Any ladies starting July 15th (or thereabouts) want to journey together?

  • Boo Yaa Babes!  How are ya today?  Sorry to say - no shake concoction to share with you just yet.  I am starving waiting for my fish to cook so I thought I would chat a bit.  

    I think my tumor is shrinking.  (hee, wink to Shell)  Seriously, my tummy feels much tighter and actually stays in after a meal.  Shocking for the queen of bloat.  Baby steps, baby steps.  I keep reading the pdf for inspiration not to give up.  I realize consistency over time is the key.  Period.

    Just to pontificate for a moment.  I have known for many years how to eat really well and exercise (thanks to Tony Horton and Cathe Friedrich).  The kicker has been attempting to go it alone without anyone to bounce ideas off of or get support and encouragement from.  That is where you all come in... you have MADE this journey for me.  I know I will make it to the finish line because of you ladies.  I don't want to fail you, so I won't.

    Ding... there goes my buzzer.  Garlic and tomato Mahi, quinoa and zucchini coming up!

  • i didn't check in yesterday.  oopsie.  oh, i know why.  i was ornery and i didn't get to the gym.  well, that was stupid.  i think i've missed at least one workout every week since i started.  i have doubled up a few times, but i'm sure it's not as beneficial as a daily heart pump.  

    i went today and did the evil stair mill.  

    you girls are doing SO good!!  i'm super duper proud of you!  i agree with Snow.  i'm in this for the 12 weeks.  i love checking in, or at least seeing that you're checking in :)  and i'm in this for the long haul.   if any of you wanted to swing by my house one morning and go to the gym with me that would be really nice though!  

    the meals are nice to read too, 'cause it keeps my menu changing and i'm not getting bored.

    big hugs to my ladies!

  • Bumping us to the top!  Where is everyone??  I'm talking to myself here.  ;o)

  • There you are Heather... we must have posted at the same time.

    Most exciting part of my day... getting my car detailed inside and out.   Now that is Boo Yaa worthy!

    My recovery week is going well... one leg work out, a bike ride, yoga sessions and a seriously hard hike coming up on Saturday and I should be ready to hit it again on Monday.  I have ordered from my alternative medicine practitioner a natural supplement that aides in workout recovery.  He said it is noticeable - so I am anxious to start using it next week.  I'll let you know what I think.  

    Watching the calories this week, so far so good.  I am old hat at it so it isn't a big deal for me.  Didn't eat enough yesterday morning so by the time I hit Costco at 5pm I was ready to mow through every sample station there.  I grazed a bit... then I came home and ate two ginormous apples with PB for dinner.   Just something about the juicy wonderfulness.  Is that bad?  Probably, oh well.  Today is a new day...

    Have a super day my super ladies!

  • Snow I am noticing you have a STELLAR attitude this week.  It's refreshing and I love it. :)

    I'm still here, eating well, getting workouts in.  Not much else to report.  I had to fall back a weeks worth of progress and I am feeling it in my muscles but I like it!  Been busy getting my kids signed up for activities and we started school last week.  Now I'm trying to break the electronic habit and it has been hard.  I think I hear "can I play xyz?" 50 times per minute lol.  My fault for being lax about it over the summer.  I knew that was a bad idea and shouldn't set the precedent but did it anyway due to my own laziness and subsequent BFL obsession.  Heh.

    See you ladies later!

  • have any of you ladies undergone testing (either by a doctor, or your own process of elimination) for food intolerances/sensitivities?  i've been dealing with stomach aches pretty severely the last week, and i'm starting to wonder if food is the culprit.  i don't know how to set out to solve this on my own.  if i keep my diet the same, but i eliminate eggs, how long do i need to do that for?  i'm sure some of my struggles this week are related to the fact that i feel icky.  i've never noticed sensitivity to certain foods before, except eggs.  whole eggs kick my guts.  egg whites don't seem to bother me.  but sensitivities can be developed later on, right?  what if i've suddenly become lactose intolerant.  how would i survive without cottage cheese, yogurt, and whey protein?  how?

    could it just be working out?  i usually get a stomach ache after i work out.

    if anyone has any advice, i'd welcome it.


