Any ladies starting July 15th (or thereabouts) want to journey together?

  • Todays schedule has been derailed.  I got up at 0515, had 2 cups of water then went to the gym to do my cardio at 0600 ... but they didn't open until 0700.  So, I adjusted my eating schedule and had a nutrient shake plus 2 cups of water at 0600, went to a meeting then out to breakfast with "like-minded" friends.  I ate an egg-white omelet with tomatoes and onions plus 2 cups of water ... now I have to wait for 3 hours before I can hit the gym.  I'm tired and a new stove is supposed to be delivered to my apartment which could be another "monkey wrench" into my workout.

    Have no fear though ... I WILL get it done some time today!!!

    Cyndy A

  • Have at it, Cyndy!  I'm impressed you got up at 5:15~

  • Hi ladies!!  Sorry for being off the grid....I hit the wall so bad yesterday with massive soreness and fatigue.  Got a tough workout in (upper body with increased weights) but by 3PM I was toast.  I took a nap which lasted a whopping 4 hour!!!  (missed 4th meal)  but my body needed it.  Made a great dinner then slept another 10 hours!!!!  This morning cardio and I messed up my back.  (have no idea how). Glad tomorrow is a day off.  So my hubby and are finishing the week with flying colors.   Albeit a bit "banged up" and sore.

    I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!  Everyonre sounds so great and positive!  

    Some of us (maybe all) have been through some pretty life altering stuff... Thank you for sharing those painful stories about yourselves.  I don't feel like I am all alone.  To get ready for BFL. I wrote in my journal for about a week answering the questions that are in the book.  This morning I went back and read what I wrote.  It's amazing what a week will do.  As sore as I feel, I am emotionally happier just in one weeks time.  My daughter commented on Thursday that she noticed I am not as cranky and I seem more relaxed!  What a perfect positive comment that made me think about who I had become and why. I know from past experience this feeling doesn't go away, it just gets better.

    "Popsicle day" went extremely well.  I took him to a swim park which he adored and then he wanted a frito bowl.  Inside I started panicking, but bought him one (fritos, cheese and chili). He ate what he want and he threw it out.  I didn't have even a taste (so not me!!) but I thought of you ladies and how you have all managed these events and it gave me strength!!

    At home, he wanted the otter pop so we watched the sunset and he had his.  I grabbed 3 baby carrots instead and munched on those.  When he asked why, I said "grandma is not very healthy right now and I need to get stronger".  What did he do?  Threw out his pop and grabbed a carrot!  He said he wants to get bigger and stronger too!  So cute and sweet that kid is!!!

    Well a little more about me.  I am a Huge cook - it relaxes me and helps me think.   Everything from scratch, gourmet, blah blah blah.  I cannot NOT cook! And eating boring food is out of the question.  So I have made some great food this week.  A green Thai curry packed with veggies, minced chicken lettuce wraps, roasted tomatoes and scrambled egg sandwich, breakfast burrito with sautéed spinach, and chicken and veggies with mango and a terrific taco salad.  If I can find the time, I may start up my food blog again!!

    So my body fat calipers and measuring tape came so today I measure fat and inches ( wished I had it last week!). I might share if I am not too devestated!!!!

    Happy Saturday ladies!!!,

  • everyone - congrats on getting through week 1 despite the challenges of this crazy thing we call life! We did it. We are 1/12th of the way there - LOL. But, as we all know, this week was truly the beginning of the first week of our new lifestyle.

    I hope you were able to get your workout in Cyndy. I am impressed and inspired by your dedication.

    shellbells - What a wonderful story about the little carrots! Love it. I'm proud of you for sticking to your plan!!

    As for me, I hopped down to Orlando for a weekend trip since my husband was at a conference here all week. I had an evening flight out on Friday, so before I got to the airport I stopped at Whole Foods and went to their hot/salad bar. I had a plate of steamed vegetables and roasted chicken (no skin). It felt so good to stick to my plan. I could not be tempted at the airport! I went to bed that night in Orlando knowing I made it past my first real challenge.

    So Saturday was my cheat day and I will admit, I did indulge but did NOT go crazy. We were at a theme park all day so hello, there aren't many options. Before I tell you what I indulged in, let me say that we got to park a little before 8am and did not leave until 8pm. We walked, walked, walked ALL DAY. I wish I had worn a pedometer because I swear we walked at least 10 miles around and around and around that park. It was so fun, but my hamstrings and calves are burning! :) Anyway, so it wasn't like I was just laying on my couch all day AND indulging (which would technically be ok too on your cheat day) so that made me feel a little better about my choices.

