Any ladies starting July 15th (or thereabouts) want to journey together?

  • Happy Monday My Lovelies!  

    Hope everyone had a great weekend...  Today is my 18th wedding anniversary.  Ahhh... my husband wrote me the sweetest note and tucked into with my workout clothes this morning.  I wouldn't change a thing.

    Glad to be back on program today... Upper Body is in the bag.  Still feeling like I need to tighten up the diet a bit more.  Had a few things creep back in towards the end of the week - namely PB and lots of apples.  Wow, I have been on a serious apple eating binge.  Could be much worse.  :o)  I love apples.

    Feeling ready to rock it out this week... attitude and energy appear to be cooperative so far.  :o)

    I'll check back in a bit, needing to go scrub the grout on my kitchen floor.  Ugh.

  • awwww, happy anniversary snow!  nothing like scrubbing grout to celebrate :)  

  • Too funny Heather - I never thought of it that way!

  • Heather - you made me laugh...I have tasted raw protein powder in the raw and its NO BENO - YYYUUUUKKK!  but it's a funny story !!  Thanks for sharing.  Im all about the entertainment !!

    So shake ???  AWWW I was SO looking forward to some amazing weekend concotions!!  LOL  I agree snow....we either work the program or youre right - we cannot complain

    Tanja....good job...I hope we hear about 5 days at 5AM!!!

    OK - so confession.  Sat was my free day...SO, I had some B & J's ice cream...I dont know why i didnt throw it out.  About a 1/4 up BARELY lining the bottom of the small container.  BUT was calling to me.....and I wore down.  I ATE IT.  DARN IT.  now I feel like a dumbA$$.....luckly it was very little and I havent worked out yet.  UBWO - in about an hour.  I figure i will do that AND a cardio to pay for my errors.  I should never have ice cream in the house.

    My husband has been SOOOO GOOD.  We went to Joes crab shack last night at the nice and relaxing.  but we had just steamed crab, NO BUTTER and a crab salad....we thought it was just crab, buit it was a crab cake.  I ate my half.  He DIDNT eat his because he couldnt be sure what was in there...that was so smart.....but it was sitting right there in front of me.........then at coffee time...I, BY HABIT,  poured TWO half and halfs in mine without even thinking.  He was laughing at me because I am so mindless when I eat. He tried to stop me but the creamer was in too fast!  faster than speedy gonzales.    HE of course was drinking his BLACK.  GOSH, i want to be like that......holy smoly batman.  

    I have good stats so far but crikey.  Probably better if I didnt have these little escapes.

    Well, gotta go work off the ice cream......later guys.

  • OK, OK... here is a shake concoction for Shell's entertainment:  spinach, apple, cucumber, ginger, lemon, egg white and stevia.  A little avacado would have sent it over the top good.  :o)

    Feeling quite grateful today.  I was at our public library loading up on some bookage.  There was a man (under 40) walking out in front of me with two young boys.  He was wearing a back brace and had a walker with the tennis balls on the back legs.  At that moment I really appreciated my health and that my body works.

    Don't beat yourself up about the ice cream Shell - we've all been there as have Champions in this game we play I'm sure.  Shake it off.  I hear you about mindless eating... how do we become fully present with what goes into our mouths?  It is so easy to just pop something in and then think - "what the hell did I just do".  Ugh.  It happens to me with samples at Costco and Whole Foods.

    I am actually looking forward to HIIT tomorrow.  Scary I know.  I got me some new runners and I am looking forward to how fast they will make me!  Ha.  Although I may need to run outside cuz the mirrors surrounding the treadmill can derail a good attitude in no time.  Outside run it is then.

    Final thought for the day... I was walking into the store today still in my workout clothes.  (I know, total lamo)  I happened to look down at my thighs (not my fave).  I noticed a little bulge where a bulge should be - right at the teardrop of the quad.  It was quite exciting.  Now don't be deluded, it is still covered with the 'lite of cell', but nonetheless... a bulge!  

    Talk to yas tomorrow...