  • I'm back... clearly I don't have enough to do today!  Just waiting to pick up my car from the salon!!  ;o)

    SouthernB:  thank you for the props.  I am so glad I can be refreshing rather than kick baby chicks crazy as I have been in the past.  ;o)

    Heather:  You are speaking my favorite language now!  This is SO my journey as I have lived and breathed food elimination, candida, digestive difficulty for the past three years.  I have worked with an alternative practitioner to get some balance back into my system.

    Here are some thoughts:  Since you know whole eggs may be a problem, eliminate them.  Also, other culprits are gluten, corn, dairy, sugar and processed foods of any kind.  If you have eaten or currently have a lot of sugar and processed carbs in your diet you may have an overgrowth of Candida in your gut.  It causes bloating, gas, distention, a feeling of being overly full after a modest meal.   Do a google search and see if it makes sense for you.

    I would also recommend starting on a digestive enzyme at every meal.  As we get older we produce fewer enzymes to digest our food - causes all sorts of problems in the gut.  In fact I recently ran out for several days and was miserable after every meal with nausea.  I have picked up the Udo's Choice brand recently and it works well when I can't get them from my practitioner fast enough.

    Do you take a probiotic?  Another important step in adding the good bacteria to the gut to crowd out the bad.

    Try simple things like chicken, fish, sweet potatoes, soaked oats, quinoa, easy to digest veggies (non-cruciferous) for starters.  Look at your protein powder too, these can cause all sorts of digestion issues.  Jay Robb and Dr. Mercola work well for my sensitive system.

    I could go on forever as I am quite passionate about this topic, our guts are our second brain.  When they aren't happy, we aren't happy.   Disclaimer:  I am not a physician :>)... just a heavy researcher with lots of personal experience and lots of money spent on alternative practitioners who helped me and educated me along the way.  

    So, to break all that down.... start by eliminating the Big 5 food culprits for a couple of weeks.  Then you can add one back in at a time and see how you react.  Add the digestive enzymes and probiotics.   Kick the sugar out the door, it does nothing but harm.

    Sidenote:  lest you think I am sitting here on my high horse dolling out advice with my nose in the air - not the case.  I still work with this everyday of my life.  My hope is that my suffering can help shortcut someone else's journey for their answers.  

    On a simpler note... perhaps with the overall diet clean-up that happens with this program you may experience some backlash when you eat something not so clean - like on a free day.  The cleaner our systems get, the less room for error we have.

    OK, wrapping up now.  Whew... what a dissertation!

  • well, HOLY CRAP SNOW!  thanks!!  that's a wealth of information and i've never even dipped my toes in the water to figure this out.  thank you for your time and research and trial and error.  i love it!  you are fabulous!

  • Gosh,  gone for one day and Wham!  Rhee are a thousand messages to read through.  Ok a thousand is probably a severe exaggeration, but dang!!!!!  Lol

    Heather.   I experience the same things once in a while.  A difeative enzyme at each meal for me does the trick for wheat, eggs and dairy.  You may wish to try that before altering anything.  Go to - I use Source Naturals, essential enzymes!

    I have been doing good.. Busy, but the food and exercise feel normal now.  I dont think about it too much anymore which makes me feel like a "normal" person!!!

    I have a funny story about a mango.  I don't want to get kicked off, so I will type it in a bit !!!!

    Good job ladies!  Keep up the good work!

  • Sorry guys,

    I haven't posted in a bit!  Still working out & following plan.  Did my LBWO this morning!  I am going to be out of town for the weekend...still planning my meals & workouts.  I will most likely have to watch my proportions and take some bars & shakes.  I did have a little hiccup yesterday....stress & boss picked my lunch spot.  Pizza - I did have cheese pizza & salad.  New goal for next week is to get up every morning to workout - I have been successful at 4 of the 5 weekdays.  Come on energy and see if I can get over this hump.  I do a TRX class on Tuesday evenings and I am usually exhausted by Wed. evening & skip my early morning workout.  

