Any ladies starting July 15th (or thereabouts) want to journey together?

  • I am so gald you did it....proud of you!    I stopped doing those darn lunges!  They hurt me more than helped me and I hated them so much last time it made me never want to do legs!  I have bad knees so it's painful.   I do the dumbbell dead hang ones.  I love them and boy do the work your tush also!  Just remember to keep your legs doing the lifting and not your back.  But this will strengthen your lower back a bit!  Hope this helps!

  • Thank you!  When you did the challenge previously did you also skip the lunges?  I have it so ingrained that it's the best for hamstrings.  I do the deadlifts as my second exercise.  

  • I NEVER did the lunges.  I ALWAYS did the dead fact right now...they are the only thing SUPER SORE right now.....Butt and hams...LOL.  for my second excercise I do the one leg calf raises which HURT after the dead lifts, but it's a good hurt.  I also add leg lifts on the floor to my lower know lay on your side and lift, lift, lift...LOL  then I put that leg in front like a tripod and lift the inner thigh of the opposite leg.  I think these are as many as you can.

    How do you do the abs?

  • Lol, I'm flopping around like a fish out of water with P90X's Ab Ripper X.  Something like 300 reps in 15 minutes, though targeting your entire core.  Maybe in a year I'll be able to finish it!  If we hadn't had a friend who let us borrow it I'd have just done abs by the book.

  • Good morning "happy" BFL'ers!

    I am checking in early as today is going to be a very busy day for me at work and I need to write this to stay positive.

    Good news first, I am 4 lbs down in my first week.  (the hubster lost 4.5) Pretty good considering I feel like I am retaining fluid in my muscles and that I am pushing my body so hard.  I feel like I have reduced in inches as well...but wont know more about that for 3 more weeks. (checking inches once every month)

    SO HOLY COW.....that awesome leg work out yesterday had me up at 2:30 in the morning with what I thought was leg and calf cramps....but alas, it was just muscle pain...REALLY?  OMG - I am not sure I have ever been in this much aching pain, even last week.  But I upped my weights and I pushed really hard yesterday but still.  For crying out loud....I'm only 48.  I know 10 years makes a difference, but THIS MUCH???  Ouch, ouch ouch.   I WILL do my cardio but will switch to bike as running will be out of the question.

    Southernbutterflies (I want to rename you southernbells BTW...cause I type it constantly..LOL) - what is the glutamine and  where do I buy it FAST?

    So I "met" a lady on this site who I briefly talked about yesterday.  SHE IS AMAZING.  She is 60 and in her 3rd challenge!  that's great but what makes her amazing is her story.  She has a blood cancer and will NEVER be off chemo....long story but an amazing one.  so she has done 3 challenges this year on Chemo and sometimes sick and especially tired.  SHe has lost weight but gain muscle and she says this program is saving her life literally.  She feels healthier and stronger everyday.  So in my PAIN in the middle of the night, questioning whether or not I can actually  get this body back together at all, I thought of her amazing accomplishments.  If she can do this DURING CHEMO treatments, then there are no excuses...pain or no pain.  

    I hope eveyone's Tuesday is AWESOME!!!

  • Woo-hoo!!!, shellbells, congrats on the 4 pounds!  There is glutamine in the Betagen but at a lower dose than I take, though higher than the one SaraKate??? takes.  I buy it at the Vitamin Shoppe, though I am sure GNC and the like would also have it.

    What an eye opening story, really puts things in perspective!!!  Absolutely amazing!

  • Good morning, all!  I hope everyone is on track and having an incredible day :-)  I forgot to eat my cottage cheese last night and woke up starving again.  And we're out of eggs! lol  Not a good way to start a BFL day if you ask me.  Protein smoothie to the rescue while I figure out what else I'm going to need for the week.  

    I'm still looking mighty flabby but I am feeling smaller in my flabbiness, if that makes sense.  Cardio today and I am looking forward to it so I can stretch out my legs afterwards.  They aren't sore but seem tight.  

