Any ladies starting July 15th (or thereabouts) want to journey together?

  • Ok.... The funny story:

    I have been "upping" my workouts/weights buy a lot In the last 10 days.   I can really feel the difference and I have been soooo sore.  Monday's workout was tough.  I was sore yesterday,  but this morning when I woke up,  I was soooo very sore.  I was straightening my arm and both biceps and triceps felt hard, ya know?  So I asked my husband to rub my triceps because they had little knots.  As he starts rubbing he starts to laugh!    He says "honey,  you don't have little knots, you have gorgeous little bulging muscles!  That's what you are working so hard for!". Then we started laughing and have been laughing kind of all day.   I am happy that it's really showing.  But they feel kind of " big". Lol!  

    Snow.... For legs I have added add floor work, inner and otter thigh and leg lifts and the hands and knees leg raises,  Calves have been upped to  now 3 sets of 20 with 25 lbs in each hand...push ups... Planks and scorpions.  Upper body, Tom helped me with form and added crossovers.  So after each group of muscles (cheat, shoulders, back, etc) I do a 15 rep crossover on each side ( so at the end I do 5 sets of them.  

    Heather - amazing results so far!!! Wowowowwowow. 10 inches!!  BOOO YAAAA baby!!!

  • Good morning ladies....

    I did it day 4 - 5am cardio done.  I did leave work early to catch some ZZZs...meds are causing a little nausea too.  A glass of milk before has helped immensely.  So, it looks like this week I will get 5 early morning workouts.  I am heading to lake for the long weekend and plan on doing cardio on 2 days and hit the gym on Tuesday.  I have no idea about meals, but plan to bring shakes, bars, fruits and raw veggies.  Mainly, going to just watch my proportions and roll with it...its last weekend of summer.  

    You all are doing great!  

    I hate read about adversity in peoples makes my heart hurt!  I now it will get better for you all & your friends in time.  Prayers going up for you all!

    Have a good Thursday!

  • Good morning Ladies,

    Well, I DID IT!  5 days of 5am workouts!  I will say I am a little droggy, but I am going to blame tropical storm Isaac on it - yucky looking Friday.  Long weekend and heading to the lake hoping that this storm gets moving so we can enjoy being away - cross your fingers!  I am planning on enjoying the weekend with family & friends.  Packing healthy snacks and watching my proportions.  Talk to you all next week!  

    Have fun & safe Memorial weekend!

  • Okay, maybe my early morning workouts are getting me confused....Have fun & safe Labor Day weekend!?!  I might need some unsweetened tea with lunch...geeez!

  • Hi Everyone!  

    Quick hello to say I just trudged through upper body and it kicked me butt today!  That's ok, I'm on the other side of it now!

    Shell - cracking me up with your knotty triceps.  You are a silly girl!

    Tonja - way to bust through the week!  Yay!  Have a super weekend at the lake, that sounds deliciously fun.  Without the rain of course.

    Heather - I do hope you are well and able to support your friend in any way you are able.

    Have a super long weekend everyone - keeping the goals out in front.... BOO YAA

  • hey babes!

    i got thrown off a day earlier in the week, so i was on cardio today.  and i did it.  the hazards of 5am workouts are discovering when you got dressed in the dark you put your undies on inside out.  oh well, i'll get another day out of them now....JUST KIDDING!

    this has been a challenging week, with sad news from friends, and a night last night of bad feelings and tears with the in-laws.  good hell.  i'm glad it's friday and i can retreat into my safe little world for a few days.

    one of my co-workers, out of the blue, brought me (and my family)  some ginormous breakfast sandwiches that are all hot and cheesy and sausagey this morning.  it was such a nice gesture, i had to stall for a few minutes while we chatted and i devised a cunning plan to get them into a safe place not in my belly.  i'll warm them up for breakfast tomorrow. :)

    we got our landscaping finished yesterday too.  overall, i'm quite pleased.  it's too bad i can't walk on it (for a few weeks) but i'll sit on the patio and admire it from there.

    i hope you girls all have a great weekend!  tonja, have fun at the lake.  i'm hoping the sun shines down on you!

    snow - good job!!!!!  i'm so proud of you sticking with this!

    shells - you're a tender heart and i love you!  have fun this weekend, and don't massage all your muscles away!

  • Ok... So I'm sitting in the doctors office.  My hubby is going int for his first (and maybe last) colonoscopy.  I forced him into it and he is hating me right now... But I'll have peace of mind and he will thank me later hehehehe. (or maybe not).

    It's sort of peaceful for me... Quiet doctors work - not so bad.  :)

    Great job Tanya!  5 days wooooo hooooo and yes, I know the feeling of being groggy.....but good for you!  Have a wonderful time at the lake!!!

