks Tonja, that makes me feel loads better.  a few months ago my go-to order at wendy's was the chicken asiago ranch.  fried chicken, of course.  the only saving grace that kept me from increasing my weight to biblical proportions is that i hate paying for a combo, so i rarely indulged in the soda and fries.

    and good job with your 2nd challenge progress!  i want to be as dedicated as you when i gear up for round 2!  you're doing really well!  size 6 is awesome :)

    shells, i love you.  i know half the time that's all i post, but it's true.  i would also like the recipe.  

    Snow!!  we need you.  congratulations on your pants :)  that's the best feeling!  i have a whole wardrobe waiting for me...soon.  

    i am noticing so many changes now in the way my body looks and i'm so happy.  i'm worried that if i take a picture i'll just see the negative.

  • Ladies!  Hello!  I have had a busy week and I am headed out of town for a long weekend tomorrow but I wanted to check real quick before going off the grid!

    Shell... it is unanimous, share that soup recipe!  Yummo

    Tonja... way to go on the pants!  I am encouraged that you are having great success on round 2.  I strongly believe that many of our changes are occurring at the cellular level and they need time to show up on the outside.  I am so in this thing now, my mental state has totally evolved.  I make choices based on where I want to be... not where I am.   Not that I don't mess up.  Just that it doesn't turn into a 4 day deal anymore.  It is one and done!

    Heather... I love that you have a flip phone and an old one at that.  ME TOO!  Technology be damned.  :o)  I can text faster on that thing than my husbands iphone!

    Southern... I echo what Shell said.  Go back and read your inspirational posts.  They helped me in a serious time of darkness on this journey.  You rock girl and we miss you!

    OK, so my funny little update this morning.  I get out of bed, get dressed, put on my shoes and head to the pot for a second time for an extended stay if you know what I mean.  I look down at my HRM and it is beating between 64bpm and 67bpm.  That is CRAZY!  For my heart rate to be that low after being up and moving around is unheard of for me.  My RESTING HR is usually upper 60s if not low 70s (you know lying in bed corpse like).  Which means my resting heart rate now has to be in the 50s!!!!  That is such crazy good feedback for me.  Something is working from the inside out.  WOO HOO!

    With that I will leave you for the weekend.  Off to enjoy some fall camping, fall colors, elk bugling and hiking.  Yea!!!