    8 AM - tall caramel frappucino from Starbucks (oh how I have missed you!!!) and a piece of their "reduced fat" (yeah right!!) very berry coffee cake.

    Lunch 12pm - super thin crust individual size cheese pizza at the park. Probably 8 or 9 inches across. Let's not even talk about how much this cost!

    "Snack" 3pm - A Ben and Jerry's soft serve vanilla waffle cone. I ate every bit and it was delicious!!! lol

    Dinner (9pm) - 6 buffalo chicken wings and 1 grilled shrimp taco with avocado.

    That's it. I know on its own it might sound like a lot, but I was STARVING by the time we got to each meal from all the walking. I figure it has to off-set some, right? lol

    Can you tell I have some hang ups about this?

    Hope you ladies had a wonderful Saturday. I'm looking forward to being back on my eating plan today for sure. The structure gives me comfort.

  • Good morning ladies,  

    First things first, I just want to complain for a there really no IPAD app for body for life?  I wish they had an app that did a meal log, weight, measurement tracking, as well as the rest of the site.   Is there really no app for phone / iPad?

    Haylzabub - I'm gonna tell you what you already know, you really should not  have any hang ups or need to validate your free day...certainly not to us and especially not to yourself.  The free day is for a few things,  1) to sort of shock your body and not let it hit a plateau 2) to give us what we crave at a specific time that we can.look forward to 3) to let us remember why we live this BFL way... Who wants to go back to feeling gross everyday?  So if you had it and today you are back on plan , then good for you!!!  

    Today is my free day.  I'm more thankful about no work out more than the food.  We planned our food today carefully.  Dinner is our splurge. - my husband is wanting the really good cheddar bacon burgers the butcher makes up, so I get to bak (yeah!!) homemade buns.  I will make two and freeze the rest of the dough for other free day stuff.  And he's craving my goat cheese Mac and cheese.  I bought individual Hagen daas servings at the market for dessert.  Ther will be no leftovers or extras.  The balance if the meals will be "normal BFL" - but interestingly he is craving all this and I could care less.  But the idea of making it makes me happy.

    Also, last week on Sunday before BFL to prepare, I made 4cups of brown jasmine rice ( so delish) and 5 pounds of breast tenders (poached then grilled them to completion) as well as prepped some veggies, cleaned cut and put into microwave steam baggies.  That was so helpful in being able to get a portion of carb/protein/veggies.  So I will do this today (and likely every Sunday).

    Yesterday my husband and I felt like a well oiled machine.  This way of life comes back so easily and since we did it for two years previously, we feel (normal).  We went to three different markets yesterday,  both of us were. On the same page, when to leave, when the next meal was and were aware we should not be in a market starving. It was like clockwork and we got our water/meals in on time.  So this is good.

    I did my body measurements (OUCH) and body fat.  I have a scale that does weight and body fat together.  I thought it was broken and that's why I got the calipers.  Holy cow!  My scale was right.  42%!!!!  Ouch, ouch, ouch.

  • Hello Everyone!

    "Free" day is in the past and I have to say I was anxious to get back into the workouts and eating today.  Wow do I love structure!  My cheat food was pretty minimal. Tortilla chips for me - that is right up there with peanut butter in my "foods I love book".  I think knowing that I have a day where I can have a food that I really love is freeing.  It goes from "never", to... just save it until Saturday.  I was also loving having a day off from workouts - although I did walk for an hour with my mom.  

    Onward to week 2.  My husband keeps telling me to trust in the process and FINISH.  As we know that it is my downfall.

    Shellbells - can I come eat at your house???  ;o)  If you have a yummy (easy) recipe, please share!  I cannot tell you how much knowing that you have been SO successful on this program in the past keeps me believing!

    Hey Cyndy - did ya get your workout in??  I understand getting derailed.

    Have a great rest of the weekend - leg day for me tomorrow.  Ugh.  Does anyone else have workout anxiety?  Good grief, hopefully that will pass.

    Ciao for now!

  • good hot afternoon, ladies!  i "officially" started my BFL challenge today.  I haven't stepped foot in that gym for at least 4 years, but the moment i got to work i felt like i was home.  when i've been successful at this before, i had everything planned out, like the book suggests.  i'm not quite there yet - but i didn't want to loose any motivation, so i didn't let that keep me from a workout this morning.  it's definately easier with a plan - i know that now.  anyway just wanted to check in.  my arms feel allright right now, but tomorrow i may not be able to pick up my daughter.  it's about time she learns to walk anyway :)  heh...

    love you!

  • Exciting Heathercita!  My first day was upper body.  That day I was good, but the next day!  Holy cow!  I hurt -the pecs were the worst.  All week I felt beat up, but like you felt at home working with the weights.  Great job and good luck on first week!