    Hey - where is SouthernButterflies?  How are you?  You aren't here much anymore and we miss you!

  • THANK YOU for my little tidbit of entertainment (can you see me clapping my hands in delight?).   spinach, apple, cucumber, ginger, lemon, egg white and stevia.  A little avocado??  - OMG girl, I believe you can drink ANYTHING in a must be quite OK with liquid meds!! LOL

    Good for you snow that you are having a grateful and appreciative moment...I was feeling sorry for myself in my work out because my arthritic hands ache so bad after lifting the weights....and then I read your post!  you are right, we should be grateful.

    The ice cream was really no big deal, but I pride myself on NO UNAUTHORIZED foods during a regular week (well expcept NY).  And a little ice cream was just dumb.  I mean really.  If we are going to eat the darn ice cream....we should have a whole bowl...but this little smidgen was just dumb...didnt even really satisfy anything.

    Ok - this is a STUPID question...and I have been meaning to ask for weeks.  I know if I look in the book I will see the answer.  What does HIIT stand for?  IS that your cardio?

    YAY! for your muscle bulge.  I too am see that and someone just told me "wow, you have muscle definition in your tricep!"  that's cool.  I say the same thing.  they are still covered in my fat layer, but little by little the fat is melting away and the little guys will start showing more!  Any of you other girls seeing muscle popping out??

    I did my UPWO last evening...I upped some of my weights and hubby is giving me some other weight exercises to incorporate. I am sore this morning...but in a good way. GO BETAGEN...still love that stuff.

    ** News flash***  Does anyone use a foam roller at home or in the gym? In that book I am reading she discusses foam rolling and insists EVERYONE do it everyday (before and after workout).  My daughter uses one and she loves it.  so mine came yesterday.  LOVE really massages your muscles into warming us awesome and after it really massages the stiffness out.  I think I'm addicted!!

    Happy week 6!!!

  • Goood Morning Ladies!  

    Got my run/HIIT (high intensity interval training - for Shell) out of the way.  Whew.  Totally did not want to do it but I got out in the early morning and it was fresh and I felt better than I expected.  Those new runners really helped!  Pink laces - woo woo.

    Just a heads' up for Shell - I believe today's afternoon shake is going to be:  spinach, cucumber, frozen berries, egg whites, flaxmeal, stevia, cocoa powder and a splash of almond milk.  You should give it a whorl sometime!  You could try it with your beloved mangos??

    I do have a foam roller - I am just uber lazy with it.  It feels good when I do it, I just forget about it.  But you have inspired me to do some yoga today followed by some rollin'.  

    Hey... how about sharing which exercises you are doing for the weight workouts?  I would be curious what your combos are and could use some inspiration for change.  Although with my bulge happening... I may stick with lunges, squats and deadlifts for lower body!  What else is there???

    Check yas later!

  • hello :)

    thanks for the posts this morning.  snow - thank you for reminding me to be grateful that i can workout.  it feels good to reconnect with my body.  and thank you also for making anything i eat tasty in comparison to what you eat.  LOL

    aw man!  you girls and your bulging muscles!  i was laying on the bed this morning, nursing my baby, and flexing my bicep to see if it's getting bigger was looking at me funny.  I think my arms are taking on a new shape, but when i go to the gym and see all the mirrors they look just as shapeless and big as they always have.  i'm jumping the gun looking for some kind of improvement and i'm running into dead ends.  it's really disheartening.  the scale is up, the measurements are getting dusty sitting in the same place.  i keep thinking - one of these days it's all going to kick into high gear.  i feel like i'm following the program at a 92% effort.  i'm not going to drop 8 dress sizes in 3 months, but 1 or 2 would be know?

    shells, i see those foam roller thingers at the gym everywhere, but i don't know what to do with it, so i haven't picked one up.  maybe i'll look around on line a litte.

    this morning i chose to do some more yard work.  it was just after 5 am, and i'm digging in my front yard.  it's really too dark outside.  the neighbor pokes his head out to put some mail out, and i swear he's going to call the cops.  he didn't..  i got my curbing in.  one step closer...and i worked up a crazy sweat and got my heart rate up for an hour.  i'm going to try for hiit this evening.  i just read this article by Shape about the benefits to HIIT training.  it got me excited.... (i snagged that from the facebook page.  i've been poking around there some, but i'm more comfortable here with you girls.)