    Snow.... Good for you!  I know the feeling!  I got through a tough cardio yesterday but never recovered.  I finished it At 4pm but by 8 I was in bed .   Just TOAST!  This morning, ni feel strong again!!! Rest weel.  Your body is making "little gorgeous muscles!!"

    Heather!  So funny!  I used to get dressed in the dark and a couple times went to work with one navy and one black shoe.  Nice!   So nice about the breakfast sandwich!  Good for you.  I don't know if I could have done that!!!  Last week my neighbor made and brought me matzoh ball soup!! Yum  saved for free day.  

    I miss haylzabub and southern!!!!

    Hope you all have a safe, relaxing, and spectacular BFL weekend!!!

  • Ok.  I have to complain!!! This family comes in with Three kids.  Like 6, 9 and 11?  Anyway they come in with potato chips and junk food.  Wrappers are just left behind and the kids were smacking their lips and mouths so loud it was discussing.  The mom?  Nothing.  N

    She said nothing, did nothing and didn't make them pick up their trash.  Uuugggh.

    Ok I'm done now!


    Good morning...everyone OK after the weekend??

  • ouch!  painfully quiet.

    i had a vacation from my fitness goals this weekend.  i ALMOST didn't get to the gym this morning, but divine intervention stepped in and by the grace of god, i did cardio.

    i felt kinda lousy about the 3 free days, and the sleeping in until the awesome pre-parenting time of 8:00 am!  i should say guilty, not lousy.    it wasn't like 3 free-day-free-for-all.  just not structured well, and i had some treats.  but i didn't go all crazy or anything.  i'm REALLY happy that i went to the gym this morning.  i'm super proud of myself.  i even got some new workout clothes over the weekend, and i was pretty happy to have a sassy outfit to accessorize with the bed-head and barely open eyes at 5:00 this morning.  i was stylin.

    check in.  i'm up, so i want all you to be here hanging out with me :)

    oh, and i made whole wheat protein pancakes this weekend and they were unbelievable!  i looooved them.  so did the baby.  the husband is a critic, so he said they were ok, but you could taste the protein powder.  i was satisfied that he ate them up anyway and it was healthy.  so take that!

  • HI HEATHER!   I missed you so much!

    I am proud of you that you got your butt to the gym today......!  Yay for you...  I cannot bring myself to make anything with protein powder except shakes...that cream of wheat experience was enough for me!  LOL

    I am proud of myself that I stayed on food program Friday and Sunday.....Sat was normal free day and yesterday was a BBQ....but I make healthy on program food, although I had some pretzels and 3 bits of a brownie.

    Exercise was killer this weekend....I had GREAT workouts and will do my cardio "after work" today.  I too got some new "cute" workout clothes mostly for the hotel gyms....!  I actually feel "normal" now working out.  Yesterday was a holiday and I didnt even think about it.....I just got up, put on my workout clothes, pounded some water and worked out.  It seemed normal and I didnt think " But it's a holiday!".....I just did it very automatically which makes me realize its just becoming part of life now....AWESOME!

    We are going to Banff in the Canadian Rockies next month for our 30th Anniversary....Had to get some very warm jackets/clothese as we want to hike everyday and it will be very cold. (Gosh those kind of clothes are expensive!)  Temps will be in the 30's day and  20'sat  night. I am happy to report I bought 1 size smaller!  So it was exciting....

    Snow and Tanya, hope you are doing great!

  • Missed you rained all weekend at the lake ;o(  I didn't even do any cardio, but I watched my proportions the best I could....I will leave that in the past and back to it today!  I did LBWO this morning - 5am and planning on doing TRX this evening.  Food plan in check too.  I will be out of town most of the week, but staying in a hotel with workout room - yeah!  Plan on finding a place to buy a few snacks and hopefully, it will be a pretty easy to stay on plan.   Have a good Tuesday even though it feels like MONDAY!

  • Hi Everyone!  I hope you all had a great looong weekend.  I haven't been on a computer since Friday.  It is pretty glorious.  We didn't travel or anything, just took a little "off the grid" time.

    So, the weekend got a little looser than I would like to admit.  Not overboard, but we had so much going on and long days in the mountains having fun that I lost track of eating times and by the end of the day I was ready to eat a moose.  Not a good scenario.  Sunday was perfect.  Despite being tired from the day before, I got up did a run and had a near perfect food day!  Today again was a busy day but I told myself... must... do... legs....before....leaving.  So I did!  And I walked up and down hills ALL day and I feel remarkably well.  Packed my snacks and lots of water and was good to go.  Yea me!  :o)

    So the end of last week I got super down about my progress.  There will be no 8 week miracle for this girl.  I need to tighten up the diet even more.  The workouts aren't a problem.  Clearly my system has changed a lot and I am super carb sensitive.  As in, any insulin floating around my body causes fat burning to shut down big time.  I have known this, it isn't new.   I was reading on the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle sight (I have the book too) and it reconfirmed what I already now about my tendency to hang on to fat.  So, now I know better I can do better.... or live with the consequences.  

