Any ladies starting July 15th (or thereabouts) want to journey together?

  • Thank you Shell for your positive ponderings!  That was a perfect start to my day.  All that stuff will add up to reaching your goals.  Thanks for sharing...

    Well today I got up and did Upper Body and SO felt it.  I did barbell underhand grip rows for back and it was the perfect exercise.  I often don't feel back so much.  Then I went to my tennis drills class and we had the ball machine going today.  Whew, is my upper body toasty toast!  I burned 440 calories just at drills.  Of course, it doesn't always add up in the acreage equation...

    Heather...  where are you??  I am so glad you got some stylin' digs for your workouts!  I am about there myself.  Been wearing the same stuff for some time.  Nothing like new workout clothes to make you feel good.  That will be my project for tomorrow.

    Tonja... how is 5am treating you this week?  Oh, I remember something about traveling.... how is that?  Are you able to workout out?  Eat?

    Take good care ladies... tomorrow is legs.  (did you hear the waa waa sound?)  Ooh, that reminds me, I was slipping on my shoes this morning and noticed a calf muscle.  No joke.  I actually stopped and admired it for a moment.  :o)

  • GIRLS!!!!!  I am here!!  I have been so swamped with life "stuff".  We are having serious talks about whether we should move and that has been pretty much all I've thought about 24/7 aside from getting the kids into their new activities.  School got shoved off the schedule all last week and half of this week too.  And I fell off the dadgum wagon.  Seriously.  I think I just need to start all over at week 1, I look completely different than 3 weeks ago and that tells me I don't want to step on the scale and should probably just find my weights I was using week 1 and begin there.  I lost any muscle mass I'd gained no doubt about that.  And my belly is hella bloated.

    Aside from life, I think what also derailed me is repetitiveness of what we eat.  I vacillate between wanting rote no brain just eat it and move on and getting mad I'm feeling so limited and restricted.  THIS IS A HUGE ALL OR NOTHING MINDSET FOR ME.  I know this, it hinders me in darn near everything in life.  I have got to get control over this.  I don't have a plan yet.  But I'm going to put my brain power to use and tackle it tonight.

    So, while I did fall off, and I look probably worse for the wear than when we all began, I told you lovely ladies I was not going to quit and so I'm not.  I won't have spectacular results like I'd hoped come week 12 but I also know I have to keep trudging along.  The one thing I really have lightbulbed is that this is for life.  I get it.  Finally.

    We are heading to the Peninsula again tomorrow afternoon.  I AM SO EXCITED!  I think we'll come home Saturday night.  My goal is to have a great weekend, work through my issues, make my plan, and start the week off right Sunday beginning with church.  (We have just begun at a new church in the last few weeks, this is good for us!)

    I LOVE EACH OF YOU AMAZING LADIES!  Hope you are kicking booty this week!

  • YEA!!!!  Our SouthernB is back and all is right in the world once again!  :o)  We missed you and are glad you are here with us!

    I'll write more later when I have time... headed to school drop off.

  • Morning ladies!  I am still here too!  I have been reading posts just didn't have the time to post anything...........YES, still doing the 5am workouts too.  I did LBWO this morning too.  I am going to be out of town most of the week next week...worried.  My whole day is planned from breakfast to dinner for 3 days!  

    Keep up the posts.........I did wiegh myself which I never dooo....I am a pound a way from my goal which if you don't watch it I guess it just surprised me.  Have a good Friday and weekend all!

  • heeeeey!  i'm here.  i've started posts the last couple of days, but my awesome scheduling (posting as i'm eating breakfast at work) keeps getting interrupted.  work's kicking my butt.  wed. was the little girls funeral and that was insanely difficult to get through.  

    i've got my workouts in tue wed and thu. and i plan on going later tonight.  i've all but abandoned my journal.  this wasn't a problem for me before, but this time?!  man!  i've got a mental block on it.  i'm eating ok.  the last couple days i've felt rushed to get out of the house and didn't make meals.  i'd throw like one thing in my bag.  i'm out of proteins at home and need to plan some meals.  i'm making this more difficult than it needs to be.  

    on the positive side, you girls are still here!  i'm still here!  i may not be progressing by leaps and bounds, but i'm still going the right direction.  a couple pairs of pants fit better and i'm getting stronger.  i don't feel awkward (very often) at the gym.

    i'm so glad to catch up a bit and see what you're doing.  i miss you girls.