  • Good morning...yep 2nd day 5am HIIT done!  It wasn't one of my best...I kept stumbling, but my shirt was drenched.  I have been trying to figure out why my energy level sucks on this challenge.  I have been having a tooth problems since July sooo today...root canal!  So, I am numb from my nose to my ear.  I hope this will give me some relief and I will sleep thru the night.  I have a little hottie as a dentist, but I am ready not to see him for a while.  So, I am hoping for day 3 5am workout, but issue is usually Thursday.  I am planing on a TRX class tonight as long as this tooth isn't too painful.  Have a good Tuesday everyone!

  • Hi Ladies...

    I hope everyone is well this morning, even though we are dwindling in our numbers.  I fear we may have lost SouthernButterflies forever.  :o(   Did everyone abandon this forum for the facebook stalker?

    Struggling with energy this morning and really needing to get in my leg workout.  I am dressed, socks on, ponytail secure and I sit here and type.  Stalling, stalling....

    Heather:  have you considered maybe your body won't release the weight because you are still breast feeding?  That could be a very real possibility.  The woman's body is oh so smart - if it knows it needs to sustain another life it is going to hang on to that fat for dear life.  Just food for thought...

    Tonja:  how is 5am treating you?  I am impressed that you are still working out after a root canal!  Why is Thursday a tough day for you.... I think I missed that.   Are you extra tired by TR?

    I am cautiously optimistic that my butt is losing some of it's acreage!  I will not try on pants because that just blows, but... there seems less to move around back there.  Here is the deal - I have NO pants (almost).  So if I don't drop a size by the end of this deal I have nothing to wear on my bottom half.  I have refused to buy pants essentially because I refuse to be this size.  So come fall weather I may be running around in my undies!

    OK, I just got my motivation to do legs....!

  • just make me laugh!  Acreage...I think that you will drop a pant or 2 sizes if you follow the program.  I would try on a pair that you know are larger than the others and just see.  I notice that they fit differently and then they get loose.

    Yes, 3rd day 5am LBWO done today!  I did skip TRX last night...numbness was starting to fade and was worried that it make cause more issues.  I have a 3 & 5 year old kids on Wednesday nights...I notice cranky Mommy comes out which normally equals that I am tired.  I don't know if it is TRX or if its a mind thing.  I am going to get up in the morning and just hope it is a mind thing.  I didn't sleep well last night because the dentist put me on z pack and this causes me to roll around all night and I feel like I got right hook on the jaw!  On my 1st challenge - I did most of my workouts in the evening and decided to change up on week 10.  Now, I like having them done in the morning, but I hit this road block about every Wednesday night.  So, we will see.....  

    Go do your LBWO!  What excercises are you doing?  I would do lunges & squats w/dumbells and do machine as your last set and not the other way.  These excercises cause you to use more energy to stabalize and walking lunges get your heart rate up as well....more for you money!  You will be soooore.  Also, we as girls tend to not do enough reason is my wrists & grip are horrible and I bought hook gloves which transfers this weight into my arms.  I would invest in them for your LBWO especially...I hold in each hand 25lbs on my last set of lunges & squats.  $15 at Sports Authority!  A motto from my 1st are only as strong as you grip!  My husband swears that they will get stronger, but I got tired of waiting.

    This is probably the looongest post that I have done!  Have a good hump day all!