    Have a good weekend too!  Hey, anybody have some good healthy fish recipes?!  I can't remember is who it is?

  • haha!  Just saw a commercial for Ensure (which I believe the targeted audience is typically the elderly) and they were announcing that it now contains HMB - the amino acid commonly known as Revigor.  Hmmmm....where else have we seen this?? (Shell!)  Oh yes - in Betagen LOL

    Got a good kick out of that :)

  • Hi guys, havent checked in for a couple of days....I am having severe "Migraines" (for lack of a better term)  I have a medical condiiton that produces horrific headaches...but they have been in check lately....this has been sort of unbearable.    Right now I feel all out of whack.  Today,  i didnt work out and it was my free day (changed from Sundays).  I slept almost all day and I feel a bit better, made a good Persian dinner, Lamb kabob's with sour Cherry rice and roasted tomatoes.  It's my FAVORITE meal....gave the leftovers to my daughter so it wont be in my house !!

    My total weight loss is now 9 lbs and I am thirlled.....I will measure inches again at 8 weeks.

    Funny mango Story:

    Side note:  My kitchen is sort of open to my family room.  If I stand at my sink I am facing the family room so that if anyone walks in, they can see into the kitchen and certainly see who is at the sink.  

    SOOO,  the other day I had just cut a mango with my mango cutting tool (if you dont have one you need to get one).  When the mango is peeled and cut, there are two halves and the cetner seed.  But there is still fruit attached to the seed. (I am STILL Having mango cravings)  A mango see is about 3 inches by 2 inches.  Fairly long and flat.  I am standing at my sink, trying to get all the fruit off the seed.  YES, I had the seed practically shoved all the way in my mouth when I open my eyes and looked up, there was my husband who had just walked in from work (I didnt hear him and had no idea he was there).  He was watching me eat this mango off the seed....embarrassed...I take the seed out of my mouth and throw it out..  Of course he had some VERY interestng things to say about it....and we have been laughing about  it ever since.     He says "that was the sexiest thing Iven seen in a long time" - UMMM wow...I am not sure how to feel about it.....LOL

    I cant help it.  I AM STILL having a love affair with the Mango this week....

    OK...hope your Sunday is good ladies!

  • WOW - quiet this weekend.  Hope everyone is having a blast.

    WEEK 6 Ladies!!  Let kick some A$$.....BOOOO YAAAAA!!

  • I am usually too busy to post on the weekends...UBWO done and goal is to do all my workouts at 5am this week!  Thursday morning is usually my toughest one.  Wish me luck!  Keep it strong ladies!

  •  *aaakk*!  i was reading the last couple posts as i was mixing protein powder into my oatmeal.   without looking i took a bite and the moisture had sealed a giant protein powder pod onto the spoon. i just got a mouth full of powder!  YUUUUUK!

    i had a great weekend!  i came into the office for a couple hours early saturday, but that was enough to relive the stress building over this project i'm working on.  then i stopped by the garden center and loaded up on all things bulky and heavy and spent a few hours working on resuscitating my front lawn.  (i have the landscapers working on the back yard).  So i weeded and tilled that sucker with a rake.  and did it all again sunday.   i counted that as my cardio over the weekend.  it wasn't HIIT, just HI.  and it looks like hell still, but i feel better about it.  they should have a raking machine at the gym.  

    Shells, I LOOOOVE mango!  ever since i discovered it some years back.  but i hate HATE trying to get the fruit off the seed and dealing with the peel.  i've seen those little cutting tools.  i just didn't know if they actually worked.  good to know!  i'm going to run out and buy one.  oh to be a fly on the wall in your house!  i love it.  

    and snow - i bought some probiotics at whole foods.  i just started taking it last night.  i didn't have too many troubles over the weekend, which is suprising because my free "DAY" seemed to creep into a couple other meals here and there.

    which brings me to my next point -   i can't complain about not seeing results if i'm not working this program 100%!  i need to refocus and clean it up so i can complain :)

    got upper body done this morning.  

    love you girls!  i hope you're all still with us!