    I guess it's just a day!  No big questions, no major soreness, I think I might be hitting my stride. =)

    I  hope you all are staying on track and building some muscle today!!!!  Check in, I'm anxious to hear how all of you are doing.

  • hi girls!  so, i like the info i'm collecting this morning (afternoon) thanks.  today is a state holiday in utah so i'm enjoying my tuesday off :)

    Shellbells, cottage cheese is a good source of glutamine also.  

    Southernbutterflies - dead lifts are the bomb!  i love them and they work!  i like putting a small weight under my toes to keep my feet flexed.

    i got lower body in this morning.  and even though yesterday got hectic, i did get cardio done :) YAAAY!  i got a call while i was at work from my mother in law, who graciously watches my baby during the week, she said something had fallen on ren's foot and it might be broken.  we were at the instacare for a couple hours.  it was difficult.  don't think it's actually broken, but it's swollen and maybe bruised.  that was enough to throw off my evening schedule.  who would blame me if i stayed home with my little girl?  well, i dug DEEP - REALLY REALLY DEEP and found the motivation to get my butt to the gym after i put her to bed.  then i worked out this morning before she got up.  

    Hells yeah!

    did my body fat measurements last night and circumference measurements.  yick.  

    my stats:  215 lbs

    size 16 (snugly)

    waist - 41.75" (i know, right?)

    hips - 49.5" (i'm gonna cry)

    my baby girl is sitting next to me on the couch dancing and wanting my attention...gotta run.  love you all and thank you for sending me psychic motivational thoughts :)

  • Hey Everyone!

    Lot of conversation about leg day... I hear ya.  And those deadlifts - a few years back they were responsible for giving me the highest, tightest butt ever.  So keep doing them!  Now, I am just obsessed with the enlarged size of my gluteus MAXimus!  Grrrr.

    I seem to not be quite as tired from the workouts this week.  Perhaps that stride thing someone mentioned.  I am kinda looking forward to company heading out so I can really dial it in.  I have eaten a few things that wouldn't normally be in my diet and that always makes me feel like I'm not doing enough, which then leads me down an ugly, familiar road.  Not this time... cuz I come in here to check in with you all and get inspired!  

    Shellbells - have you discovered liquid vanilla Stevia by NuNaturals?  We love it at our house and it sweetens up greek yogurt quite nicely, as well as oatmeal, protein pancakes etc. etc.  I use it exclusively.  Great on the weight loss!!  I am scared to get on a scale.

    Southernb - have you considered eliminating gluten from your diet?  I have been down the digestive discomfort road for many years and it came down to being willing to change my diet - a lot.  It is hard and sucks many days and I also feel bitter when I see what others can eat.  But otherwise I love it.  ;o)  I also use digestive enzymes, they are great.

    Is there a link for this Beta-something stuff you all are talking about?  Is it on this site?  I'm curious.

    So here is a typical days eating for me.  I am slightly unconventional, as I mentioned above, I can't eat a lot of grains/carbs so I eat nuts (that I soak and dehydrate myself) to supplement.  Not totally BFL, but hopefully it will work.  I have seen that Tosca Reno has changed her diet from heavy grain and she gets amazing results.  Crossing fingers and toes.  Anyhoo:

    Meal 1:   1 yolk, 3 whites with lots of veggies (peppers and zucchini usually)

                   sprinkle of Parmesan cheese

    (Sometimes I do eggs with 1/4c. oats with flaxmeal here)

    Meal 2:   Whey protein blended with spinach, cucumber, flaxmeal, cocoa powder, stevia and ice (yeah I know, weird, but tasty in a strange you can't eat anything else sort of way); few almonds

    Meal 3:    Greens with 1 T. vinaigrette; chicken or fish; sprinkle of feta; few almonds

    Meal 4:    Whey again with a few almonds

    Meal 5:    A protein of sorts with lots of vegetables

    P.S.  I measure out an amount of almonds every morning and set it on the counter.  I am only allowed that many - otherwise I would be in the bag and lose track very easily.

