Any ladies starting July 15th (or thereabouts) want to journey together?

  • Hello ladies, my name is Cyndy

    Just to get to know me a little bit ...

    ... I used to work out 15 years ago; however, it was aimless and unstructured.  In the year 2000, a series of life altering events threatened my very existence.  I took to alcohol so I wouldn't feel or care and with one VERY specific goal in mind ... to die.  After two years of trying desperately to accomplish my goal, I (begrudgingly) surrendered to the knowledge that God had no intention of granting me my wish.  Upon accepting this fact, I realized I now had two problems; I crossed the invisible line of becoming an alcoholic AND I didn't know how to begin the "living" process.

    Since admitting myself into my first rehab on April 15, 2002 (and not the last), I have struggled to remain sober.  The only thing I've done right is not giving up (God willing).  A month ago, I heard someone speak my truth, that alcohol still works for me during those desperate moments of severe anxiety.  Upon listening to this person, I too related that I didn't want to find out, by continuing to ingest alcohol, that it no longer worked.  On, June 25, 2012, I began my journey with MY truth tucked in my heart, to overcome my addiction to alcohol once and for all.  Over the years I considered hitting the weights but I didn't have the will I needed.

    While focusing on that goal, I ran into the Body for Life website; and remembering a few co-workers using this method in the past, I thought the structure and commitment would help with my wish to GET and STAY sober.  I needed something that I could do to occupy my mind and time; not to mention something that is positive and sober.

    My start date for B4L is July 16, 2012, and "God willing" I will stay committed til the very end!!!

    Cyndy A

  • Hi Haylzabub,

    I too started B4L on July 16th.  I've never tried B4L either and needed something totally spelled out for me.  How are you feeling so far?  My entire body hates me and is relentless in letting me know; however, I'm beginning to understand the process of tearing down the muscles and giving them time to repair.  I followed the plan from the get so on Monday I did upper body.  The entire day my arms felt like noodles (almost as if they were in "shock mode"), Tuesday the pain was unbearable (to say the least) and really not much change on Wednesday.  By Thursday I could feel my upper body adjusting and relaxing only to have to redo the workout today.  LOL

    Yes, today my arms feel like noodles again so I suspect that how the first few days went ... so will the next few.  I'm going Deep Sea fishing on Sunday - I hope I'll be able to reel in my catch (IF I hook something)  :-D

    Cyndy A

  • Hi Shellbells:

    Why not try drinking 2 (or more) cups of water between 4 and 5 AM, have one of the "traditional" meals and 2 cups of water at 5 AM, a nutrient shake or nutrient bar and 2 cups of water at 7 AM, do your workout at 9 AM, one of the "traditional" meals and 2 cups of water at 10 AM (then the other 3 meals you have to plan some time the rest of the day).  It says we should eat every 2 to 3 hours. And I agree with Heathercita ... it's a guideline as long as you stick to the MAIN criteria of the plan.

    Good luck and let me know what you decided on.

    Cyndy A

  • Hi Cyndy and WELCOME! It is very brave for you to put your story out there in such an honest way. I believe that you can do this!!

    My arms are in fact STILL sore from my Tuesday upper body routine and my butt cheeks and hamstrings are sore from the lower body routine yesterday. It's hard to deal with, but I also LOVE it. I love knowing that I'm getting stronger with each passing day. Tomorrow is my cheat day, and I'm a little nervous. I've read stories of people going absolutely berzerk on their cheat days and still having success on the program, but that just seems like a slippery slope for me. Don't get me wrong, I will make sure to enjoy myself, but I don't want to go totally crazy with it. Heck at this point I'd go for 10 chicken wings and be happy with just that! I'm also liking the protein shakes a lot more than I thought I would!

    My one day at a time mentality is already starting to become a more natural way of think for me and it's only been 5 days. I'm loving that I'm starting to see this as a new LIFE. I want to feel that every single day I am blessed with on this earth is lived to the absolute fullest!

    How are you ladies planning to handle your cheat days?

    p.s. Southernbutterflies that outfit is adorable!!!

  • i love this group SO MUCH!  could we get any awesomer?  holy crap you ladies are phenomenal!

    Southernbutterflies - that outfit is totally adorable!  AND wow, i felt like i was sitting with you reading that post about your friend, and your struggles.  that is some seriously difficult stuff to deal with.  and you're so right - ice cream ain't gonna change that.  so, congratulations on staying the course.  