  • I'm starting tomorrow, 7/23, and would love some accountability too!  I've just been cleared for excercise after having a double mastectomy this Spring, and I'm ready to try to get my body back.  this is a hard journey, but it's made more fun, and easier to do, if we share the journey together.  I don't know anyone in the "real world" that I can do this with, so I'd love some cyber companions!   Blessings to you all- Nancy

  • Great job heatherita ... I have the journal and it really helps.  I did miss 2 of the days writing in it so this is my week's goal - to do it every night before the next morning.  Keep up the good work.  Glad you got started  :)

    Cyndy A

  • I know that feeling shell bells - BEAT UP - I think my entire body would detach itself from my head and run away if it could.  But I'm not going to quit now ... just "one day at a time"; "keep it simple"  :-D

    Cyndy A

  • Welcome cottagemom:

    You're in a great place to be accountable.  We're ALL here to help each other.  I certainly know I couldn't do this without everyone's help.  Post away and let us know any moral support you need.

    Cyndy A

  • Welcome Cottagemom!

    I hope everyone had a great weekend! I have decided that I am not a huge fan of free days. I had mine on Friday and while I didn't go super crazy or anything, it still made me feel "blah," which impacted my motivation for the rest of the weekend. I skipped my cardio on Saturday and let the rain be an excuse. Luckily, I did pretty well with the eating though. Still, I should have done a lot better over the weekend as a whole. Definitely going to get back on track tomorrow!

  • I'm so glad to see we still have our peeps on board and made it through the weekend!  

    Someone mentioned being tired and I am feeling the same way!  A good 8-10 hours and I am not waking rested nor on my own, my little ones come in to snuggle every morning and I'm blearily trying to keep my eyes open.

    I have a question regarding soreness.  How is everyone?  Come Friday my legs were fine and I did arms but haven't had any soreness this second workout.  I feel like I worked hard but was expecting to be really sore Saturday and I'm totally fine.  Is it the glutamine?  Should I have hit heavier weights?  I increased for those sets I finished previously and worked hard to get the last 6 done (and subsequent 12/12).  I'm all worried now I'm wasting time and effort.

    I enjoyed reading everyone's weekend escapades and challenges.  I ate, for no good reason, Cheez-it's during my free day and regretted it!  Man, my stomach hurt so much!  I think we'll have to approach the next free day differently, the willy-nilly aspect of this one left me feeling completely out of control and questioning whether I am doing the right thing with every hour.

    On a positive note, though I don't aim to weigh very frequently because I don't want to get hung up on numbers, I am down 5 pounds!  And my husband, who has been willingly going along with the madness but giving me grief every time I say no chips, beer, or ice cream, told me today he is down 7!!  This is from 2 weeks following the meal plan and 1 week following the work outs.  

    I'm going to go plan everything out for the week - I am still feeling out of sorts after free day and as though I don't know how to make proper choices.  

    BTW, welcome cottagemom!!

  • Good morning,

    Welcome Cottagemom!  Congrats for starting the program!  If you havent done it before and dont know what to expect, you will come to LOVE it..

    Well ladies, Free day is over.  I had fun making the food, planning it etc....and it WAS GOOD. But, Both of us didnt finish all of it ...I actually threw out ice cream (UNHEARD OF) because it just didnt taste that great.  We didnt like the way we felt afterword and through the night....YUCK.

    I have no idea why, but I just didnt drink much water yesterday....I have been drinking 80-100 oz everyday without issue, but yesterday?  I couldnt get it down....maybe it was more/different food.   Next week we are going to a beach town as my daughter (the one with  my  little grandson) want to take us out....we will do free day differently next week.

    Today is beginning of day 2 - BOY DID MY BODY NEED A BREAK FROM WORKOUTS YESTERDAY.  I feel better today and ready to tackle the lower body/Abs.

    Southernbutterflies:  I dont know much about Glutamine...but not everyone stays sore.  I personally and sore no matter what....when I did this lifestyle for 2 years I was basically in some state of soreness all the time...but after a while it was light soreness and nothing major once I was at the perfect weight and in shape.  My husband NEVER gets sore no matter how hard he works out, but his results last time were amazing!  You clearly are doing something right to be 5 poounds down....!  If I were you, ask your question on the main board....lots of champions, long term peeps, etc....they have great advise, I'd be curious what they say.

    I ordered the EAS Betagen for hubby and me....people are getting great should be here today or tomorrow - i'll report on what I think.

    I cannot bring myself to weigh after free day, so I will weigh on Tuesdays....i'lll post results tomorrow.

    Happy Monday to all!