  • hi ladies.

    i tried to get on this morning, but this web page was acting stupid.  it kicked me off.

    i have stepped over to the facebook side, and i've seen southern-B.  it seems she's busy with her two school-age kids.  i hope she's still doing the program.  she's fun to have around.

    good job tonja!  i like that rhythm of LBWO as well.  

    way to go, Snow, my dear!  finding that motivation.

    what an emotional rollercoaster today has been.  emotional rollercoasters are not fun rollercoasters.

    i have to get this off my chest, because i'm like that.  i had just run a half dozen errands during my lunch break and last of all had picked up lunch.  i got a text from a friend telling me the details of his 3 year old daughter's funeral.  i knew she had been in an accident, but was devastated to hear that she didn't make it.  i've been trying to work this afternoon and i can't stop crying.  i can't eat i want to puke.  i can't do anything and i feel so helpless.  i don't like feeling helpless.

    before that news, i was feeling pretty good.  i took a full battery of measurements this morning and overall i'm down 10 inches.  which is pretty cool.  no, the scale hasn't changed.  according the the body fat calculators i've lost 10 lbs of fat and gained 8 lbs of muscle, but i don't know how accurate my weight is - so i'm not hanging my hat on that.  it's good though.  it's something.  and snow, i hadn't even considered breast feeding into the equation, but that's an interesting point.

    the measurements give me renewed hope that i'm not just spinning my wheels.  i'm still in this for the long haul.  i really needed that little boost. i can't fall back on heartbreaking news to slip up.  it's not going to change what's happened.  i might feel better after some cardio and my lbwo.

  • Way to go Heather on the inches and pounds - that sounds great to me!  I can see how the news could completely absorb your day and it should.  Absolutely heartwrenching.  Pick yourself up and move forward.  You can honor their loss and honor your commitment to yourself at the same time.  I know you can.

    Tonja:  today's lower body was elevated lunges with dumbbells, narrow squats and deadlifts + calves.  I work out at home so I don't have access to machines.  A little tidbit I just picked up - to do your calf raises without your shoes on.  Apparently with all the support and cushioning in our shoes it prevents complete activation of those muscles.  Tried it today.  It really isolates.  And I have crappy calves so I need help!

    Shell... where are you?  We need a funny story here.  :o)

    Talk to y'all tomorrow!

  • Hi guys!  

    My son in law returned home after being gone for six months in the national guard.  So we prepared a homecoming dinner and was so happy to have him back last night.  Two son in laws and one ex son in law all in the service.  We are proud of them and proud of our daughters for keeping the home fires burning, many times alone.  It's a tough life and I would not want for me. He lost 45 pounds while gone and looks amazing!  

    My husband is having a colonoscopy Friday.  So he is on the white food portion.  But I want him to have a good meal... So tonight it's white chicken Mac and cheese with a Parmesan topping.  Yuuuumy!  It's not diet so I will have salad and a couple bites.  Tomorrow I'd the liquid diet and all the rest of it.  Poor guy.  He never goes to the doctor,  but I begged him to do this so I am trying to make it easier!!  Yes,  he's just powering through his BFL workouts through it all!!  He's amazing

    So snow....  I likely will Not be making one of those shakes I don't think!  the flaxmeal for me is enough to never get near it!  I hate the stuff..  I am so delighted and entertained by your drinks!  Oh!  Forgot to tell you,  I got the stevia/vanilla.  I found it for only 8.83 each.  It's good and it makes my yogurt and oatmeal very happy!!!!

    Tanja- you are rocking it!!!!!!!

    Heather- I cried when I read about your sadness.  I will share something.  My friend lost his 16 year old daughter to cancer the week I was in NY.  I missed the funeral ( which I think was best). I couldn't stop crying that whole day and still cry for them on and off.  She was their only child and they are too old to start over.  The hardest part is that I kept thinking about my girls and what would I do?  How would I go on?  I simply cannot imagine.  At one point we truly believed ny daughter was going to kill herself and I literally died a thousand deaths.  But here is the good part.  You are doing great.  This sucks so bad.  But the fact that you feel this pain means you are a healthy, caring and compassionate person, who is whole and real.  I pray for you to have strength and for your friend who lost her child.   Tomorrow will be better.... Hug your gorgeous baby and thank God you are so blessed.

    Ok funny story on the next post

  • Ugggggh!  I lost my funny post... Will try to rewrite tonight.