    Not in the dumps anymore.  Moving onward and upward.  It is all learning and trial and error.  I will get there.  It may take longer, but I will get there.  There is no turning back or giving up.  Here is me... achieving my goals.

    Glad everyone is back on this forum, definitely missed my peeps.  Heather - if you see Southern over on facebook tell her we want her back!!

    Talk to you tomorrow!

  • OK - I am SO irritated.  Yesterday I couldn't do my BFL cardio workout at 9AM because of the new Chiro.  I was going to do it "after work" at 3PM but I forgot I had a pedicure appointment....DRATS!  so I go to pedi and at 4:30 was going to come home and do cardio.  THEN, My daughter had an emergency.....her husband locked the keys inside the house (they only have one car) so we cannot get her from biggy but long story she had promised she would drive her friends to to work (they work at the same place) picking her up meant driving across town to pick up a girlfriend and bringing her back to the place we started , of course in traffic.  Then, it turns out we had to go get hubby, on the other side of town the other this time, it was 6PM and I hadnt eaten since noon...I was STARVING.

    We ran to market to get a chicken, salad makings, etc.... Dinner was on the table in 20 minutes but it was now 7:15, I was hungrier than I have ever been and internally pissed.  SO I ate a crap load of watermelon (which I shouldnt have) and a bit more of everything else.....I thought I could eat the planet.

    They had to wait until their roommate (thank God they rent a room of their house out) came home to let them in, but he wasnt getting home till 10PM!  UGGGHH.  No work out.


    Could I have done it at 10PM?  Maybe but i am up at 3:30 AM to work at 4AM so 10PM is just about past my bedtime and the high from excercise would have never let me sleep.

    So I went to bed irritated, dreampt about it all night and woke up still feeling full and yukky (from watermelon, really?).  and on yeah...I have 5 NEW mosquito bites this morning.....terrific

    I have upper body today....and might try to get in a cardio alslo....depends on how I feel.

    OK - I am done complaining and being a sour puss......i'll have a more positive post later.

  • Good morning my friends!

    This post is all about reflection.

    Had a great Upper body, then "after work" I did a great Cario because I felt so good (and I missed the day before..LOL) .  When I do Cardio, I tend to sort of do the positive affirmation know tell myself that I can do it, that my fat is just melting off and I visualize my body the way I want it to be.  Yesterday, I started listing in my head all the great and wonderful things that are happening to me from a health perspective and gave myself a pat on the back. I am thrilled with the progress and my food/work "out" ethics....and since this was so successful last time, I know i will be again.  I can just start to feel this week that my body  is now properly responding.....and I can FEEL my metabolism is finally firing on all burners.  

    Here are some of the great things that have taken place in ONLY 6 weeks:

    ◦I "Feel" lighter, when I go upstairs, walk from a parking lot or do a bit of gardening I am moving fast, and I'm light on my feet

    ◦I am developing CORE strength and I can hold my own body weight fairly well

    ◦Foam Rolling is now "not another workout" but and enjoyable warm up and cool down

    ◦I can do 20 push ups (the knee kind) and will be switching to the "men's style" shortly

    ◦My stomach no longer touches my legs when working out

    ◦My heart rate is recovering VERY quickly now

    ◦I can sit at my desk and hold my upper body without slouching

    ◦I dont really have to think too hard about what a "proper" BFL meal is anymore - the eating feels natural

    ◦I get IRRIATED when I cannot workout, or if my workouts are interrupted (before I might have  looked for the excuse!)

    ◦I realize that I AM WORTH THIS EFFORT

    ◦This time around, I am not hung up on the numbers on the scale, it's about my health and getting it back.

    These are HUGE things for me and it's nice to sit back and take a half way point look at all the positives that are taking place BESIDES how my clothes fit or what the scale says.  The looking back reflection really helps me to motivate.  I cant wait for the net 5 weeks, and the challenges after that. But I am not in a hurry and even though this is a challenge, it's not a race with others.  I dont want to fall prey to feeling like "this will be over" at a certain time  because it wont...this is the NEW NORMAL.

    I am thankful for the support of you ladies, my husband and my daughters and I think how far I have come in just 6-1/2 weeks from being in a depressed, dark place for years to where I am now.....In the light, spreading my little wings and taking my life back.