    Boring, but when I am on this diet I feel really great and I have no bloating issues at all.  That to me is worth the price of admission.  

    Happy rest of the day to all!

  • Heathercita - I am SUPER, SUPER impressed with your tenacity!  Thats just deep down guts to get into the gym after all that.  VERY NICE...BTW - our measurements are ALMOST IDENTICAL.....

    Snowpuff:  I know how you feel....get those peeps out! .LOL   You are doing do good!  I am so proud of you and your efforts - you get on the scale when you are good and ready!  I have never seen that stevia.. I usually hate the you notice any?  the Betagen is on this site under products...look for betagen.  I bought mine on Amazon (cause I am an amazon freak)

    Southernbells (my new name for I'm envious of your "stride" - Keep up the good work!!

    I havent heard from (and I am gonna mess up the names, but you know who you are) Gymjunkie, cotttagemom, sarakate, Cyndi and others.... would love to hear of your progress or help in any way I can....

    I did my cardio today (tried the running - gave up and did the bike instead) but I rocked it out....did 5 more HARD push ups (its the chest that so darn heavy lol) and went back to work....I have not hit my stride and am fighting through this "weirdness".  But I ordered the Glutamine today and the betagen should be here TODAY (gosh, I have been waiting and waiting) so I am hoping I will feel better soon...tonight it's a date with my bathtub and EPSOM salts which are my favorite way to conquer muscle aches.

    Want to hear a funny story?  I have a real problem....I constantly think I have a tumor, or some other crap happening to me (long story, ill tell you why later) so a few months ago I was very serious when I told my husband I have NEVER had a belly this size and I am SURE that I have a growth the size of a softball.  He says "uh, well I think it's just you have put on some weight" - I was can the weight have gone THERE...."he replies, it's gone everywhere".  ( yes, in a very unassuming and quiet voice) So very irritated and mad I went to the doctor, had a ultrasound to find out (you guessed it) I have NO TUMOR.  so the doctor starts telling me how obese I am.  NICE.  So for months my husband will not let me live this down.....this morning he pats my stomach and says..."wow.  It looks like your tumor is miraculously going down" We cant stop laughing at this because I didnt really KNOW I was getting so fat !!  Thank goodness I am aware now and I am here!

    Meal plan for today:

    4AM - 2 cups water

    5AM - 2 cups water

    7AM - 1 packet oatmeal with sweetner and 1/2 cup cottage cheese

    workout at 9:00-9:30

    2 cups water

    11:00 AM Tuna (bit of plain yogurt) 1/4 cup mango, tomatoes and bell pepper mix toget with spices (salt pepper etc) wrapped in a wheat tortilla

    2 Cups water

    it's 2:30 and Im gonna have a shake (only 2 carbs) and banana

    2 cups water

    Dinner at 6:00 - chcken stir fry and forbidden rice

    2 cups water

    Snack at about 9PM - rye crisps with greek yogurt and a little raspberry preserves (sugar free) and probably a bit more water....

    Have a great afternoon......







  • heathercita, wow, what an incredible day, I hope your baby girl is going to be fine.  I'm so impressed with you for digging so deep (and I hear you REALLY REALLY DEEP) and getting that cardio in,then waking up early and hitting the gym again.  It's hard to do that, way to go!

    Snowpuff, skip the guilt and take a new scenic path!  We all know the road you mention and no one likes it anymore, they put a big "CLOSED ROAD" sign up.  Let's find a new one lol.  I have considered taking out wheat but it seems so random I don't know that's really what it is.  I have some days I wake up and water makes my stomach hurt.  I will tuck the idea away and chew it over though, it makes sense.