  • Hi my darlings!!  THERE YOU ARE  everyone!  Glad your back southern!  Shake it off and keep on truckin!

    OK Tanya....close to GOAL??? WHOA -   I have two more challenges for that...LOL  but I am super proud of you and your tenacity.

    Heather....sorry your work is so crazy...hope hubby and baby are fine.  Glad the funeral is over and you can recover from that event.   You sound like you are working positively through it and doing the best you can.....! WOOT WOOT!

    SNOW....OK...I made a shake today....(not like yours but I laughed because i actually added something to mine)  Myoplex light vanilla, little bit of cocoa powder, instant coffee, cinnamon (pretty good amount) and nunatrual stevia vanilla.  SUPER GOOD

    Anyway,  I woke up sick this morning.  Now I understand why my workout was SO HARD yesterday and I was so flippin tired and not able to stay awake.  YEP, Sore throat, body aches.....My body temp will not regulate and I have spent the day overheated and in a perpetual state of perspiration!  DISCUSTING.  Just simply could not cool down.

    So at 1PM I couldn't keep my eyes open and I felt awful.  Slept for 3 hours solid and by 4PM feel much more sore muscles, and my throat feels better. So I am pretty sure it will be gone by tomorrow.  My healthy lifestyle is paying off.  

    I decided not to work out today....cardio would not have been good.  SO depending how I feel, Weights AND cardio tomorrow.

    I made a delightfully cool summer dinner....a low carb wrap with Tangy Curried chicken salad (yes, it had mangos) and a side salad with a homemade vinaigrette.....DELISH!  It hit the spot without heating up my house and now I feel much better.  .

    Off to have a bath, facial and sleep.  Tomorrow is free day and i want ICE CREAM!


  • Hey y'all... it is Saturday morning and I have a few minutes before heading to my cardio tennis class.  It doesn't feel like working out - just pure joy.  And a lot of sweat and heavy breathing.

    It is so great to hear from everyone!

    Shell - dinner sounded wonderful!  I hope you are feeling better today.  Don't push for two workouts if you are on the edge.  It is better to heal than to push through and set yourself back with a more serious cold.  Rest and don't worry, you aren't missing too much.  Did you really want my two cents?!?  hee

    Southern - I can't wait to hear what you come up with while hangin' at the beach this weekend.  Keep us posted on your plan to move forward.  It sounds like you have some big life stuff going on - that can definitely put a kink in the workout/eating plans.  Don't be too hard on yourself.   Pull up those bootstraps girl and keep going.

    Heather - as long as we're moving forward it is progress right?  I've got some tweaking to do myself in order to get the results I want.  Cried a little about it yesterday.  My shopping for a tennis skirt didn't go none to well...

    Tonja - ok, a little envy here but mostly very impressed with your results!  You go girl!

    Have a super fun weekend everyone.  It's September... my favorite time of year!

  • Well, thanks for all your support, but I really didn't make a BIG weight goal - it was so hard & disappoining on the 1st challenge!  I made it more about % BF and I haven't gotten this taken yet on this challenge.  

    I will be out most of the week at our corporate office and I am worried...I have plans from 7:30am to 7pm!   I just bought to go shakes, fruit & yogurt for the trip.  We have frig in our far I feel ok about my plans just got to figure workouts in the plan now.  Corporate office is an our ahead of us...1st day I may just sleep to get use to the difference and make up for the travel time & get back to it after that!  I hope everyone is having a good weekend too.

    Glad to see everyone back!

  • Hi guys!  Feeling better and did LBWO today... Took your advise snow and laid off the cardio.  I will fit one in tomorrow.  But the workout was good and it's been a good. Day.

    Since its free day, we had Doritos taco's at taco bell!  I love those!

    Hope you're having a great weekend!!!!

  • Ok, so I didn't want to disappoint Shell without a new and exciting shake concoction so here goes...