    Cyndy - Welcome.  i'm so glad you're here! it's so weird to see someone else writing my story.

  • Thanks haylzabub!  Your attitude is contagious!  Thank you for that.  Tomorrow is my cheat day too and I think I'm going to make it a cheat meal at dinner.  I like the no brainer aspect of the rest of the day.  Have you ever had smoked wings?  My husband smokes ours and so much fat is rendered the skin is so crispy and smoky, mmmmmm-m!  Add some wing sauce, one of my favorites.  Still not health food, dang it, but at least not fried?  :)

    Welcome Cyndy!  I'm so glad you haven't given up along the way and can be here with us now.  Your story yells you are a fighter, knocked down and you get back up.  I think you will see this challenge to the end and I hope it's the focus you need right now.

    Well, arms today. I can actually move them without pain so that is a blessing!  Though I haven't worked out yet, lol.  Someone else mentioned understanding and liking the concept of tearing down our muscles and building them back up again. I get it!  And it's fantastic!  Wish my legs would catch up, I still can't sit and my quads are swollen and hot still.  Maybe tomorrow...

  • heathercita, I keep commenting at the same time as you and then don't realize it until I go back to look at something and see you.  Thank you for your support!  And also congratulations on your daughter and happier place in life :)

  • Don't worry about the cheat day, haylzabub ... just remember that it's back to the grind for you on Sunday (right?).  I don't find myself hungry.  As a matter of fact it's quite the opposite - I feel so full all the time that I want to cut down on the water (but I haven't).  I'm sure I've completely shocked my entire body beginning this commitment and after a month or so it will have adjusted to the new lifesyle.

    I have NEVER eaten consistently and usually go every other day because I only eat when I'm hungry and many times I'm not in the position to eat when I feel the hunger.  Then when I am, I'm not hungry anymore.  It's not a good thing to do because I know my metabolisim shuts down thinking my body will starve if not.

    Anyway, enjoy your first "free day"  :-D

    Cyndy A

  • Thank you heathercita ... I too am EXTREMELY grateful there's one of me doing the B4L program.  I look forward to chatting with you and giving you any moral support I possibly can (in both commitments).

    Cyndy A

  • Thank you for your kind words Southernbutterflies ... it's diffficult for me to view my struggle the way you put it; however, part of taking on the B4L Challenge was to help in reprogramming my mental state with positive growth.  I certainly know that God has carried me for many, many years when I just couldn't do it myself.  I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for His love, protection and guidance.

    Cyndy A

  • i have a slightly off topic question which is still relevant to this group:  is there a better way to read comments from here rather than logging into BFL searching through the forum names, clicking on this group and scrolling to the bottom of the page to get to the last comments?  if so, please let me in on the secret.

    i was tech saavy back when dos was cool and people had pagers, but i suppose, much like my physical fitness, it is a thing which must not be ignored less it fade into ambiguity...

  • I'm with heathercita ... is there a better way to view?  I'd like to know too.

    Cyndy A

  • Ladies, use the 'Subscribe via RSS' link in the white column to the right of the posts. Choose the way you want to receive the live feed. I chose Live Bookmarks and went from there. I added it to my Bookmark Toolbar. Once it appears on your Toolbar, you click it once and it will list every topic in the Getting Started forum. Move your mouse to ours and click! I hope this helps.

  • thank you.  i might have to try a couple different things, but this saves at least a dozen clicks!

  • Happy Friday Ladies!  I love techy people because I have no idea what Haylzabub just said nor how to do it!!  Welcome to Patch and Cyndy.  

    Tomorrow is my free day too, although I don't go there anymore.  Like Haylzabub, it is a slippery slope and my body is not that forgiving anymore.  For me it might include a little extra grain (since I don't eat much usually) and well, peanut butter of course.

    Week 1, check in the box.  I am taking it one day, or even one half day at a time.  Every time I have a victory in my day I can check the mental box.  My parents are visiting for a few days so I have "foreign" foods in my house that don't usually reside here.  I will definitely have to remain focused and BELIEVE in the possibility of change.  Although that is an abstract concept at this time.

    Have a great weekend ladies, I may be sparse for a few days but I shall return!

    Where is Shellbells?  How did popsicle time go yesterday?