    The Betagen has glutamine, HMB, and creatine in it.  And another amino acid I can't remember.  It's to help muscle recovery, allowing you to lift heavier and recover faster, thus building muscle faster and letting you burn fat faster.  I hope it will help me when my muscles are tired but could lift heavier.  Each component helps those benefits in a different way.  To everyone, CAUTION - creatine pulls water from your body and "pumps" your muscles with water and supplement.  If you have already lost your bodyfat this gives you a very ripped appearance, if you are in our boat and still have bodyfat to lose it just makes you look puffy.  If you cannot handle the idea that you may gain water weight or bloating (that goes away when you stop taking it or are finally free of excess bodyfat) or handle seeing the scale go up then this is not a supplement for you.  It also will make you extremely thirsty so you will be drinking more water than our already high intake requirements.  A side effect I have read about is that it is very taxing on your kidneys and liver due to the excessive water consumption.  That is a synopsis of everything I read, you can Google EAS Betagen if you need more.  Of note is that it used to be called Betagen, then someone (EAS?) bought it and repackaged and renamed it Pro Science ReLoad, then discontinued that and it is now called EAS Betagen+Revigor.  You could search for those other names for information as well, my understanding is it is all the same product.  Last, there is a great challenger I came across recently and she used ReLoad and is what made me start investigating.  Here is a link to her results:  She lists her sample meals and supplements a page or two in.  I bought mine through Amazon but I also saw it at GNC and and I am sure lots of other places too.

    Okay, I am hearing you all loud and clear!  Deadlifts, deadlifts, deadlifts.  =)  I like it.

  • Snowpuff and all. I've not started this one yet ,but will soon. However I've done the challenge before and learned L Glutamine 5 g before a workout, after a workout and/or before bed stops the muscle pain pretty well. And if need be an aspirin reduces the lactic acid which causes that pain.

    I'm just reading now it's been so many years since I've done anything like this for myself, I need to get the motivation.

    I'll go on reading now


  • shellbells, thanks for the tip on the Epsom salts.  Your story made me laugh!  I am sure it was scary but so glad it's just a funny story today.

    Let's see, what I've eaten:

    M1: Jay Robb vanilla whey with glutamine, half a banana, handful of frozen berries and almond milk

    M2: half a pure protein bar (needed to hit the store desperately)

    M3: BFL chili (I like to add cottage cheese to my chili after dishing it up)

    M4: serving Triscuit crackers, laughing cow wedge, leftover grilled shrimp

    M5: meatballs and marinara over spaghetti squash

    One last comment, it is so rare that anyone call me by my real name in real life that I am startled to hear it!  I accept all forms of names as long as they're said in kindness.  Other than that the details are irrelevant LOL  Related to this, it took me a long time to realize my self worth was not tied to my appearance.  Oh sure, we are more confident or outgoing when we look good, blah, blah, but I really thought my appearance was the only thing positive about me and it certainly has not been positive for a very long time.  I am just now realizing I have value and great personality traits and people like me despite how much I might weigh - there are other internal traits to admire!  Liberation!  I am hoping this realization is what is propelling me through this challenge, now that I have finally learned the lesson.

  • Thanks for the dosage specifics, judiek!  Join us if you decide to start again. :)

  • Southernbutterflies

    Thanks for the dosage specifics, judiek!  Join us if you decide to start again. :)

    Judie K - WELCOME - I too did this years ago.  I re-read the book (still do) but it comes back FAST.  I hope you dive in and join us!  At least peak in on us!! :)

    Southern ( shortened  again...I mean that in a loving and kind way)  - thanks for the info on the Betagen.  I just read the specifics from LacyJ about the product and ordered it on her I hope I am not messing up by getting something my body wont tolerate well.  

    It wasnt scary, because everyone knew I was just being a hypochondriac - the ultrasound was really for my peace of mind because I was making myself crazy - in the end...everyone knew I was just funny.  Im trying to get over this craziness... I have had 6 close friends die of cancer under the age of 50. ALL's been devestating.  SO I at the "age" and I worry about every stupid thing.  Another reason for me to get healthy and stay healthy.

    Snow -  I like what your doing and I know you will see results.

    One of my friends told me his mantra is  Decide…Commit….Succeed!!!     I told him us girls are going to STEAL IT.  It's US!!