Any ladies starting July 15th (or thereabouts) want to journey together?

  • End of 1st week -

    Didn't get my cardio in Saturday.  There were too many monkey wrenches and TERRIBLE exhaustion.  I slept A LOT during the day and I feel I needed that more than the 20-minute cardio.  Also, I slacked on journal entries for day 5 - 6. I am going to be more consistent with the journal ... it helps me to be accountable.  

    Free day was good, didn't go crazy (not that I would ... eating isn't at the top of my totem pole).  Ate an early lunch (2 PMish) at Long Horn Steakhouse: potato wedges wrapped with bacon, white cheddar stuffed mushroom caps (shared between two people), half a rib eye (so about 7 oz ... but I wasn't intentionally portioning), cesar side-salad, and green beans.  As always, I didn't care for the length of time it took before my tummy began to feel better (which is one reason I don't care for eating except to survive).  Then I had a small dark-meat chicken quarter and sweet potato w/ butter and salt at 8:30 PM.  I did drink some water but less than the 10 cups per day (probably 4-6 cups).

    Start of 2nd week -

    My alarm went off at 0400 and surprisingly enough I felt rested.  I didn't have such a difficult time rolling out of bed.  I drank 4 cups of water before my lower body workout.  Hit the gym at 0500 and was out of there by 0540.  I LOVE the "in and out" theory.  I have my meals planned and am rolling with the program.

    I have to say ... I'm a little disheartened though.  I do feel my stress level diminishing and less "bloatedness"; however, I glanced at myself in the mirror this morning and everything is still "jiggly".  I know this takes time and I should trust the process ... maybe I should steer clear of mirrors when I'm not dressed.

    Any words of encouragement are welcomed!!!

    Cyndy A

  • my 1st day (yesterday) was just weird.  i attribute some of that to my lack of planning.  i'm in a large bellydance show in August.  our rehearsals are on sundays.  i'm usually there from 3:30 - 8:00.  so, i knew this, and while i had a few hours between morning meetings i never made food to go.  so, i ended up eating a spot of breakfast, i was at a farmers market at lunch and picked up a bit of shredded beef, blackbeans, and plantain, then i didn't eat again until i got home, which was around 8.  i drank enough water to fill a pond!  i did my upper body workout and although it was my first time back at the gym, so i had to tweak the weights i was choosing, i felt like i got a lovely upper body workout.  and i danced (on and off) for 4 hours.  well, this morning the alarm went off and i almost cried.  i turned it off.  i didn't go to the gym.  the day is early, and although i'm at work, there are lots of opportunities to get cardio in before the end of the day.  

    i feel like yesterday was so hit and miss.  i'm frustrated at myself for not planning better, but i suppose i'll use that as a learning opportunity.

    here's to today! may it be less stupid.


    you've mentioned lots of changes already in the first week.  that's great!  you shouldn't dwell on the fact that you're not seeing results in the mirror already.  it took more than a week of bad habits to get where you were.  focus on the positive changes that you know are happening! 

    i loved everybody's free-day posts.  i didn't start until yesterday, but i was eating bfl way all last week, and used saturday to bid adieu to del taco for a spell :)  it was my "unofficial" free day.

  • Cyndy,

    Do not be disheartened. This was just Week 1. 1 of 12. We have already made progress but we have a ways to go still. I saw a pin on Pinterest this morning that inspired me:

    It didn't take 1 week to put on our extra weight, so it won't take only 1 week to take it off. Just know that you are moving in the right direction. There will be times when we all hit a wall - emotionally or physically. We have to stick with it. It will be worth it, but it won't always be easy.

    It sounds like you had a good workout this morning. I'm impressed by your committment. Keep at it!


  • haylzabub,

    you're right!  we ALWAYS post at the same time lol!

  • CYNDY - I WISH I was like you and that could say I only eat to Survive.....I think it's better that way.  The eating part of this lifestyle should fit in nicely with that phylosophy and if you dont want to "eat", think Shake.  It tricks you into believing you "didnt eat" really...ya know?  STAY AWAY from that mirror for a little bit.  it takes time to tighten up, but it will happen.  Check again in a week.  I read on one of the champion's pages that you have to get your head around the right expectations.  For me, it's that I spent 8 years getting fat....I have to expect it to take 2-3 challenges to get it all off and regain my body again.  Right now, I am trying to have the expectation that while I am still fat, I am 1) doing something about it 2) feeling like I am mentally healing from all the crap that I have been living with 3) learning how to put myself first (because we are worth it) 4) trying not to let guilt, apprehension and fear creep into my negative thoughts.  Right now, that's hard-feel better - thats my mantra.  Tust me if you are eating right and doing the workouts it will all come together.  I am proud of you for persisting through this!