    Almond Milk, Spinach, Cucumber, Strawberries, Strawberry Jay Robb Whey, Cocoa Powder and Stevia.  Magically delicious I tell you!  I will be making that one again!

    Have a great Sunday... rest day today for me.  Thank goodness cuz I am rickety once again.  Making some pasta free lasagna for dinner with homemade sauce, yummo.

  • HI!  i made it through the weekend and i did pretty good.  i did REALLY good with the workouts, and pretty good with the food.

    is it week 8 already?  

    First things first:  Dorito tacos!  hellz yeah!  i love those too.  :)

    september - fall in general!  hellz yeah!  BEST time of the year by far!!!  i feel the chill and everything is right in the world again.  my energy goes up, my outlook goes up.  i love fall!

    it's probably too early to bring this up, but are any of you planning on another bfl challenge at the end of this?  you girls have been such an inspiration for me and so much fun to hang out with.  i'm doing this again, and i would love to have some of your with me.  i may take a break for a week in between.

    Tonja - good luck with the travel!  i am inspired by anyone who can stay on or near program while traveling.  is this something you do frequently?  it seems so challenging to me.  it sounds like you've laid some good groundwork.

    Shells - i'm so glad you're feeling better.  good attitude too! i think that's a huge part of staying healthy.  i made a seared tuna steak last night that i felt would have made you proud :)

    Snow - that makes me a little sad that you were sad when you went shopping.  you sound like you're doing so well.  don't let it get you down.  we love you and i am so happy you started this group on bfl.

    Southern - did i already express my excitement that you checked in? it's good to hear you!  that sounds like big things are going on!  that's exciting :)  and scary.  but that's what makes life an adventure!

    thanks for being here for me :)  i couldn't do this without you.

  • Ladies, ladies, Ladies....


    and yes heathercita....I will be doing another challenge IMMEDIATLY following this's my new life point not to do the challenge...right?

    we are living parallel lives again...I made Seared Ahi SUNDAY night too!  GOOD for you...I love that you love to's warms my little heart.

    OK - EVERYONE...if you are enjoying brisk, cool lovely fall like weather...KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!  (just kidding) I am SOOO jealous!  Please Pray for colder weather here in SO CAL before I melt and wither away......

    Snow - ok...that shake takes the cake....REALLY?  and it was yummy?  I just cant get over spinach in the shake at all....

    Tanya good luck.....

    Southern- Hope your vacation is going great....

    it's late and I gotta sleep...

    Goodnight world... :)

  • good morning world!

    how did it feel to work out this morning?  i wouldn't know....little miss ornery pants was up all night and by 5:00 this morning she was really up.  (little miss ornery pants would be the baby fyi)


    so, i read this today, and i liked it.  mostly the idea that bingeing is bingeing,  even if it's on veggies, it's still emotional eating.  AND chewing gum doesn't help with hunger - i love gum, but because it's all sugar free and has xylitol or whatever, it gives me a tummy ache.  so i try to stay away.  and the pb, i think we all knew that anyway, but it's a shout out to my snowpuff.

    enjoy.  or don't  that's fine.  holy crap i''ve had a lot of coffee this morning.  WOW,

  • Hey y'all - quick check in this morning.  Yesterday I was uber tired and feeling a bit under the weather.  So I laid low all day and took a serious nap.  Feeling better today so I shall tackle legs before lunch.  Pulled out the 30lb dumbbells for today - boo yaa!

    Shell - just so you aren't totally jealous over fall weather, it is going to be like 86 here today.  Pretty hot.  I think the whole country is plain tired of the heat!  Bring on the super chill and I will be happy.  By the way, so jealous over your upcoming trip to Banff.  Yummy!

    Heather - I will definitely be sticking around.  It is going to take a bit longer to get where I want to be.  I will likely mix up the exercise but nonetheless I am buying a ticket on the train with ya!

    Gots to run for now, have a fabulous day!

  • Hi GIrls.....

    I cant chat....gotta get back to 8 hours of training....

    BUT, ran two miles on the beach yesterday (concrete strand not the sand) it was great.,  Woke up too late for workout this AM and my legs are killing me....will work out tonight.

    Sorry to hear about baby being up all night the other night heather, hope your day is better today.

    Have a great day ladies!  Keep on trucking!