    Heathercita - I am so envious that you can belly dance.  Even if I looked decent enought to do it, my hips just dont work that way.....that's amazing and great excercise.  Did you almost cry cause you were tired this morning or because you were so sore from your workout/dancing?  Planning is's probably the single most important tool to use in this program.  Let me know if I can help in anyway!   I am hoping that you get your workout in today not just for the physical benefits, but because I want you to feel like today went super's important to feel good about your efforts.  

    ALL LADIES:  I am terrible at the negative talk to myself.....I used  to  (notice I said USED TO?) call myself a fat pig, stupid, and many more names I cannot write on here.....I would tell myself I wasnt worth it and that death would be better.  That I feel so responsible for everything in other peoples lives.  I KNOW.  I'm there with you.  But this program changes our relationship to ourselves.  This program works when you believe it will work, that you CAN do this, that you are worth the effor you are putting into it.  

    Lets eat clean, work hard, feel better and plan for tomorrow!!!  

  • Cottagemom - cyber support at your service!   I figure if we all share our successes and struggles, we are ahead of the game.

    So... we made it... to week 2!  Yea!  Leg day, check.  Wow do I love leg day and I get to do it twice this week.  YES!  (how do you like the positive self talk?)  

    A little victory to share in my world - having company at my house is ALWAYS a recipe for disaster.  I tend to skip workouts, eat too much and too much of the wrong stuff and have general laziness.  So far, three days in, and I have stayed on the plan and kept up with the workouts.  I am so proud of myself.  Not sure what the difference is this time but I am rollin' with it.  

    Wedenesday could be a test, and I will pass with flying colors.   My parents leave that day.   For some reason that tends to be a time when I fall apart.   I comfort myself with food after a visit.  The stress, the relationship, the history - it all comes rushing at me like a tidal wave and food is, WAS, my solution to handle the discomfort.  I simply can't go there anymore.  Funny how something that once comforted now causes bad feelings and you still do it.  Don't get that one.

    No scale for me... not sure when I should do that.  That is something that can unhinge a program for me in no time.

    My PB2 is arriving today!!  A big day around here - I will post my protein pancake recipe after I have tweaked it to incorporate the new ingredient.

    Here's to awesome workouts and clean eating today!

  • Posting again since I was posting as you all were writing...

    I am loving all the inspiration on this thread this morning.  Just what I needed.  Expectations in check, avoid mirrors for the time being, know that we are doing something about our current condition and it takes TIME to get where we are going.

    Patience and perseverance are our friends.  Keep pluggin' away ladies - we got this thing.

  • P.S.  Haylzabub - love the pinterest post.  PERFECT!!!

  • heathercita, we do post at the same time, haha! A lot of this will be about making mistakes and learning from them. We are all learning a new way of LIFE so there will be bumps along the way. We can do it!

  • Just had my leg work out - increased all my weight today....I AM SO PUMPED UP!!

    OK so I bought these things called the Perfect Push Ups.  My doctor says I need to do push ups to help with the back/shoulder issue. but I have bad wrists....these things are AMAZING they are relatively cheap (some as low as 8.00 up to like $25 on amazon or your local sporting goods store)  Didnt hurt my wrists at all.  OK so I did 5 regluar (dont laugh) and 5 with bended knee, and I thought I was gonna die...LOL  but I will do them every weight day upper or lower!

    FOOD:  I have done some research regarding greek yogurt. I love it and is SUPER high in protein about 18 grams!! (more than cottage cheese- unbeliveable). Therefore instead of a card, greek yogurt counts as a protein.  The problem is we can only eat just the plain one.  That's because all the fruit ones have too many carbs/calorie.....I am not a huge plain yogurt what I did for my second meal is this:  

    3 light and crispy rye crisps (the best - try them! got them at target)

    1 chobani plain (18 grams protein)

    Fruit spread (the 10 calorie kind....I used smuckers, sugar free rasberry)

    A little pinch of sweener

    Put 1 tablespoon of the spread ( or a bit more to taste)  in the chobani.....stir and add a pinch of sweetner if you dont like it a bit tart

    coat all three rye crisps with the yogurt mixture and eat with a side salad or other veggies.

    This is SOOOO NOT gourmet....but it was so cool, light and refreshing.  I was on a long boring conference call and I didnt have to speak and was starving and a shake was not gonna do it.  Pretty satisfying "meal" and on plan.

  • Shellsbells,

    Thanks for posting about your yogurt, I love to hear what others are eating! I have actually been eating greek yogurt pretty much everyday since starting the challenge. Like you, I am not a huge fan of the plain yogurt so I actually add about a tablespoon of sugar free vanilla instant pudding mix. It sweetens it up and makes it taste kind of like dessert :)

  • Shellbells - wow, throwing away ice cream!  The madness has it's perks, doesn't it? :)  Thanks for the tidbit about your husband, it'll help me to remember that.  I am curious to see you ordered Betagen as I was looking at that myself.  The reason being while I was lifting I didn't feel like the weight was too heavy so much as my muscles just got tired.  I was believing creatine would help with that.  When you get your Betagen could you please look at the label and tell me if it has caffeine listed?  GNC does not list that but Amazon does and I am confused.  After a decade of high coffee consumption merely to get through the day I am suddenly extremely sensitive to it and get headaches easily.  I would really appreciate it, thank you!  p.s. AWESOME on your leg work out!  I am so pumped for you!

    Cyndy - do you have any outlying issues regarding how your stomach feels after eating?  I ask because it seems as though everything I eat makes my stomach bloat and hurt.  I'd sure love answers but have never found any.  Also, I agree with others, stay away from the mirror!

    Snowpuff - haha, I loved that positive self talk! ;-)  Best of luck on Wednesday, and I hope you love the PB2.  It's very lovely mixed in plain greek yogurt with an apple to dip.  Just sayin'...

  • Well, it's Monday.  Man, am I derailed after the weekend.  My husband said the same this morning, he has no motivation to do legs today whatsoever.  But, we shall do them anyway. ;-)  I spent some time last night planning a menu for a few days and feel better that I can look at it and make good choices without second guessing myself.  Wish I could figure out what my issue is and why I'm suddenly full of doubt.  I don't like it!  Another thing I noticed is that by the end of last week I was rarely hungry, had to set an alarm to make sure I ate on time and yesterday and today I've been eating but walking away unsatisfied and still hungry.  I really dislike free day!

    I'd love to see what everyone is eating, if you want to share a meal plan or even journal what you did eat.  I love reading those.  I'll post mine for today but know I am probably not by the book as I still eat fat (cream cheese, laughing cow, babybell, avocado, salad dressing) and have a hard time hitting 5 meals let alone 6.  I do have the book on order from the library though so I intend to get myself fixed up this week yet.

    M1: 2 egg whites, 1 whole egg scramble with onions, red and green peppers, one slice whole wheat toast with cheese butter (what my kids call cream cheese - in this case, whipped)

    M2: BFL stuffed pepper half with a Laughing Cow wedge, lettuce salad with tomatoes and cucumbers, 1 TB Newman's Own Caesar oil/vinegar dressing cut with red wine vinegar, salt, pepper

    M3: Myoplex light

    M4: post leg workout - 1/2 cup orange juice, 1/2 cup water, 1 scoop Jay Robb vanilla whey, 1 tsp glutamine, ice

    M5: apple chicken sausage, brown rice, roasted broccoli

    M6: cottage cheese and pineapple (I've been going to bed hungry, hope this solves that problem)

  • Southern Butterflies:I ordered the Betagen because I think my muscles can use all the help they can get.  My hubby explained what creatine does so he felt it would be good for us both....he is getting his own can also!  It's hard to find out about betagen, but this incredible woman called Lacyj is 60 and on her third challenge.  She said Betagen is what really made the weight drop off....she lost 22 lbs this challenge and she was less fatiqued and can lift more weight.    I'll let you know about the caffeine. Your menu sounds just about right (except for the fats).  Did you get your leg workout in?

    For me, the euphoria of the work out is wearing off and my muscles are hurting a bit....tomorrow I will be sore. Those 5 pushups (and 5 ladies pushups just about did in my shoulders....OUCH...but its a good ouch.

    Stomach issues:  My tummy is ALWAYS feeling bad after I eat.... But lots of fresh veggies really upset my tummy and cause bloatedness.....I remember last time that my tummy really reacted bad too.  So out came the digestive enzymes....that goodness for those.  I need 2 before each meal and I am golden.  Dont take them and I HURT.  I get them at (inexpensive - like 9.00 bucks or less) called Enzyme Essentials by source naturals.  If it wasnt for them I dont know what I would do.

    Can anyone tell me if I can read NEW posts first on this thing?  I hate haveing to go to the last page and I cant see where the "sort" key are.....

  • No, said in my very best petulant voice, I had not done legs yet.  However I couldn't very well come back and say no I did not, so I got it in and am so glad that's over!  Thanks for the push :)

    Good info on the enzymes, thank you!

    Anyone know what I need to do to get my hamstrings to get their act together?  Doing lunges after quads makes my hammies just flat out give out.  I think they are pretty useless to begin with.  I am also battling a leg difference due to a life threatening car accident as a teen.  My longer leg is definitely much stronger and it's making me mad!  I've only been pushing as much as my weaker leg can do.